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BeerSmith is an elegant and simple program for creating beer, cider and mead recipes and tracking batches.

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BeerSmith is an elegant and simple program for creating beer, cider and mead recipes and tracking batches. BeerSmith has a complete recipe database, a list of all commonly used brewing ingredients, a beer style database, and a large set of tools that make it easier than ever to create your favorite brew. With BeerSmith you can create a recipe by just picking ingredients from a list, and then print a complete set of brewing instructions. Suitable for extract, partial mash and all-grain brewers—from beginner to advanced. Sorry, not available for Linux. Comes on a compact disc. System Requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP (SP3) or an Intel-based Macintosh (OSX/10.5/Leopard or higher).

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Customer Reviews

A must have for the intermediate and better brewer. Review by Brad
Brad Smith has created a brilliant software package that is easy to use and leads to further wonderful resources on the Brewsmith website. The data that you get is beyond excellent and will lead you to better brewing, recipe design, and reflection of your brewing practices. An outstanding product, well supported, and created by a wonderful person. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! (Posted on 12/18/14)
Well worth the money. Review by Bert
this is a great product, and the price is right for the home brewer, I am all grain brewer. I only wish I had bought this sooner. (Posted on 10/25/13)
Extremely Worthwhile Review by Martin
I've been brewing for a little under a year now, and bought this software to help step up my game and keep better logs. It does everything - recipe creation, inventory management, and note keeping. It is overwhelming at first due to the sheer number of tabs and options, but with some time and practice the functionality becomes apparent. (Posted on 8/25/13)
BeerSmith software Review by Vince
This is an excellent tool for any home brewer. It helps with accurate calculations and recipe design. It's easy to use and understand. It will help any home brewer make better beer. I used it from my transition into all grain and it's some of the best money I spent in brewing. I like the inventory tracking, the recipe records and being able to print out a brew sheet for brew day. (Posted on 9/25/12)
Beats the hell out of spreadsheets Review by Tom
Very good software. Has been very helpful for my entry into all-grain. UI could be a little more intuitive, but it works well once you get use to it. And for those who use Linux exclusively, BeerSmith works perfectly under Wine. (Posted on 3/28/11)
Great product Review by shawn
This is probably the best 20 bucks I ever spent for home brewing. It keeps your beers in folders so you can go back to them later and brew again, it calculates all the ABV, IBU's, and gives you an idea of what you will create. You can create a inventory list so you know what you have in your stock, and it gives you important info like max. % of special gain you should use in a batch. I'd pay 50 bucks for a program like this. If you are thinking about getting this program don't think, just get it, it makes you look like a brew master. I would rate this at 10 pints if I could! (Posted on 11/14/10)
Fantastic Review by Mike
This software, while perhaps a bit overwhelming to use at first, is invaluable for recipe creation and predicting the effects of changes made to your grain/hops bill. Accurately predicts IBU's and O.G., and will specify exact water quantities required for infusion/step/decoction mashes. Truly a great tool for lthe all grain brewer. (Posted on 10/3/10)