The Beerbrite Filtration System

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Designed to be used with your existing kegging system, this filtration system was developed to make filtering easier and less expensive. In addition to cleaning up the appearance of your beer, filtering out the suspended yeast will reduce ‘yeasty’ flavors and give you a stronger ‘clean and crisp’ finish - especially with yeast strains that have low flocculation - so you can go from grain to glass in less time.

Perfect for the brewer looking for that extra edge, bright beer is always a bright idea.

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The Beerbrite Filtration System


The filter housing connects between 2 kegs, and non-carbonated beer is forced (with CO2) from the first keg, through the filter, and into the second ‘bright’ keg. The system includes 2 filter cartridges; a 5.0 micron filter which removes particulates such as hop debris, proteins and trub material that would clog the fine 1.0 micron filter, which removes up to 90% of the yeast. So easy to use; simply connect the 2 ball locks, and turn on the gas - the beer will flow and you will know that you’re beer is clear.

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Customer Reviews

A bit cumbersome but works very well Review by Christopher
I finally was able to use this to filter my barrel aged stout that had lots of debris from charred wood barrel staves and raw cocoa nibs. It takes a bit of prep work to clean and connect the hoses and filter. And you need two kegs so factor that into the cost. But once I started the CO2 the beer started flowing very quickly. Took maybe 10 minutes to filter 5 gallons and there was no leakage. My biggest complaint is that the design of the filter doesn't allow it to be freestanding. It's very top heavy and the tubes will pull it over if you turn your back so consider putting it in a box or something so that it doesn't fall on the concrete floor and crack open (I had a very close call). While I probably wouldn't go thru this much trouble for just filtering yeast out of a normal batch of beer, I would say this is absolutely the best way to filter any batch that you've had aging on additives in the secondary or tertiary fermentors that don't settle out during a transfer with a siphon. (Posted on 1/2/14)
perfect- Review by ryan
Had the plate filter for a long time and stopped using it because of the mess and trouble getting it together. Saw this and picked it up and I am more than happy. Of course it is a little work sanitizing and running water through etc, but thats brewing in general.... I would run a few gallons of water to remove any off flavors. overall, no leakage, easy to use, and works wonderfully. Replacement filters on amazon in large packs end up being about 2 bucks a peice. Very worth it. (Posted on 10/11/13)

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