Blichmann Floor Burner

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A fuel-sipping, precision engineered, stainless work of art built for homebrewing. Combining excellent efficiency, quiet performance, solid stand design, and all-stainless construction, this is a lifetime burner that's also a pleasure to use.

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A fuel-sipping, precision engineered, stainless work of art built for homebrewing. Combining excellent efficiency, quiet performance, solid stand design, and all-stainless construction, this is a lifetime burner that's also a pleasure to use. Powering out 72,000 BTU/hr with clean low-flame combustion (won’t blacken the bottom of your kettles like cheaper burners), outstanding wind performance, this is a burner you’ll be brewing on for years to come. Use as a stand-alone unit, add the optional leg extensions to raise your kettle to a more ergonomic height, and someday add it to your future Blichmann TopTier system! (requires additional TopTier burner installation kit sold separately).

Please note: this item ships directly from the manufacturer and takes 1-3 weeks for delivery.

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Customer Reviews

Worth the money! Review by cole
After using mainly turkey fryers for few years, I finally decided to buy the Blichmann. I couldn't be happier!! It is pricey but the upsides make it worth it!. The 10 PSI regulator vs the 30 PSI needed for the Bayou Classics does wonders for your propane!! I had to check the flame a few times before I got used to how quiet this beast runs! compared to your standard cheap burner this thing is damn near silent! The leg extensions are worth it if your brewing larger than 5 gallon batches. I would definitely recommend this burner to anyone! (Posted on 2/17/15)
Great Product Review by Mike
Done several boils with this and it works great! Quiet and a miser on propane. Burner is well built and adjustable for your pot size. Get the leg extensions if you can swing it. Very pleased with this addition to my brewing program. (Posted on 2/13/15)
Wow! Stealth fighter Quiet compared to my previous Burner Review by Juvat
Amazing how quiet and efficient this burner is, compared to my Bayou Burner which sounds like a jet fighter taking off in afterburner mode.
(Posted on 1/4/15)
Glad I bought this Review by Chuck
Well built, in my test 8 gallons came to a full boil in less than 25 minutes. I then tested holding different temp ranges. Again did very well, efficiency is excellent as I never had to open full tilt on my 10 gallon boiler. Got the leg extensions and love the stability.
Definitely worth the investment (Posted on 8/2/14)
Works great, sips gas and is fast. Burner is not Stainless Review by MikeJ
Fantastic burner. Burns clean and hot, fuel efficient. Contrary to advertisement, wind will blow it out at low levels. The burner is cast iron, not stainless. I had a small boilover that burned the paint off a part of the burner. It is starting to rust already. (Posted on 6/2/14)
Great burner, worth the money Review by Rob
I was brewing all grain batches on a gas stove with 2 burners going and it would take over an hour to get to a boil and I burned my countertop if I didn't watch it like a hawk.

Got this for christmas and cut out a couple hours from my first brew day of the year. I love it. It seems to be pretty efficient and goes easy on propane.

I run 2x 15 gallon megapots and do 5 gallon batches. I figured bigger pots with wider bases would let me use 2 burners on a stove and get it hot quicker (nope... just burned my counter like I mentioned above). I feel like I can scale up to 10 gallon batches easily now.

It's worth getting the extension legs too. (Posted on 1/17/14)
Does the job Review by J. R.
This burner is well made, sturdy, easily controllable and efficient. And I'm glad I got the extension legs -- which, by the way, are not extensions but replacements for the legs that come with the burner. (Posted on 1/8/14)
Great product Review by Bob
Just fired this and a megapot 15gal up for a water test run. The regulator was turned a little more than half a revolution, pot filled with 5gal water, boiled for 90min and I got 1.5gal boil off! I couldn't imagine this thing on full! Couldn't tell a difference in the weight of the propane tank either, can't have been more than a couple of pounds.
Great product, great design, nice and shiny too! And man does it work! (Posted on 1/6/14)
Epic Perfection Review by Scott
The Blichmann Floor Burner is beautiful, powerful, and economical! It was very easy to assemble and was up and working in less than 10 minutes. I've used it in my garage and on my back deck and the it worked like a charm in both settings. The flames held strong even with a strong wind blowing outside. This unit is much quieter than other burners, which makes for a "more peaceful" brewing experience. You can engage in normal conversation right next to it without having to raise your voice to be heard. As others have shared, it sips fuel. I love the ability to dial in a perfect flame. I would definitely purchase it again - absolutely no buyer's remorse! (Posted on 1/4/14)
Excellent product Review by fender
Brings 6 gallon to boiling temperature in minutes. Took some practice to adjust the air damper. (Posted on 12/30/13)
fantastic Review by Adam
This burner is high quality, much much more efficient than the old turkey fryer I've been using. (Posted on 12/29/13)
Overall a Nice Burner Review by Robert
This works very nice compared to my buddy's Bayou burner. Seems to use less gas but haven't done a good comparison. Giving 4 stars due to one of the bolts for holding the "fingers" that hold the pot had a defect and did not fit in a socket. I had to go purchase another SS bolt. A little disappointing at this price. (Posted on 12/26/13)
Wonderful Burner Review by Art
This burner is great.. heats nicely and the flame control is wonderful. I had a burner rated at 220,000 btu's but did not have the fine flame control during wort boil. This burner has solve my issues. Thanks Blichmann.. (Posted on 12/13/13)
A real horse Review by Craig
This burner is amazing. I used to have to wait a long time to get my wort boiling. No longer, with this horse. It only takes a few minutes for 5 gallon batches. 10 gallon batches are now a possibility. Amazingly efficient for the output. This burner is heavy duty and will stand up to anything I will deal. It looks like I have a burner for the rest of my days. (Posted on 12/5/13)
great worth the upgrape Review by kyle
First off I like many of you want to get every bitout of every dollar I spend. I feel this output is worth the money. Yes, its pricey, but its a solid piece of equipment that functions exceptionally well. My brew buddies are already asking to borrow it. Thanks for a great product. Cheers! (Posted on 12/2/13)
perfect Review by James
made for a lot easier brewing process. Well worth the $ spent. (Posted on 11/26/13)
Worked Great Review by James
Brewed on my back porch on a cold day. Took a little longer to get to a boil than I would have suspected but, it was cold. Consistent temperature regulation once steeping and boiling. (Posted on 11/26/13)
excellent Review by Sam
Cannot begin to describe how amazing it was going from a turkey fryer burner to the blichmann floor burner. Absolutely fantastic.

Took 14 gallons of wort to a boil within a half hour. Fantastic. I will be buying another one soon! (Posted on 11/18/13)
Masterpiece Review by Zach
This burner is very high quality. Tight machining tolerances = very stable. The pictures don't do the massiveness of the burner justice. I'm brewing with a 15 gallon MegaPot 1.2 (15.7" diameter) and I had to set the pot holder rails most of the way in. Heats water very quickly and dials in easily to stabilize at desired boil vigor. Very pleased overall. (Posted on 11/5/13)
Bring your work up Review by Erich
The leg extensions bring the work up to me and are very solid. No concerns about tilting over. (Posted on 10/30/13)
First experience a charm! Review by Erich
I used the burner for the first time yesterday and brought 6+ gallons of wort up to a boil very quickly and the boil was easy to maintain. It sure beats doing everything on the stove. (Posted on 10/30/13)
Good outdoor burner Review by Leah
My husband used to brew on my stove, and ultimately get burnt on wort on the stovetop. Now that he is outside, he brews batches with this burner and he uses the extendable legs too. He said it was a vast improvement and a lot easier when trying to chill it. (Posted on 10/27/13)
If you have the burner... get the legs too. Review by Ken
My mentor-buddy that is showing me how to brew was jealous when he saw I had the extended legs and now has to have them too. I wondered if the legs would make things unsteady, but not an issue, even on a wood deck. (Posted on 10/21/13)
Power to spare Review by Ken
Good on fuel and power to spare... Handles double batches so well, no worries about bigger batches or slow brew-days. Don't take this as a negative, but be sure to consider a deflector plate if you have a ball valve or a brewmometer on your pot... heat rolling up around the pot-base can melt the gaskets. I highly recommend this burner.. it costs more than some, but its worth it. (Posted on 10/21/13)
ships fast Review by Michael
A very solid item and it got here the same time as the rest of my order. (Posted on 10/9/13)
Great product Review by scott
Well-built, sturdy, and has a great burner plus it adjusts to multiple kettle sizes. A great upgrade from my bayou classic (Posted on 10/6/13)
i like overall Review by Rory
unless i leave brass fitting loose i cant move the damper.have sent email today.Wasnt impressed with process of getting answers .they charge a good price for a mostly solid product.but if somethings not right take less responsibility then they should 7 days for a response is less then optimium ,effort in after sales should equal effort before sale Rory MacIver
(Posted on 10/1/13)
Perfect. Review by Derek
Exactly what you expect. Very easy to use and gets the job done better than anything I've ever tried before. (Posted on 9/29/13)
Worth every red cent. Review by DocksideDave
I was looking for an upgrade from my Bayou Classic and bought this. Very sturdy and adjustable! After a few brew days I feel I made the right choice. I have zero problems and faster boils. Well worth the extra money. Time saved + propane saved = happy me. (Posted on 9/13/13)
Excellant Review by Charles
Works great converted to natural gas, great buy very well made (Posted on 9/8/13)
great but Review by Marshall
I did a lot of research on floor burner and decided this was the one for me. I got the leg extensions which came in handy. fuel sipping and heated 6 gallons of water in no time at all. worth every penny (Posted on 9/5/13)
Huge jump from the stove top Review by Mike
I previously brewed on my stove. While I was able to do full boils, it took a long time. With this burner, I've cut the time in half. (Posted on 9/4/13)
Great Burner / Great Service Review by Tom
I bought the Blichmann Floor Burner from NB about a year ago. It has performed flawlessly. Blichmann makes great products. I've been very impressed and am considering other Blichmann products - kettles, hop rocket, beer gun and others. Even great companies make intakes sometimes, though. My order didnt come with some of the required screws to complete assembly. I called NB and and spoke to customer service. They apologized for the oversight and inconvenience, and NB/Blichmann overnighted me the missing parts. Great service to go along with great products. (Posted on 9/2/13)
Worth the extra money. Review by Philip
Works like a champ. No more black soot on the bottom of my brew kettle and heats liquid to boil very quickly. (Posted on 8/29/13)
Great Burner Review by Joe
Worth the slightly higher price. Sturdy construction means this should last a lifetime. Worth the investment! (Posted on 8/29/13)
Very well built and worth the money! Review by Kurt
This is a very well built product - heavy, sturdy, quiet, and efficient. I was able to bring 5 gallons of water from room temp to 160 F in 17 minutes, then from 160 F to boil in another 10 minutes. Amazing compared to what it took on the stove. Worth evey penny in time savings alone! (Posted on 8/12/13)
You get what you pay for! Review by Matt
This is an absolutely amazing burner, definitely worth the extra cash. If you're in the market for a new burner, don't waste your time on the others, this is the one to get! It does cost more but this one sips propane and will outlast the others. (Posted on 8/8/13)
Wow! Reduced time to boil from a hour to 10 min. Review by Gary
I bought this because of the positive reviews! It used to take me 1 hour to boil 2 1/2 gal of water on my electric stove. With this burner = 10 min Amazing! (Posted on 8/5/13)
very nice Review by jason
I was surprised on how big the burner was having only seeing it on the website. Be cause of the cost it would be hard for me to tell first timer that this is the only way to go but if you enjoy brewing and have been doing for your self a favor put your money on the Blichmenn floor burner (Posted on 7/28/13)
efficient and well constructed Review by george
I have picked up a few of these over the past year slowly building up to the big purchase, a top tier stand. The thing thats nice about these burners is that they allow you to grow your brewery gradually over time and at your own pace. These burners are excellent in terms of efficiency plus they are very quiet...unlike the jet burner I used before. (Posted on 7/16/13)
Very Nice Review by PM in OH
Treated myself to this burner. Very nice design and quality. Works extremely well. (Posted on 7/15/13)
Worth every penny! Review by Dave
Expensive but, I think, well worth it. Heavy, solid construction. Very quiet. It puts out lots of heat and is easily adjusted. (Posted on 7/13/13)
Great Product Review by Andrew
I can get 6 gals of water in my HLT up to 170 deg F in about 15 minutes. It takes about 20-25 to get 7 gal of wort to a boil. This is so fast and efficient that it is unfathomable that I used an inferior burner for all those years.

Consider this: the money you save on propane refills will more than pay for this burner in about 10-15 brews.

Well worth every penny spent!!! (Posted on 5/29/13)
Efficient and Quiet Review by Wayne
Nice looking burner. Have done 3 all grain batches and at least 3 extract all on one 20lb tank, got a least another batch or two in it. (Posted on 5/27/13)
Got what I paid for - an Excellent Burner! Review by Doug
It was a lot of money to pay for a burner - but DO IT - you won't regret it. Mama always said and I've experienced it MANY times, you get what you pay for. The craftsmanship is top notch...massive burner...easy flame control on two levels. It did blow out for me one time...a quick relight and adjustment and the flame was rock solid. If you're just getting into brewing, there are things you can skimp on till you get better and more knowledge and there are things you shouldn't skimp on right from the "get go." This is something you should not skimp on - buy this burner. (Posted on 5/16/13)
Quality Concepts Realized Review by Adam Stanceu
Tired of waiting for your strike water and wort boils? I overshot temps twice with mash water and sparge water because this burner works so effectively. It's crazy efficient too, as my propane tank still felt heavy after brewing. It's considerably quieter than the banjo burner.

I read all the reviews on here and now I'm writing my own. This thing is THE home brewmaster's tool.

Also, the leg extensions made siphoning chilled wort a sinch and overall brewing a bit easier to manage. (Posted on 5/13/13)
Awesome burner! Review by Greg
No other word for it. This thing is awesome! Clean, efficient burner that can heat up 6 gallons in under 15 minutes, and is so stable you can set it and forget it for an hour. Best burner you'll ever own! (Posted on 4/6/13)
Excellent Burner Review by Eric
I bought this burner because, after reading reviews on different brands, the Blichmann looked to be the highest-quality product available. Other burners don't always use stainless, and will therefore rust or peel paint. The Blichmann also has a great burner with even heat distribution that can go from a simmer to a raging boil in moments. There are other brands that have a similar burner, but the Blichmann also has the wind shroud for protecting the flame, solid legs for stability, adjustable tines that keep the pot centered on the burner, and an easy-to-use regulator without the timer shutoff. I also got the natural gas conversion kit, as I want to eventually plumb it right into our NG system in our house.

I used this burner for the first time this past Christmas to brew two consecutive days. It heats very quickly, burns quietly, and doesn't guzzle propane. It worked flawlessly.

Pricey? Yes. Would I buy it again? In a hearbeat! It's worth the money. (Posted on 2/8/13)
Solid Review by FryingPan
Don’t let the price scare you because it’s going to outlive you and end up in your will for your family to fight over. 1st use was on a gusty day and once I got the gas/air dialed in I had no problem lighting or keeping the burner going. The burner is supper quite and gets things boiling in no time which was really nice. (Posted on 2/4/13)
good value Review by Daniel
Even though this burner is at least 50% more expensive than other burners on the market - I would not hesitate to spend the money. You really are comparing apples to oranges when comparing this burner to the various fish and turkey fryers out there. I have seen burners with the same or higher BTU rating -ABSOLUTELY NO WAY those burners are producing the heat that this thing does. (Posted on 1/29/13)
worth the investment Review by Phil
I have two of these and a third burner that I started with. I am very happy with how this burner performs and how sturdy it is. I like the pot sizing stops that keep the pot centered on the burner and wont let it bump or slide off the burner.
I am looking forward to getting the tower of power to mount these bad boys on.
All I can say is, wow, a fully automated RIMS brewing solution. I'm drooling.
(Posted on 11/10/12)
The Luxury Burner Review by PapaRG
The Blichmann is a great tool. I would call it the Cadillac of burners if Cadillac were worthy of that reference. Not only do we use it for brewing, my wife also uses it for processing her canning jars. (Posted on 9/25/12)
A major upgrade... Review by R.
This burner cost 5X the one it replaced, in fact, it cost more than all of my other brew-day equipment combined. But, I am entirely satisfied with its performance and I feel that I got my money's worth. A solid, adaptable structure; clean, hot, minutely-controllable flame; quiet and consistent operation; excellent protection from (what used to be) pesky winds. It delivers on all counts. (Posted on 9/2/12)
Love it! Review by sol
I have two of these on my top tier. Amazingly efficient and quiet. Since upgrading to these bad boys, it doesn't sound like a jet engine spooling up on my back patio and my propane tanks last at least twice as long. The construction quality of these burners is top notch. (Posted on 8/30/12)
fantastic... Review by Dave in CO
I decided to start getting gravity do more work for me, so I put a valve on my 10gal kettle and got this burner with extension legs. My trusty Bayou Classic has been fine for 100+ batches, but holy moly this thing is nice. Absolutely love it and can't believe how quiet it is. There are some serious BTUs coming from this beauty. (Posted on 8/18/12)
Worth the money Review by Scott
Don't be cheap, shell out the extra money and BUY THIS BURNER. It's totally worth it. (Posted on 8/15/12)
Top-notch burner Review by Bubz77
I researched a LOT of burners and even tried a few that my friends brew with, and this is by far the best burner I've found. You pay more for it, but the money is worth it for the quality you get, plus I personnally feel it's a safer unit to use as the legs and base are extremely sturdy compared to the other units I've seen. I added the leg extensions as well and this is perfect for my needs. My only complaint is that the paper assembly instructions are incomplete in that they don't tell you how tight to connect the gas orifice fitting with the spring to the burner, or mention anything about the air damper screw. BUT, if you watch the video on the Blichmann website it tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about how to assemble and use the burner for optimum performance. I couldn't be happier with this burner. (Posted on 8/7/12)
You get what you pay for Review by davem
Ok, I admit I was hesitant when buying this thing. It cost a lot. You can get a cheaper burner. Will it do the same as this Blichmann burner? Maybe. But, I also am a Apple Mac user. IMHO, I drive the best computer money can buy so I'm not stuck with loads of issues and I can get my jobs done. Sure, I've got a PC for surfing, but it's my backup system. In other words, I buy what's RELIABLE and TOUGH. This beast is just that. Heavy, stainless steel, and man that gets water boiling fast with the regulator control. It's fine-tunable, and I think this is where this thing excels over anything out there. It can go to the smallest blue flame (think a lighter at a VH concert), or up to a ravaging flame thrower that could scorch a low ceiling. I now own two. I might get another for my three tier stand. I currently have a cheap jet burner under the mash tun to keep a little heat there in case I need it. When I use that flimsy jet burner, I miss my Blichmann sitting next to it. If the mash tun full of grain and water didn't weigh so much, I might consider moving the B.Mann there instead, but damn thats a lot of weight. I currently have got all three burners strung up to a 100# tank and this is almost perfect. It's drinks gas less than the other burners, too. I feel like I'm thanking Santa Claus when I say "Thanks, Blichmann...whoever you are." My brew groupies are in awe when this thing hits it's stride flame wide open. (Posted on 7/20/12)
Tons of heat. Easy on the Gas Review by jester
I recently did my second batch on this burner. I did a parti gyle burton ale. I ended up working with over 15 gallons of water that needed heated up to strike temp and boiled for over 2 hours total boil time. After the brew day was over i weighed my propane tank and i only used 4lbs of gas. That's about $4 where i buy it. This thing throws so much heat and is extremely economical. (Posted on 7/11/12)
excellent Review by dennis
i added the leg extensions to get it away from my wooden porch. i had everything put together in about 20 minutes. instructions are OK but not amazing. I was brewing on a gas stove which took over an hour to bring 7.25 gallons in a 10 gallon kettle to a full boil. the blichmann had it to 160 in 8 minutes (seriously) and a full boil in another 10. Less than 20 minutes from 70 degree tap water to a crazy roaring boil. very solidly built and very easy to get lit and adjusted. highly recommended. (Posted on 6/29/12)
Very quiet and efficient Review by vtfan99
I purchased this to replace an older "jet" burner that broke. This burner is so much quieter and more efficient than my previous burner. Sometimes I have to check to make sure it's still lit because I can hardly hear it. It also appears to use much less propane than my previous jet burner (which makes sense).

I've read some reviews about paint burning off, which I don't understand. This burner is completely stainless; I don't see paint anywhere. Perhaps they've made modifications to the design since those previous reviews.

I also passed on the leg extensions. The burner sits about 3 inches off the ground. I brew at the edge of my garage, which has a concrete floor, so heat is not really a concern for me.

I haven't yet brewed on a particularly windy day but the breezes/gusts that have occurred haven't affected the flames at all.

I really wish I had purchased this burner a while ago. It's well worth the extra money. For anyone who has a jet style burner, I highly recommend replacing it with this one. (Posted on 5/23/12)
Awesome!!! Review by Aaron
One of the best buys for brewing so far, boiled the water way faster then I thought it would have and didnt not use very much propane at all. Wish I had the leg extensions... soon very soon (Posted on 5/21/12)
quiet, efficient Review by Kevin
My camp chef finally rusted out, so, after some research, I decided to spring for a Bichmann burner. I still think I might spring for a Top Tier in the future, so I like the fact that I can use this burner, if I do. Anyway, when I first lit the burner, I was convinced there was something wrong. I could barely hear it. The Camp Chef I used for years sounded like the turbines on a jet. It takes a little bit of play, but very easy to do if you follow the instructions. Strong rolling boil and did I mention quiet? Highly recommend, I expect to have this for a looong time. (Posted on 4/19/12)
Powerful, effecient, awesome! Review by Roflsaurus
Wonderful product. Could not be happier with it. 65f to 170f in 15ish minutes. 65f to rolling boil in 25ish mins. this was with 6.5 gallon of water to test boil off and get a baseline for preboil volumes. looking forward to brew day. (Posted on 4/13/12)
Built like a tank! Review by Kölle
After moving to all-grain last fall, we realized our glass top range just couldn't keep up with our hot water demands.

We did our homework and the Blichmann came up time after time as the product to buy.

We just completed our first "Blichmann" brew and could not be happier. This thing really is a tank!

Get the leg extensions too, your back will thank you! (Posted on 4/10/12)
Total timesaver and excellent flame control Review by Charlie
This has been a great upgrade. I can now brew two batches on brew day in the same time it took me to brew one on the stove. I did not buy the extensions, because I like to pull up a chair next to the kettle and tend to the wort. Between the air intake lever, and gas flow controls on both the burner hose and propane tank you get excellent control of the heat. Highly recommended! (Posted on 2/27/12)
Awesome Review by OneParma
Burner works very well. The durability is solid and its built with quality. I also got the leg extensions and wasn't sure how it would hold a full 15 gallons of brew and it held it very well. In fact, you can have a full pot and lean into the Blichmann and it will hold your weight. If you're going to buy a good burner, spend the extra money and get this one, with the leg extensions. Awesome quality. (Posted on 2/24/12)
Awesome Burner Review by Half Ass Brewmaster
I've owned it for about 1 year, I upgraded to this burner from an Electric Range and it has made brewing 100x better. Greatly reduced brewing time. I havn't had any problems even with moderate wind like others mention, I use it primarily with a 8gal Megapot.

I got the 24" leg extensions and love them, definitely worth the extra cost. (Posted on 2/23/12)
Darn Glad I Got It Review by Thor
It arrived in only a week and we gave it our first run today. Outstanding. This thing is built like race car parts...sturdy and tough but with all the beauty of precision engineering. It didn't take long to get the legs attached and took only moments to fire it up and dial it in. For the heat it puts out it sips fuel. Glad I didn't waste time and money on a cheaper unit, I have no doubt that this will serve me well for years. (Posted on 2/20/12)
great upgrade Review by Trey
First off get leg extensions as everyone else has said. They're solid and practically a necessity unless you have something sold to stuck under everything.

Second, there is a problem with the wind. I don't think it was that bad, but a bit gusty. Perhaps add some aluminum foil around to slightly shield for that. I personally didn't have that much of an issue, but a good 25mph+ gust will blow it out.

Everything else about this burner is amazing. Heats up fast and even.

Combine it with a good kettle and you'll be brewing for years like a pro. (Posted on 2/14/12)
I wish I bought this two years ago. Review by Happy Brewer
After researching other burners I bought the Blichmann floor burner because I knew I would be getting exactly what I paid for. The burner was easy to adjust and very efficient. I figure that it took at least 30 minutes off my brew day. Leave the other burners for frying turkeys! (Posted on 2/6/12)
Nice but not quite finished Review by OldManWheaty
This is a good burner - with a few modifications. First and foremost get the leg extensions. Why this or any burner for wort production sits inches off the ground is just plain silly. Second, get rid of the high pressure regulator and gas jet. Replace it with a low pressure regulator and orifice from a Hurricane burner. You'll get easier lighting, much better heat output, great flame control and far less gas use all at the same time. NB used to sell Hurricane burners and should at least carry the regulator/hose/orifice parts to do this upgrade. Added to the Blichmann stainless steel beauty of a frame (same banjo burner as Hurricane) you have a really fine piece of equipment. Like the others have mentioned here, find a location shielded from wind for best performance. (Posted on 2/5/12)
So far so good Review by Dan
Got my burner on Wednesday, put it together in about 15 minutes. Just did a test run today. Boiled 2 gallons of water in 17 minutes uncovered with an ambient temp around 45*. First brew session will come next week. Coming from and electric stove I expect this baby to save me at least an hour or more. (Posted on 2/4/12)
Good burner, but pricey, paint burnt off the burner Review by BeerLackey
I would have rated this 5 stars - it is a well built and efficient burner, BUT on the first use, the paint on the banjo burner and venturi flaked off and burnt off stinking up the place. You would think at this price point they would have used heat resistant paint. I thought that since the rest of the burner is stainless, there would not be problem with paint burning off like on my cheap burner (1/2 the price). Come on Blickmann, get with it! For 25 cents more per unit you could have used heat a resitant coating and have the burner you advertise in your ads. (Posted on 1/22/12)
Wind problem Review by Greg
Burner works great unless you're brewing in an area exposed to even the slightest gusts of wind. In the calm it heats 10 gallon boils quickly and easily but very spotty if there is any wind at all.
(Posted on 1/7/12)
missing parts Review by sam
After smelling gas we noticed one of the bolts that holds the burner is missing. It let's gas escape..until it ignites..
Contacted Blichmann Engineering this morning, no response so far.
I wonder about quality control.
It's heavy duty but the missing bolt makes it unsafe. If you buy one check the bolts for tightness and if they are actually in place. (Posted on 1/3/12)
Best burner ever Review by William
First of all the frame is all stainless which is very nice. The frame blocks some wind which helps if you use this outdoors. With leg extensions it sits high enough that you can drain into your carboy or bucket. It heats up very quickly and seems to use less propane than my old jet burner. Its also very quiet so you can actually talk and hold a conversation while standing next to the burner. All my brewing friends that have come over and seen it in operation now have one as well. I plan on buying a second one. (Posted on 1/2/12)
Great Burner Review by Peter
I was a little hesitant about spending 140 dollars on a burner but after reading many reviews on numerous other burners I decided to make the purchase. I have been quite pleased with this product. I have brewed 2 all grain and 1 extract and still have about 1/4 tank of propane left. Stainless Steel is another great thing about this product because you don't have to worry about paint peeling off and your burner rusting. Blichmann really hit a home run with this product! (Posted on 10/28/11)
Three batches deep ..... Review by Manimal
and this thing is a champ. Read the instructions on how to get a nice tight flame. Leg extensions are a must.
(Posted on 10/18/11)
Wow Review by Daniel
Nice solid quality. This product will last. Worked perfect on my last all grain. Heats fast and evenly. Great investment. I will now get the whole Blichman top tier system, once I understand how to use it. lol

Really recommend to everyone, spend the extra bucks and get this quality burner. (Posted on 10/15/11)
you get what you pay for Review by snyder
I couldn't agree more with Joseph. This product is top-notch and heavy-duty. The stainless steel is a nice thick gauge and will no doubt last a long time.
I had a boil-over the first time I used this (and the first time i had brewed!) and the stainless cleaned up like new with minimal hosing off.
I bought the optional longer legs which replace the shorter ones it comes with. This wasn't really clear when I bought them, but i'm glad i did as it keeps the kettle spigot at just the right height to dispense into the carboy. Also it is nice that you can purchase the cast iron burner assembly separately should you ever need to replace it. I am guessing this would be the first thing to go if you ever had anything fail, but it is big and beefy and hopefully will last quite a long time.
It took some getting used to with adjusting the flame, and the first brew I didn't give it near enough oxygen. I have since become proficient at it and can now dial it to a nice blue flame either high or low heat.
Blichmann was quick to respond to my inquiries and it is nice to buy a product by brewers for brewers.
This product is well worth the added expense. I take comfort in knowing that it won't rust or paint peel and I will be using it for a long time. (Posted on 10/14/11)
It took a few tries but it's finally right. Review by Kris
I had been using a small jet style burner for 5 gallon boils. When i made the jump to 10 gallons, i knew i need something better and ultimately chose this one because of the available leg extensions.

The stainless steel was all flawless; however the cast burner had a dime size hole in the side that could have caused problems. It took Blichmann two tries to get me a defect-less burner but i finally do have it and am happy. My only complaint is their apparent lack of quality control.

(Posted on 10/12/11)
Very high quality product Review by Joseph
I debated back and forth for a long while between a banjo burner at half the price and this one. Upon opening the box I was instantly glad I made the decision to get this one.

First of all it will definitely last forever. The construction is top notch. All the stainless parts are thick and well built and the burner assembly is a MASSIVE cast.

After a few uses I can see how this burner would save a great deal of propane over the cheaper models. Flame and air adjustment work very well to produce a really tight blue flame. If you're going to be brewing on a regular basis I'd recommend taking the leap on this burner as you will not be disappointed. (Posted on 8/14/11)

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