Northern Brewer offers propane burners with BTU outputs both high and low, to accommodate brewing a variety of beer brewing batch sizes. Highly recommended for all-grain and outdoor brewing.

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  1. 77004

    Blichmann Floor Burner

    From: $149.99

    To: $206.97

    A fuel-sipping, precision engineered, stainless work of art built for homebrewing. Combining excellent efficiency, quiet performance, solid stand design, and all-stainless construction, this is a lifetime burner that's also a pleasure to use.

    Please note: this item ships directly from the manufacturer and takes 1-3 weeks for delivery.

  2. 40792

    Bayou Cooker (Burner and Stand)


    Out of stock

    The Bayou Cooker brewing stand is the perfect solution for large volume batches using wide kettles. This is the same basic burner and regulator as the Banjo Burner, but with an extra-sturdy body featuring a 22" wide top for the kettle to rest on.
  3. Dark Star Burner and Stand

    The Dark Star® Burner


    Upgrade your homebrewery and get some fire under that kettle for the lowest price around. Look at that - you have some cash left over to make more beer! The Dark Star® Burner features include:
  4. 54,000 BTU output
  5. 17" wide, 12" tall
  6. Boil 5 gallons in about 15 minutes
  7. Supports kettles up to 10 gallons in capacity
  8. Dark Star Burner Instruction Manual
  • Raise Your Game II Kettle & Burner Kit

    Raise Your Game II Kettle & Burner Kit


    This kit will take your brewing to the next level. Equipped with the amazing Dark Star burner and a 7.5 gallon stainless steel brew kettle so you can ditch the dilution and achieve a full-volume boil. Better equipment brews better results- which ultimately means you'll have better beer in the glass.
  • Edelmetall™ Brü Burner

    Edelmetall™ Brü Burner

    From: $139.99

    To: $179.98

    This sexy, super-charged, copper-clad masterpiece pumps out 72,000 BTUs of finely-tuned firepower that goes from zero to full boil in no time flat. Fully-loaded with a precise needle valve that banishes boilovers and allows for crucial adjustments, the Edelmetall™ Brü Burner custom-crafted stays adjust to any kettle size. As sturdy as it is stunning, this is the last burner you’ll ever need—or want—to buy. Edelmetall™ Leg Extensions raise the burner height to 27" for brewing at a convenient, ergonomic height.
  • 40791

    30psi Regulator Kit for Banjo Burner


    Out of stock

    A replacement regulator for the Banjo Burner.
  • Pic of 40297

    High Pressure Burner & Stand


    Out of stock

    A powerful blowtorch style burner. Welded steel frame is 13 high with a 14 diameter surface. Includes 48" stainless braided hose and 10 psi regulator.

  • Blichmann Burner Leg Extensions - 24"

    Blichmann Burner Leg Extensions - 24"


    Out of stock

    Leg extensions for the Blichmann Floor Burner. They raise the burner to a height sufficient to drain a kettle into a standard six-gallon carboy. Burner sold separately!
  • 7326

    High Pressure Burner


    Out of stock

    A replacement burner for our High Pressure Burner & Stand (40297). Perfect for the DIY-enthusiast who wants to build their own brewing stand.

  • Pic of 40204

    Cast Iron Banjo Burner (burner only)


    Burner jet without stand - requires regulator kit (#40791).

  • 77013

    Natural Gas Conversion Kit for Blichmann Floor Burner


    Out of stock

    Consists of a needle valve and different orifice to convert your Blichmann Floor Burner to natural gas.
  • 40269

    Regulator Kit for High Pressure Burner


    Out of stock

    10 PSI regulator, hose, and connectors for use with the High Pressure burner (#7326 or #40297).

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