Double-mesh Stainless Strainer

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Features a double layer of stainless mesh for superior filtration.

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This heavy-duty strainer features a double layer of stainless mesh for superior filtration. Stainless steel frame and basket with wood handle, 23.5" overall, 10.25" basket diameter.

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Customer Reviews

Heavy duty Review by charles
This thing has held up to 15lbs of wet grain in my BIAB setup without a problem. I've done 4 batches with it and it seems to be holding up well. (Posted on 1/2/15)
Part of my daily kit! Review by Matt
This is an amazingly handy tool to have around on brew day. I use mine during every boil as it's very handy to set bags of steeping grains in for my primitive sparging. It's built to last and easily sits across the top of my kettle, freeing up my hands which is always a good thing! (Posted on 10/10/14)
Good quality strainer Review by Adam M.
I looked around the local box stores for a decent strainer for extract brewing. Was not satisfied with quality or price of what I found. But this strainer is perfect -- large, well made, and with just the right size mesh to keeps the sludge out of my primary. You need this.

BTW, I'm pretty sure these are made by Polarware. (Posted on 9/27/14)
Pretty good Review by Keith
This has worked pretty well for me. The only knock I have on it was that mine came with a handle that had a partial jagged edge on the wood part. I didn't want to mess with a return so I just wrapped that part with electrical tape. It is pretty sturdy as well and I love the lips on the strainer so it can just sit on the kettle. (Posted on 12/30/13)
Couldn't ask for better Review by Bob
I was basically TOLD that I needed to order this product. I was skeptical at first about the size and usefulness. What a godsend. This quickly strained out my wort and aerated it in no time. Would highly recommend. (Posted on 12/30/13)
A must have piece of equipment Review by MARK
This is a heavy strainer and works so good on mash batches and extracts too (Posted on 12/21/13)
Great Strainer Review by jared
I was a little bit skeptical about this strainer working well and filtering my brew from pot to primary but it's worked great! I no longer have to put my hops in mesh bag when brewing as the strainer filters it out really well. Built durable and perfect size to fit most all pots/buckets. (Posted on 12/20/13)
Does the job Review by Michael
What can I say? This strainer does what it's supposed to - it strains. Very sturdy and catches even tiny particles (Posted on 12/4/13)
Great Product Review by Ty
Used for the first time on an AG brew session that had a lot of hop additions and the strainer did a great job of filtering while transferring the wort to primary. Will definitely be using for every brew session going forward. Also, fits the ale pail buckets perfectly. (Posted on 11/19/13)
Works great! Review by Christopher
Very well made strainer. Solid construction and easy to clean. Does a great job. (Posted on 11/18/13)
solid build and works Review by Keith
This strainer is big, sturdy, and the double mesh catches all the sludge without slowing things down. The only thing that knocks it down to 4 stars is the stained wood handle - while also solid, the stain isnt sealed and even contact with star san foam causes it to bleed. Not idea but hoping it improves with time. (Posted on 11/12/13)
Nice Equipment addition Review by Jeff
I purchased this with a two part purpose in mind. I have decided to try my hand at some mini-mash recipes and needed this to do so. In addition, i have decided to stop using mesh bag to add hops into my boil and need to start straining my wort before it goes into primary. This sturdy strainer is a perfect fit for both. (Posted on 11/1/13)
Sturdy gear Review by Thomas
Well-made and perfect to sit atop a 5-gallon mash pot and hold 6 pounds of steeped grain. Made sparging easy! (Posted on 10/28/13)
Awesome Review by Luis
My dad got this strainer for his own brewing; when I helped him once and saw him use it I knew this would make brew day much easier. The other reviews are right: the double-mesh is uncannily good at keeping out hops from the wort boil. You can just pour it right through without having to try to keep the hops in the kettle. (Posted on 10/11/13)
Fantastic! Review by Brian
This strainer is perfect for partial mash. I honestly am impressed with the level of quality. Will plan on using for many more brews to come. (Posted on 10/3/13)
Works Perfectly Review by Ed
Has solid construction and worked great for my first partial mash brew. I'll look forward to using it for a long time. (Posted on 9/26/13)
Super strainer Review by Lance
This is one really quality and durable strainer! I've broken the handles off two standard stainless kitchen strainers or had problems putting them on a typical 5 or 6 gallon bucket. This one works great. The way the handle is a part of the strainer gives it the feel that it should last a very long time. Great product and wish I had gotten it sooner. (Posted on 9/20/13)
Does the job Review by Jordan
What can I say? This strainer does what it's supposed to - it strains. Very sturdy and catches even tiny particles. (Posted on 9/17/13)
Nice product Review by James
Works very well and easy to clean. (Posted on 9/9/13)
Well built. Review by Gary
Used it in my first mini mash and it worked well. (Posted on 7/18/13)
Quality Review by Justin
This appears to be a quality product thus far. I have high expectations for its longevity (only used it twice so far). It feels really sturdy holding over 5lbs of wet grain. (Posted on 1/15/13)
Great! Except the wood handle. Review by Lew
This is a great sturdy double mesh strainer, except the stained wood handle bleeds when wet!

Kind bad that it would do that. Otherwise, great. (Posted on 7/6/12)
Awesome Review by John
This strainer is very durable and does the job! I used it to filter out hops when transfer from the boil kettle to the fermenter. Love it! (Posted on 1/31/12)
Best tool for the job Review by Jon
Perfect strainer, I use it to drain my mini-mash bag. Also to filter out hops and break material after the boil. If it's not fine enough for you toss some cheese cloth or a mesh bag on top to catch smaller stuff. (Posted on 1/23/12)
I <3 this strainer Review by brans041
This is a high quality inexpensive and amazing strainer.

I use it to filter hops before my primary (Wont get all, but will get a lot) and also to rest steeped grain in partial mash.

This is a great addition to your equipment. (Posted on 1/18/12)
pretty darn effective Review by jonathan
i just finished brewing a black ipa. The recipe had a ton of hops in it and i decided to use the strainer rather than a hop bag. It worked almost too well because i had to stop two time to un-clog the hops from the strainer, i guess it was just because of the high amount used in the recipe. This was a good buy. (Posted on 12/11/11)
It's Great! Review by John
I just used this for a batch of porter. I was amazed at how much stuff it collected. I ended up having to dumping the trub in the sink twice because the flow was constricted so much. The wort was nice a frothy from the aeration too. Great buy! (Posted on 12/6/11)
Best $15 Spent Review by BeerGeekNY
A bargain at $15. Works great, easy to clean (Posted on 7/1/11)
Very effective means of aerating wort Review by Joe
I bought this strainer before brewing my third batch with the intention of catching sediment as I poured my wort from the kettle to the primary, and in hopes of aerating my wort in the process. I was not disappointed on either front.
I was able to dump the entire kettle (~3 gallons) without concern for the sludge in the bottom, which I think will increase my yield by a bottle or two, and the strainer caught all the undesirable sediment as far as I could tell.
Regarding the aeration, this batch has produced the most furious, immediate, and healthy fermentation of the three batches I have done. Fermentation began in a matter of hours, and the airlock has had a nearly continuous stream of bubbles, so much so that the water in the airlock has never been still for even a few seconds over the past 3 days. I have brewed with a swollen package of Wyeast everytime, had the same wort temperature before adding the yeast, and located the primary in the same environment each time. The only differentiating factor is the aeration provide by this strainer.
The strainer is a large, well made item that balances nicely on top of your bucket. It covers the bulk of the opening on the bucket, giving a nice big target to hit when dumping your kettle. As far as I am concerned, this item is a must have! (Posted on 3/30/11)
A must own! Review by
This is a must own for any brewer. The pic doesn't really show the strainer that well but there are two for course material and another for fine material. when i am transfering to either 1st or second fermentation i always use the strainer to collect the gunk at the bottom. (Posted on 2/26/11)
Will not get all of the hops Review by Travis
Just adding to what others said....if using pellet hops without a muslin bag, this strainer will not catch everything. After dumping my kettle into my primary fermenter (though the strainer), I can see a definite layer of hops at the bottom. Not sure how that will affect quality but I plan to re-rack as soon as primary fermentation is complete. (Posted on 1/24/11)
Quality product Review by Jed
This strainer saved me a lot of time going from the brew pot to the primary. Doesn't catch all of the hops, but does catch a lot that would otherwise clog the fine mesh bag and slow the transfer even more. (Posted on 11/2/10)
Great product Review by BrewZoo
Awesome for removing 85+% of pelleted hops and aerates the wort so well. Also very sturdy. (Posted on 9/7/10)

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