Ball Lock Soda Keg - 3 Gallon New

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Brand new three gallon stainless keg with ball-lock fittings and pressure relief valve in the lid.

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Ball Lock Soda Keg - 3 Gallon New


Brand new three gallon stainless keg with ball-lock fittings and pressure relief valve in the lid. Measures 18" tall by 10" wide.

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Customer Reviews

Just right Review by Lloyd
I bought this size keg for trips to our summer RV at the beach. It fits perfectly in a cooler and look forward to its use this summer. I think some dead ringer IPA will be my first! (Posted on 12/24/13)
works very well, satisfactory quality Review by timothy
Purchased one and have had it under pressure with beer for about 1 wk and have had no problems. Removing valve posts is very easy! apparently there are no 'poppets', as I understand they're called. a spring, and the valve stem it locates and places under compression, all come out from the valve body after removal- making cleaning and reinstalling simple. i rated the product 4/5 because the image on this page says it's made in Italy, but mine says India. (Posted on 12/23/13)
Pricy, but worth it Review by Eric
They are expensive, but if you need a tight-space solution, these are the way to go. The lid o-ring was a little dry when they first arrived - I had a hard time getting it to seal when I went to pressure-test them, but after a quick soak in some sanitizer, they have expanded back out and are sealing up just like my other kegs. (Posted on 10/12/12)
nice to have Review by ron
i do appreciate the quality of this keg manufacturer.......when their quality assurance is on the ball; i have received one of these kegs that had an issue, however Gabe @ NB personally inspected and shipped me a replacement with no problems. I also own a 5 gallon version and it is also a very nice new keg (Posted on 1/8/12)
Poor Quality Review by Jimmy
I purchased one of these and it has some quality issues. The screw posts had jagged edges near the bottom of the threads, not on the keg posts but the part of the keg. After the first batch, there was rusting between the keg posts and the screw. Metal flaked off the top of the "in" tube when cleaning. The bottom weld has a pit. I hope it does not make the keg too weak in the section. Maybe I got a bad one, but for the price I expect better quality control. (Posted on 12/7/11)
Pricey things of beauty Review by WVCanuck
Yes, these are expensive. However, they fit in some pretty tight spaces. And they are beautifully designed and finished, so much so I keep mine "on display" when not filled with brew. (Posted on 2/2/11)
I love R2D2 the beerbot Review by Arzie
He's small enough to tote my beer to partys. Party Kegs and growlers just weren't large enough and I didn't want to bring 5 gallons. the compact CO2 cartridges will provide enough pressure to dispense and maintain carbonation. If I owe someone beer, I can send this to their house and they can enjoy my brews without having to alter their fridge. It's a bit expensive but well worth it. I will purchase another soon. (Posted on 10/28/10)