Bavarian Hefeweizen Extract Kit

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Our Bavarian Hefeweizen extract and ingredients kit yields a medium-bodied, effervescent ale practically exploding with yeast and wheat malt character – kind of like a liquid multi-grain bread.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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Bavarian Hefeweizen Extract Kit

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One of the signature brews of Bavaria, Hefeweizen is a medium-bodied, effervescent ale practically exploding with yeast and wheat malt character – kind of like a liquid multigrain bread. Our kit is 100% traditional—cloudy, malty, and spicy, with a smooth mouthfeel and dense, whipped-cream head. Serve in a tall glass “mit hefe” - swirl the bottle to make sure you get all the yeast!

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style German/Czech/Continental
Beer Style German Ales, Wheat Beers
Color Light
Original Gravity 1049
Total Time to Make 4 weeks

Customer Reviews

Easy brew, but ferment it cool Review by Charles
Made this last summer, and it was a snap. Fine session beer. The only thing I'd change is that I previously let it ferment at room temp, which was 73-74 degrees. I got too much banana from the 3068, hardly any clove. Smelled strongly like bananas. In the future I will hold this temp down below 70, and no higher. (Posted on 4/23/15)
Bavarian hefe Review by Daniel
Great beer! I just had a soldier try my Hefe Weizen and he stated it was better than the Paulaner hefe he just drank previously. My hefe took over a month in the bottle to properly condition. Have patience, this beer will turn out awesome if you like German Hefe Weizen. I used the dry Munich Weizen yeast. I plan on having a couple tonight. (Posted on 3/27/15)
Very Good Brew!!! Review by David
I have made this brew many times and it is one of my favorites, It has a fast turn around, 2-3 weeks primary, one week to carb, another week cold condition and game on!! (Posted on 3/24/15)
Great Hefeweizen Review by Duane
This was my second extract kit from NB, and it is a great one. I used the Wyeast Weihenstephan yeast, and it made a delicious Hefewiezen. It really reminds me of beers I had in Germany a few years ago. Left it in primary @ 68° for 12 days, then kegged and force carbed. The beer has a nice balance of clove and banana and a really creamy head. I highly recommend this kit. (Posted on 3/1/15)
Good beer. Great representation of the style. Review by John
Having brewed a lot of IPA's and some dark beers, I wanted to add some variety to my keezer. I made this one and was not disappointed. Its amazing the flavor the yeast imparts on this brew. In my opinion this is a great representation of the hefe style and had all the right flavors you look for in a hefe without any other fancy add-ins. Shared with friends and they were all pleased even non-hefe fans. (Posted on 2/25/15)
Delicious! Review by Kelly
Great brew! Very easy and straightforward recipe to follow. I used white labs hefewiesen wlp300 yeast and I liked the outcome. Very vigorous fermentation. I would recommend a blow-off tube setup. The fermentation would probably make a regular bubbler airlock fly right off into the ceiling. I will probably be trying this one again with a fruit addition to mix it up. (Posted on 1/24/15)
Great beer!!! Review by Pundrew
Just ordered my second kit of this Hefe - by far this batch was gone the fastest of the 15 I have done - everyone who tried it loved it. The banana/clove finish was awesome! (Posted on 1/10/15)
Amazingly simple, fast and tasty brew Review by C-Bomb
I love thick wheat beers. They aren't for everyone but they have always been my go-to. That being said, this kit has allowed me to handcraft bottles I have never thought twice about paying $10+ a 6-pack for before.

I used the wyeast 3068 option but did not make a starter. Just ripped the corner of the pack and poured in. The only admendment I made to the recipe was adding in a pound of local honey in the the last 10 minutes of the boil. No Irish moss for this one, either. My OG was 1060 and FG landed at 1010 so it ended up being in the 6+% ABV range. The 3068 handled it fine and I even had to plug in a Blow-off tube about 24 hours after inoculation. No secondary needed

It sat in primary for 13 days, I bottled on a Sunday and was pouring beer from a bottle with a thick 1-inch head on the following wendesday leaving thick lacing all the way down. I could not believe it

Most beers I let bottle condition for at least 2 weeks before sampling. This brew is so good already I doubt I will have any bottles left by the time 2 weeks from bottling has passed

It's that good, and for the price at NB you would be foolish to not try it if you love thick wheats like I do.

C-Bomb out (Posted on 12/18/14)
we screwed up this recipe :( Review by Julissa
Things went wrong with my husband and I brewing this recipe :(
we followed the recipe step by step. Everything was going very well until right before adding the yeast. the recipe called for 5 gallons and said to add water to reach the 5 gallon. so after we added the water to reach our 5 gallons we took the reading for OG and it came out to 1.030 (totally off, of what it should be). anyhow, we continued and added the yeast to ferment which it did very well.
after 2 weeks we are ready to bottle and the FG is 1.012, the ABV came out to 2.36%. ahhh!!!
after reading a few comments about what couldve happened we realized we need to measure the gravity little by little before adding the total amount of water. our end result was to DUMP it! :(
well we learned something, but we had wished that NB had also out this in the instructions as a tip.
"beer lost is lesson learned" that is how we took this.
so, we will brew it again!!! never giving up!!!
cheers (Posted on 12/8/14)
Good Hef Review by William
Fast brew from boil to mouth. Everyone loves it, will do again. (Posted on 11/13/14)
Easy to brew, easier to drink Review by Tim
Started home brewing in April. Thought I would try a variety of styles for the experience and though I don't like hefeweizens I have family who enjoy the style. This is an easy recipe and surprisingly (to me) very enjoyable to drink. I used White Labs WLP351 Bavarian Hefe Yeast recommended by my local home brew shop. A vigorous ferment (first use of the blow off) at 64F and it was good to go. Bottled with recommended sugar amount. After 4 weeks in the bottle I shared with family. Initial clove flavors were followed by slight fruitiness then banana with great mouthfeel. Everyone who sampled it really enjoyed the mix of flavors. Will definitely brew this one again. (Posted on 9/18/14)
A Big Hit! Review by Kirk
Brewed this kit for my daughters wedding reception. Named it the "I Do Brew". Had people who normally don't drink beer try it just for fun....they loved it. Very subtle banana and clove notes with a nice spritzy finish. Even had guys ask if the could buy some from my next batch...that say's it all. (Posted on 9/15/14)
Easy to brew, more effort to ferment Review by Volrath99
Great flavors of banana, clove, and rich bread delivered in a silky mouth feel.

Very easy beer to brew. A lot of the flavors are developed during fermentation. I've brewed this before in the low 70s and got more banana and bubble gum flavors. This brew was high 60s and it was a balance of banana and clove with rich bread flavors.

Blow off tube was necessary. (Posted on 9/12/14)
Underwhelmed Review by Mike
As other reviewers have mentioned, there just seems to be something missing from this beer. I brewed it a second time (3068 yeast both times) to make sure it wasn't my process. I'm also a huge fan of the style. This beer smells great and has a decent aftertaste, but in between is lacking in substance. It's not hefeweizzy enough for my tastes., if you know what I mean. (Posted on 8/24/14)
This Bavarian Hef rocks! Review by Vince
I've been home brewing since just this past December and have recently made this beer for my wife who is a big BH fan. Extremely easy recipe and very enjoyable to drink, even for this IPA fan, especially on a hot summer's day. I used White Labs WLP351 Bavarian Hef Yeast and glad that I did - the banana and cloves flavors are there! Also, having a temp controlled chest freezer to both ferment and bottle condition, has turned this and other NB extract kits out perfect! I will make this again and again. Why? Because she LOVES it and you know what they say about a happy wife, right? (Posted on 8/11/14)
A very good wheat Review by Barry
Very easy kit. Really had a banana aroma and taste at first but has mellowed with age. I will brew this again. Great wheat beer! (Posted on 7/15/14)
Great brew! Review by Jabo
I am a big fan of wheat beers to start with. This brew was super easy & came out great. I used the Wyeast option. 2 weeks in primary & bottle conditioned. (Posted on 6/3/14)
2nd ever brew, 1st Hefe, Reordering!! Review by Jason
This was my second ever brew, and my first hefeweizen, and it has been a HUGE hit! I've even made believers out of non beer drinkers (including non home brew drinkers)! This batch is going fast, and I'm reordering it again. Get the Wyeast 3068, as people have recommended. I followed the instructions for the entire batch, except the priming sugar was confusing. The package says one thing (for general use, I'm sure), but the beer kit says another. I followed what the kit said to do. (Posted on 5/28/14)
Great Kit! Review by Drew
Great extract kit! Used the 3068 yeast w/3 weeks in primary then straight to keg. Had quite a bit of Krausen for the first few days. Turned out similar in color to Franziskaner Dunkel Weizen. Fermented at 64-66F and banana/clove flavors are nicely balanced but more to the spicy side (my preference). Will be brewing this again soon! (Posted on 5/24/14)
Banana Beer Review by Tony
I experienced a very fast and aggressive fermentation as others have noted. Switched to a blow-off tube when I saw the yeast ramp up quickly, and even that clogged and popped the lid off my fermenter!
The beer is very unique and flavorful, but the strong banana characteristics is not to my liking (yet?). The fruitiness is softening with age, and is growing on me somewhat, but I'm not looking forward to drinking 5 gallons of this. Fortunately, others like it a lot, and it's a great beer to give to those looking for something new and different. (Posted on 5/18/14)
Wyeast 3068 gets aggressive! Review by Bradley
Just bottled today so I will leave another review in a week when I get a taste.

Let me first say that this is/was my first 5gal batch, having just moved up from 3 batches of mr. beer kits.

I went with the Wyeast 3068 after reading the reviews here. It came in a smack pack, which took quite a few smacks because I didn't want to accidentally pop the whole bag at first. The pack was completely ballooned in about 2 hours. I pitched after about 3 hours.

Woke up the next morning and had steady bubbles coming through the airlock. Came back from work that day and the airlock was getting overwhelmed. I watched as it started to get clogged up. Since this was my first batch, I didn't know how to set up a blow off tube. Originally, I took the 6' tube that connects to the auto siphon and taped it to the top of the airlock, with it ending in a pot half full of sanitizer water. That didn't last long because the weight of the tube was pulling the airlock to the side and the tape wasn't working for various reasons as well. So I just took the airlock off and put the tube straight into the bung. That worked out well, and I'll probably do that for now on. The blow off setup was only needed for another 24 hours at most, but I left it for 2 or 3 days to be safe. After that, I cleaned the airlock and continued with that.

I kept in primary a total of 18 days, but it could have been bottled much sooner. Maybe even as early as 8 or 9 days. I was hoping the banana aroma would punch me in the nose, but it was moderate. That might have to do with my inconsistent fermentation temperature. I ended up with 4.5 gallons, 1 of which I am aging/conditioning (maybe with orange peels). 3.5 gallons should be ready for drinking in about a week. (Posted on 4/26/14)
Delicious Review by Chandler
This was mine and my boyfriends second brew (first being irish red) and we loved it! Fermented in primary for three weeks, skipped secondary, and bottle conditioned for two weeks. They tasted incredible! Even my boyfriend's parents were surprised. And they were pretty strong too, maybe around 6% (estimation). (Posted on 3/25/14)
Made my first home brew a success Review by michael
This was my first attempt at a home brew. The kit came with high quality ingredients and flawless instructions. I followed everything exactly as written and ended up with a great finished product. All of my friends rate asking for more and i'm working on my third 5 gallon batch. Thanks for introducing me to my new favorite hobby! (Posted on 3/3/14)
Ein Schone bier- needs a finishing hop Review by Charles
Brewed this kit in a 5 gallon full boil and love almost everything about it. The Tettnang is just not enough bitter to carry the whole batch for my personal taste. My next batch I might switch to Hellertau Mittelfruh as a bittering hop and/or I'll add .25 oz of Saaz or Hellertau at 20 min. to balance the amazing plethora of tastes coming out of the Weihenstephaner yeast! The body of this beer is remarkable for an extract kit. Great head retention, perfect mouth-feel and lacing down to the bottom of the glass are indications of the quality ingredients NB keeps sending out. Well done, Northern Brewer!!

(Posted on 2/23/14)
Turned out great Review by Scott
This batch was my first. The beer turned out great fermented fast, and tasted alot like Hofbrau Hefeweizen. I used danstar munich yeast, and the priming sugar that came with the kit. During the bottling stage i tasted my beer after 4 days, the carb was okay but the taste was great, I tried another at 5 days and the carb/taste was amazing, at the 6 and 7 day the beer started to lose its flavor and only a very small hint of banana could be noticed. Im not sure what I did wrong but I would not carb that long again. I am now on my second batch using the white labs wlp300 yeast and now my entire hallway smells like banana bread bread and fermentation is going nuts. Hopefully a one week carbonation will not dry out this next batch but I will test it once a day after 3 before throwing it in the fridge. Any tips on why my beer started to get lighter in taste when carbonating some tips are more than welcome. (Posted on 2/19/14)
Everything I expected Review by Spencer
This turned out a good beer, easy to make. Cloudy, but that's how it is supposed to be. Great color, almost amber. No specialty grains, so the boil was quick to finish. It didn't blow my socks off, but it was everything I wanted from this kit. (Posted on 2/7/14)
Superb Review by Jon
This is an awesome Hefeweizen. It is definitely going into my rotation with my other favorites, so I can brew a batch of this aboout every 3 months. (Posted on 1/28/14)
Just like being in Germany Review by Patrick
Had my fist real hefeweizen in Germany in 2010. Haven't been able to have the same thing until now. Tastes just like. Great bannana-clove taste. Use Wyeast 3068 and ferment under 70 degrees! Nice! Lite! Will be brewing this one again for summer! Easy to brew! (Posted on 1/20/14)
Easy brew Review by Gary
Great aroma off fermentation, currently bottle conditioning, so I am expecting it to taste as good as it smells. (Posted on 1/18/14)
What is left to say Review by Todd
This was my 4th batch of home brew. Wanted something that didn't need secondary fermenting since my carboy was already housing something that had more aging requirements. Went the 3068 yeast smack pack as recommended by other reviewers. Didn't have any problems with the yeast being too aggressive and needing a blow off tube but perhaps that's because the room I keep it in is on the cool side with it being winter. Brewed it up, left it to ferment for 2 weeks and bottled. Just cracked one open yesterday, just a week after bottling and it already has great carbonation. As mentioned in many reviews prior to this one, the aroma of cloves and bananas hits your nose and the flavor is much the same with a yeasty bread finish. Great beer after only 3 weeks and if it continues to improve it will be awesome. Wanted something along the lines of a Hacker-Pschorr and this fills the bill. Very true to style. (Posted on 1/17/14)
Great flavor/aesy Review by ron
This was my first hefe after about 15 other 5 gallon kits. The flavor was spot on. The weihenstephan yeast is quite flexible as you can coax different flavors from it by fermenting at different temps. I fermented at 64*F and got just the right amount of banana and clove I was looking for. This batch was gone in about 3 weeks, and I gave away only about 2 sixers. Not to worry-got another batch in the fermentor now! Great job NB. (Posted on 1/12/14)
Easy Brew Review by Douglas
This one was an easy brew but wound up with a low OG of 1.040 at 75 deg. As some others have stated, the color is more orange than some true Hefs I have had in Germany. Followed the instructions for re-hydrating the Danstar Munich Wheat, if it comes out ok, may try a dry pitch next time. (Posted on 1/6/14)
A very good recipe Review by darrin
I've brewed this one 2x.. the first brew, I used a secondary ferment, the second, I did not. I found that the secondary ferment help to being out the flavors much better and would suggest a second ferment.
The traditional flavors of banana and clove really came through, especially using a second ferment. As always, keep everything clean and sanitized and you wont go wrong. also, I am now a believer in using a yeast starter. makes a difference in EVERY brew.
cheers! (Posted on 1/4/14)
Great, simple Hef Review by Alex
This kit was my first hefeweizen. Very simple brewing, but a more complicated taste than many of the "simpler" beers. Banana flavor definitely shines through. As a few people here have said, the color is a bit darker than expected with a hef, but the taste is right on. (Posted on 12/30/13)
A little longer in the bottle Review by Chris
I tried to keep this one traditional and didn't rack to a secondary. It does have a cloudy appearance to it and a good amount of yeast in each bottle so it did come out good in that regards. At about 2 weeks after bottling the flavor didn't seem to be all that great and I was worried I had 2 cases of beer that I wouldn't enjoy. I gave it an additional week and the flavor seemed to change in the right direction and it is still getting better although not one of my top 5. (Posted on 12/18/13)
Delicous Beer Review by Robert
Great Kit. One of the best Hefeweizen beers I have ever tasted. I will defiantly buy this again. (Posted on 12/12/13)
Excellent Kit!!! Review by Kyle R.
This was my first beer brew and hefweizens are my favorite beer. This kit far exceeded my expectations with the final product. Absolutely delicious and spot on with how a hefeweizen should taste. Upgrade to the 3068 yeast as I did and you'll be glad you did. I fermented at 71 degree room temp and got a good balance of flavor. Kit instructions were great. Could not be happier. This hefeweizen is one of the best hefeweizens i've ever had. An easy 5 star review for me. Highly recommended kit if you enjoy a GOOD hefeweizen. (Posted on 12/9/13)
Full of Flavor Review by william
Tastes of clove or banana which you might think is an odd flavor for beer. It definitely works though. All the beers I've brewed so far have been far heavier (e.g., Caribou Slobber)' this kit is a pleasant departure, (Posted on 12/7/13)
Thanks NB Review by Tim
The Bavarian Hef is a very drinkable beer, people call it a lawn mower beer - being from Minnesota, I call it a "snowblower" beer. After an 18 year sabbatical from home brewing, I came out of retirement. Forgot a few things and have to say that the customer support ( by email and phone) I received from NB was far beyond a five star rating. (Posted on 12/6/13)
almost too easy Review by Jeremy
This extract kit has easy-to-follow instructions, and when paired with Wyeast 3068, it just turns out excellent. Great taste from the sweet wort on through the final product. (Posted on 12/3/13)
Easy Brew/Easy Drink Review by Mike
I generally don't like wheat beers but my wife does, so this brew was for her. It was the easiest kit thus far. It also took the least time from brew to bottle to drinkable. I used the dry yeast and let ferment in the basement at around 64 degrees. Nice, steady, non-volatile fermentation. Tried a bottle after 1 week in the bottle - very drinkable. Looking forward to even better flavor once it has had more time to bottle condition. (Posted on 11/29/13)
awesome and easy Review by joseph
I Added Sweet Orange Peel At The Last 15, You Can't ReallyTaste It But Smoothed It Out Even More I Think. Am About To Order ItAgain But AmGonna Try Putting A Honey In This Time (Posted on 11/28/13)
Good Beer! Review by AJ
Great summer beer! When carbonation came around it got a lot better. I used bavarian wheat 3638 and it came out really smooth. I'll have to use Weihenstephaner yeast next time. (Posted on 11/25/13)
Favorite beer Review by Groozie
My favorite thing to do is drink a weizen on the streets of Germany. This recipe takes me across the pond without leaving my bar at home. It is a fantastic Bavarian Hefeweizen. Great banana and clove flavors from the yeast. Much more flavor than an American style wheat. (Posted on 11/24/13)
Good but it was better last time Review by Paul
I have made this beer half a dozen times. Always liked the banana clove flavor that the yeast provided. I remember having a smack pack yeast before. This time it came in a vile. I wonder if it was the same strain. The smack pack that was previously offered tasted much better. (Posted on 11/23/13)
Easiest brew yet! Review by Ken
This would be a great kit for a beginning brewer,so easy to brew! I boiled this at a lower heat for an added 10 minutes to avoid carmelizing of all that lme.Ten days in the primary and a week in the secondary.Will try this on Thanksgiving Day. (Posted on 11/23/13)
Great Review by Kyle
Easy to brew, fermentation is vigorous. Beer has nice bread flavor with banana overtones. Great beer if you like hefeweizens. (Posted on 11/12/13)
Lots of Banana... Review by James
Perfect "minion-Brew" with tons of banana esters. I just bottled this today so no review of a carbonated product yet, but it tastes so good withOUT the carbonation it must be magnificent! I'm going to do this one again but add 3 lbs honey next time. (Posted on 10/28/13)
Great!! Review by Joshua
Tastes great! My father-in-Law used to drink Visen with a dash of lemon, so I added a small amount of lemon zest to the boil and he loves it. It's only been conditioned for 4-5 days so can't wait to try after another week. (Posted on 10/27/13)
darker thab expected but tasty! Review by Jason
Key with this is be careful not to caramelize the malt too much on boil. Outside of that, letting it age the proper time allowed it to develop that fantastic banana flavor! (Posted on 10/25/13)
Pleasure to make, bigger pleasure to drink Review by Patrick
This beer was quite easy to make and behaved well in primary, secondary, and bottling. I added some extra Willamette hops to flavor. It came out with a delicious refreshing quality, a bit sweet and light with some great bitterness. (Posted on 10/13/13)
Easy and tastes good Review by Lens Larque
This is an easy kit with simple instructions. Added 1/2 of the LME and the DME at flame out. Also added lemon zest at 10 mins. Used the Wyeast 3068. Use a blowoff tube because this is an active fermentation. After 2 weeks in the carboy FG was spot on. Color is light orange and slightly opaque. Taste is bitter, and slightly sweet, but with a good yeast flavor. Very drinkable. (Posted on 10/10/13)
Good beer Review by Anthony
As others have said, it runs a little darker than the golden WBs that everyone has come to expect, but it's still good! 2 weeks primary, something like 5 secondary (I got lazy) and then to a keg for force carb. I used the dry yeast and stuck w/ the printed directions. It's a tiny bit sweet, but not much. Overall, not the very best thing I've drank in my life, but far from the worst! I'll be making this again. (Posted on 10/10/13)
Amazing kit Review by Stefan
This is such a no-brainer kit. Tasty and drinkable, this beer is ready in no time. This is the second time I've brewed this kit, and will not be my last! (Posted on 10/9/13)
easy, tasty Review by Ross
Easy brew, quick turnaround. I recommend using the danstar Munich dry yeast. Tasty and smooth (Posted on 10/9/13)
Not too bad Review by Kurt
Good beer (Posted on 10/5/13)
"Mit Hefe" Review by James
got my kit quick. ready to keg in a few days. thanks NB. (Posted on 9/28/13)
Alright Review by Tim
Not the first Hefeweizen recipe I've tried. This brew's best feature is the short amount of time it requires to be ready to drink. Definitely the simplest recipe I've ever done. Also had problems with it being messy more than any other kit I've done so far. Flavor was OK. Other recipes I've tried used white labs yeast, and were tastier and less messy. (Posted on 9/24/13)
Delicious flavors Review by Ben
Wow. I've only made a few other batches of home brew, and this one has turned out to be the best so far. Primary for 3 weeks. Bottle for 2 weeks. It fermented a little on the warm side, but there are no off-flavors. A little darker in color than the style, but otherwise perfect. I used all 5 oz. of priming sugar to try and get authentic carbonation for the style. Nice and fizzy, but not overbearing. I will definitely be making this kit again, not just for simplicity and turnaround time, but taste as well. (Posted on 9/23/13)
Darker than pictured, but excellent Review by Doug
A very nice drinker, guests loved it, simple to brew and carbonated beautifully. Will definitely do it again. My wife really liked this one. (Posted on 9/21/13)
The yeast makes this beer Review by Randy
As with any hefe the yeast is what makes it. Nice wheat character from the extract as well. NB always has the freshest extract. Very good and very simple recipe (Posted on 9/19/13)
Darker and sweeter than a real Bavarian hef Review by David
Somewhat disappointed in this kit. I followed the earlier recommendations of not putting any extract in until 45 minutes into the boil (so hops only for 45 minutes). Fermented at ~66 degrees. Weihenstephan yeast.

But still, it came out a lot darker (a more opaque orange where it should be a more transparent yellow/gold), and, a lot sweeter (almost cloying) than a Hefeweizen should be. I wouldn't call it a Hefeweizen at all. (Posted on 9/16/13)
quick, easy, good Review by Jeff
Easy extract kit that has a quick turn around and produces a quality Hefe. Did side by side with some of the best German Hefe and it held its own. Good summer time brew or great brew if looking for fast turn around. Carbs nicely and has just the right amount of yeast in the pour. (Posted on 9/14/13)
Crisp and Refreshing Review by Tyler
A very flavorful Hefeweizen with a good amount of alcohol. (Posted on 9/6/13)
The best hefweisen I have ever had. Review by Richard
Though I must confess that I enjoy it so much because I have changed the recipe to suit my own strange taste. I add an additional 3 lbs of light malt and reduced the time of the hops boil by half. I have never had any commercial brew that was even close to how good this is to me. (Posted on 9/3/13)
Great Tasting and Easy to Make Review by Paul
I've made 5 batches of this recipe for my wife who loves Hefeweizens and this kit never disappoints. I always use the wyeast 3068 (which is the same yeast that weihenstephaner uses). I ferment on the warmer end of the recommended range and get lots of banana and milder clove. The kit is easy to make, very forgiving, and yields a beer that is ready to drink in under a month. I typically let this sit in primary for 2 weeks, then bottle and it's ready to drink by week 3 as hefes are great when young. Be prepared for a really vigorous krausen with the 3068--mine always bubbles up through the airlock--mayebe one of these days i'll get smart and use a blowoff tube (Posted on 9/2/13)
very active fermentation Review by Mark
1st time I've made a Hefe, smooth flavor hints of spices I can't identify but good nonetheless. Be ready for a major clean-up on the outside of your carboy because the fermentation is very active and will spill out. Be ready could be quite a mess if your not ready, luckily I was set because of other reviews. (Posted on 8/27/13)
Easy to follow and great Review by Ryan
I just followed the recipe. Simple and great tasting. Hard to beat 2 cases of hefe for 30 bucks. I plan to purchase this again next spring. (Posted on 8/25/13)
Awesome brew year round Review by Volker
I used this kit for several brews and it becomes the staple addon to my Northern Brewer orders. It is quick to brew and doesn't need secondary fermentation. So you can have a brew including bottling in 5 weeks. Since I made this kit I have not found any of my brewing buddies who didn't like it. It holds up to any of the German bottled Hefeweizen. It's all about the Weihenstephan yeast which makes this kit awesome. But be aware of the Wyeast smackpack. This is an active fermenting yeast. Prepare it with blow off tube from the start. The smackpack will expand quickly within 6-8 hours and should, otherwise take your time until it fully expands. I prepare it on a Saturday so I have a chance to deal with the mess in case of Weihenstephan gone wild! (Posted on 8/25/13)
Easy brew, great result Review by Travis
Can't go wrong with this easy drinker. Great beer for introducing others to homebrew. (Posted on 8/25/13)
Good Review by Jean
Good, but not a Bavarian Hefeweizen as I have had in Germany (Posted on 8/24/13)
Easy and delicious Review by Brent
This extract kit is great, and it really does taste like a good Bavarian Hefeweizen. It is more golden in color than what I've had in Germany, but the smell, taste and feel are right on target. I fermented at 70 deg, as recommended by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer in Brewing Classic Styles, and it came out great. (Posted on 8/24/13)
Bavarian Hefweizen Review by Joe
Easy brew. Just Bottled today. Has excellent flavor even before carbonation. Will brew again, My wife really likes it, and she rarely drinks beer. (Posted on 8/24/13)
Can't make enough Review by Robert
I have to keep a batch of this beer fermenting because it doesn't last long in a corny. Definitely our favorite beer. (Posted on 8/19/13)
Simple and Tasty! Review by Tony
This is one of the easiest kits I have made yet also very delicious. I would recommend this to any beginning brewers and experienced brewers looking for a change of pace. All in all a great beer. (Posted on 8/10/13)
Smooth and fresh tasting Review by Robert
This is a very refreshing smooth beer. I go to Germany every year and its nice to have a beer that you would find in south Germany. This wizen beer has lots taste. If you want to try something different try it with a banana flavoring added (4 oz) after fermentation. This is a great beer to drink all year long. (Posted on 8/9/13)
Simple & Delicious Review by Vance
For such a simple and easy recipe, the results are fantastic. My wife even likes it. I keep this on tap regularly.

I have used both the Danstar Munich Wheat yeast and the Wyeast 3068. I think I prefer the 3068. (Posted on 8/8/13)
Great / Easy recipe Review by Lance
This was my first brew and it was extremely easy and it Tasted GREAT! (Posted on 8/5/13)
Excellent with dry yeast too! Review by Marcus
Be careful during the fermentation of this beer because the yeast seem to be extremely vigorous with the wheat malt. You should definitely be prepared for blowoff - use a blowoff tube, foam control or a larger fermenter for headspace. I prefer the taste of the Safale WB-06 dry yeast with this beer. (Posted on 7/26/13)
Great Start! Review by Kent
I did a partial mash with torrified wheat, vienna malt, and pilsner malt just to bump it up a bit. I used wyeast recommendation. Beware the fermentation!!! After 18 hours at 62° it was bubbling out of the airlock. Haven't tried this one yet, but I am looking forward to it. First two days the airlock smelled like banana, and the second part of the fermentation, it was more of a bready clove smell. Fermented at 62° for the duration. 10 day primary and there was still quite a bit of krausen floating around. (Posted on 7/20/13)
Super Easy Kit Review by Jason
This is by far the most simple and quick kit I have used to date - and it produced one of my top beers so far. Throw a lemon in it and drink it down. I will definitely brew another batch soon. Fermented at a little higher temp than I would have preferred (around 74), but with no apparent ill-effects. (Posted on 7/18/13)
Excellernt. Wunderbar. Lecker, simple, easy! Review by Mark
Great beer, despite very simple recipe. Highly recommend. As good as any of the more expensive hefeweizen's I've brewed. Classic. Tasty... (Posted on 7/16/13)
Great Extract Kit Review by Thomas
Probably closest you can get to a true weissbier taste while using an extract. Good wheat/grain ratio (~65/35), pitched yeast (WYEAST 3068, propagated 1 day) @ 65 F. Fermented at a consistent ambient temp of 63/64 F.

Turned out as good as I could have anticipated. (Posted on 7/15/13)
Good recipe, but use blowoff tubing instead of an airlock Review by Dooger
Good recipe, but very active fermentation, so use blow off tubing instead of an airlock. I used a 6 gal. Better Bottle with an airlock and had wort coming into the airlock. (Posted on 7/14/13)
excellent hefe Review by regan
This Hefe rates among the best I have ever had. The kit is extremely easy and provides great results, I used the liquid yeast and ordered another kit immediately upon tasting. I Will continue to sample the incredible selection of NB kits but Hefe will be a regular. (Posted on 7/13/13)
delicious!!! Review by Chris
This was only my 2nd home-brew and WOW it was really good!!! Very easy recipe to follow. Everybody who has tried this hefe loves the taste of it. Its a very refreshing beer especially with this summer heat on the east coast this year. Pitched liquid yeastat 70*, fermented at 68* for 2 weeks, Kegged and forced carbonated for 2 weeks. Was still a little flat after a week so left for another and was perfect. Will def be brewing this again! (Posted on 7/12/13)
A Great Hefe! Review by Nick
This kit came out excellent. I did a late addition malt extract addition (15 min) to lighten up the color.. yes I boiled just hops for the first 45 minutes. Other than that, followed directions to the T. I also used White Labs WLP 389 Hefeweizen IV yeast. Ended up staying in the primary for 3 weeks due to me going out of town, but then bottled and let sit for 3 weeks. Great smells of banana and clove but not an over powering taste. I also primed with 1 cup for sugar instead of the recommended 2/3 cup. Came out with perfect carbonation. Great brew!! (Posted on 6/26/13)
awesome beer Review by terry
I have bought this a couple of times and loved the banana flavor, so when I made an apple ale and used real apple cider, I decided to add the unused apple essence into the bottling bucket of a batch of this beer figuring bananas and apples should make for an interesting flavor combination. Man what an explosion of flavors when drinking, I think I have found a new "special occasion" beer. 8 days in primary, 8 days in secondary, 5 ozs of corn sugar at bottling with the 5 oz of apple essance, 2 weeks min at room temp. I then stored the 2 cases in my beer fridge at 50 degrees, just keeps getting better and better, now 4 weeks out and almost all gone (Posted on 6/10/13)
Hands down the best beer I've made so far Review by Josh
Brought this beer to my homebrew club meeting and it received rave reviews. I followed the directions to a T and it turned out like I hoped it would. Very similar to Hacker-Pschorr Weiss, which is what I was shooting for. If you've never used Wyeast 3068--beware! It creates a very active ferementation. I had to rig up an emergency blow off tube in the middle of the night since foam was coming through my airlock! With only 2 weeks of primary fermenation and 2 weeks of bottle conditioning, it has a nice turnaround time. I will definitly order this kit again! (Posted on 6/7/13)
Not just for breakfast anymore Review by Noob
If you like Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier or Sierra Nevada Kellerweis, do not hesitate to try this kit. This was the easiest of the three batches I've made so far, and easily yielded the best end result. Be sure to add a little extra priming sugar though, as you'll want a little extra carbonation to complement the banana/clove flavors. Also be ready to deal with a blowoff tube, because this Wyeast strain is a freight train. (Posted on 6/6/13)
Great Kit Review by Keith
Easiest brew you can possibly do, and a pretty damn good beer. Perfect for a beginner or anyone looking for an easy afternoon (Posted on 6/2/13)
Easy Sessionable, Summertime beer Review by Matt
This was my 9th batch of beer, made in time for my graduation (I named it "GraduWeizen"). It was extremely easy to make, and turned out really well.
Since others have noted that this beer is a little bland, I added 0.5 oz dried lemon peel into secondary and it really gave it a crisp, refreshing aroma that blended nicely with the kit flavors. Definitely will brew again! (Posted on 5/17/13)
Good hef Review by James
The first time I brewed this, it was very bubble gum tasting. The second time a added 3 cups of corn suger and the bubble gum flavor was gone and it became more of a true hef. ( banana and clover) (Posted on 5/13/13)
Very good Review by thomas
Very good beer but even though it doesn't state to do a second fermentation i do recommend to do so. Just to get rid of that extra residue.
Also I used dry yeast next time I will use liquid yeast just to see the difference. I will order another kit soon. (Posted on 5/9/13)
Great Beer for the Price Review by Alexander
I fermented this with the liquid yeast and was very impressed with the final product. I used 3/4 cup of priming sugar and it was about right, but I would probably keg it next time and push the carbonation higher. I'll be ordering another kit since the batch went so quickly. (Posted on 5/3/13)
Easy kit to brew but a little heavy on the clove for me. Review by Tom
Well, it's a little over 4 weeks old and it's still way too clovey, if that's a word, for me. I thought it would be more balanced between the clove, banana and the wheat but it's just full clove flavor. I followed the directions to a T, fermented in the mid 60's. IDK, maybe it's just me. Easy kit to brew though. (Posted on 4/29/13)
I Didn't KNow Beer Could Taste This Good Review by Peter
An exceptionally easy kit to brew in which I followed the recipe exactly. I'm new to brewing and this was my 6th kit and 2nd beer ready to drink.

About three weeks ago was the first bottle I opened and it was strong in the banana smell and clove finish. But, each successive bottle opened was more settled and now it's smooth, tasty and more subtle. There is no doubt in my mind this will be in the constant rotation, hence the reason I am here today..... time to reorder.

Brew this kit. I don't think it matters who you are or what level of brewing you do, the flavors in this beer are out-of-this-world!!! I look forward to the All Grain, trying some tweaks here and there and seeing where it can go. (Posted on 4/26/13)
Good beer Bad Instructions Review by Ross
I brewed this beer following the exact instructions, it tastes good there is just one problem. It is under-carbonated!! The directions say to use 2/3 cup of sugar in 16oz of water. This is not nearly enough for the style!!!! Use at least the entire 5oz bag of corn sugar for priming. (Posted on 4/17/13)
Easy, quick, and delicious. Review by Daniel
Fermented for two weeks. Tried it five days after bottling (I was impatient), and it is delicious. Comparable to some of my favorite hefeweizens. It's hard to believe just how simple this recipe is and how good it tastes. I used the weihenstephaner yeast, and I think that really did the trick, as hefeweizen is such a yeast forward beer style. I might have to make this a regular in my beer rotation due to the insanely quick turnover, ease of brewing, low cost, and high drinkability. (Posted on 3/21/13)
Stop thinking about it -- order it right now!! Review by Jen M
This was my first batch of home brew, ever, and I cannot be more emphatic how easy to make and how delicious this {stuff} is. Followed some of the other reviewers recommendations of late addition of all of LME (I added hops @ 60 min and LME @ 15). Pitched at ~ 65*, with solid yeast activity in less than 24 hours, fermented @ ~ 63-65 F* and fully attenuated (no change in SG) in 8 days. Bottled straight from primary (at 8 days!!) with 5 oz. of priming sugar. First test bottle @ 1 week, with a bit of "skunky" aromas but nice flavor. Second taste test @ 2 weeks -- perfect carbonation, great flavor, with banana and cloves evident (no more "skunk"). Started drinking it with fervor @ 3 weeks -- flavor was amazing with strong yeast and bready flavors, nice cloudy appearance, carbonation was ideal, head was strong and high. This beer is very, very drinkable. You may want to order a second kit right now (as I am doing) so you don't have to go without a steady supply (as I have had to do).

This is just a very good hefe. Prost!! (Posted on 1/25/13)
Pretty good Review by Corey
This is a very easy to brew kit and one that ferments quite quickly. Despite following the santitization rituals to the letter, it still came out with a off flavored funk that is slowly fading after weeks in the bottle. It's still enjoyable, but has that taste of something not quite right. It has awesome banana and clove smells when fermenting and when drank the citrus is very noticeable so if you like the small orange slice, it goes well with this beer. I have another kit on the way and plan to do a blackberry addition this time, should come out really well this time.A huge thanks to the great Northern Brewer guys for helping me with the original issues I had. (Posted on 1/11/13)
Excellent! Review by DocPro_Brewhouse
This was my second batch of beer ever made. It came out excellent as far as the flavor. It was quite dark for a Hefe, my cousin (fellow brewer) was amazed how dark it was versus his Hefe (same kit). Not sure if he didn't anything different but I followed the directions. Regardless it still came out tasting like a Hefe should. It is my wife's favorite beer of the 4 I've made so far.

All for Brew & Brew for All (Posted on 12/29/12)
Good Stuff!!!! :) Review by steve
this was my first brew and 2nd . i got to say i was not happy with it (at first) . i was expecting a brew tasting like a widmer . i had never had a brew like this. the beer came out fine for the type of beer it is. now that i know what a Bavarian Hefeweizen is. its just about all gone now, pulled one out of the cold box tonight and got to say this is a damn good beer (3-4 weeks after bottleing) it really took on an awesome flavor !!! i will buy another kit of this and not be in such a hurry to drink it right away and let it do its thing! :) (Posted on 12/14/12)
Great and flavorful Hefe Review by Pratzie
This was my fourth kit from NB and one that I am really enjoying. Very flavorful, def spot on with some of the best Hefe's i've tasted from big name breweries. Used a yeast starter and kept the temp towards the high side of the Weihenstephan spectrum to get it more towards my tastes; also used a yeast starter with it. Carbed slowly but after 3 weeks it was spot on. Just make sure if you give it away, you tell your friends to swirl the great yeasty goodness off the bottom so they don't miss out. (Posted on 12/11/12)
Blew the lid off(really it did) Review by Mike
Let me begin by saying this is an awesome and super simple brew. No specialty grains cut the time and make it simple. I had to change from an airlock to a blow off tube after 12 hours because it actually had blown the lid open on the bucket(good stuff). Great aroma, great taste, give it 2-3 weeks in the bottle and enjoy! (Posted on 12/3/12)
Super easy and good in 2 weeks! Review by Tim
I was amazed how fast I was able to brew this beer. There are no steeping grains which cut out quite a bit of time. I used Wyeast 3068 and love the banana notes I get from it. Great beer that you don't have to cellar. (Posted on 10/15/12)
awesome hydro sample..cant wait for finished product!! Review by Dale
pulled sample to check gravity, and, man it was the stuff!! I am a big wheat fan, and I believe this is going to be the bomb when finished!! GO WHEAT!! (Posted on 10/2/12)
Good Hefe for you! Review by Scott
Originally, I was going to give this beer 4 stars because I thought it was a good hefe but didn't knock my socks off. I bought some Paulaner (which I believe the recipe is based on) and did a side by side comparison. Both have almost the same smell. As for color, well with extract, you get brown or brown. Can't comment too much on the carbonation level, as I kegged it and sat it at 12 PSI which is a bit low for hefe. As for the taste, upfront everything is very, very close. The aftertaste is where I saw my differences. My beer seemed to need slight more attenuation, and was a bit more estery and the flavor was more long lasting. Maybe I fermented a bit warm. I also added all the hops into a full boil, probably should have cut that by 15% (Posted on 9/14/12)
Darn good beer! Review by htr230
Brewed this beer about a month ago, very easy. Thats why I chose it. It gets better every time I open one and will do this one again. I used the dry yeast last time and don't plan to change a thing. (Posted on 8/29/12)
Great!!! Review by kenneth
This is my second ever brewed beer. Came out outstanding. Family love it, first swallow has a strong kick but than it mellows out. Would recommend. (Posted on 8/26/12)
1st brew, disappointing carbonation, decent taste Review by Mike G
This was my 1st brew. I used the dry yeast option which I now realize was probably my mistake. While fermenting it had tons of banana and clove smell but the final taste has very little complexity or banana and clove taste. It has a strong wheat and yeast taste which is still a very good hefe. Unfortunately it has been bottle conditioning for about 2 months and is still slightly under carbonated. I think the problem might be that I followed the priming directions exactly, but I let the beer ferment for the entire 2 weeks though it seemed to have finished after 4 days. I probably should have put a full cup of corn sugar instead of 2/3 cup. Overall ok brew, I'm not too excited to try it again. (Posted on 8/8/12)
Amazing Summer Beer with Little Effort to Brew Review by volrath99
Every time I open a bottle of this beer I am amazed by it. I know it is going to be good but it still shocks me how good. This recipe is extremely easy. Beer is ready to drink very quickly. Long bottle conditioning not needed. Only problem I had is the krausen shot threw the airlock the 1st day of fermentation.

Banana aroma. Great taste. Starts off with a light wheat taste and finishes with a fruity flavor.
(Posted on 8/3/12)
Fantastic flavorful summer beer Review by dereksh
I brewed it last year with the recommended yeast, and this year with White Labs WLP380. It was very good last year, and wonderful this year! This is a very simple extract brew to make. Try it, and don't be afraid to experiment with different Hefeweizen yeasts. Next year, I'm going to increase my boil volume to try to lighten the color a bit. (Posted on 8/3/12)
Loved it. Review by Mark
Comparable to hacker pschorr weiss, perhaps better. Bottled mine in Grolsch pint bottles and really wish I had more right now! Time to reorder, but I have others in progress. (Posted on 8/2/12)
Fantastic Beer, anytime of year Review by G-Brew
I brewed this beer with the Whitelabs WLP351 Bavarian Weizen Yeast. Turned out to be one of the best beers I've ever brewed. I brought in some bottles for some German coworkers from Munich, and they were flat out amazed how good it was. Made my week, it always feels good when others enjoy your beer. (Posted on 7/13/12)
Patience is a virtue Review by Nunahi
This was my first NB kit and I have to admit, initially I was not impressed. I do not have a carboy, so for three weeks it sat in the primary, I then bottled and sampled after two weeks and I was quite disappointed. A month later I put six in the fridge and sampled again three days later. WOW what a difference, it's everything advertised and more. This is a huge family hit. (Posted on 7/6/12)
Outstanding Brew Review by Albany_Home_Brewer
Followed directions as written. Used Wyeast. Made Starter. Unbelievable fermentation. within 12 hours, had to use a blow-off tube because krausen was coming out of the airlock. Primary 15 days, then right to bottles. Used carbonation drops. Tasted after 2 weeks. Great carbonation, very pronounced taste and smell of clover and banana. The color was perfect. Very pleased, One of the best I have brewed. Can't wait to do another batch. (Posted on 6/23/12)
Jury is out but looking good ! Review by Doug
Brewed this six days ago. Glad I had a blowoff tube. Still active bubbling. Went crazy for several days. Still getting a bubble every five seconds.... Basement smells awesome ! (Posted on 6/8/12)
Absolute favorite! Review by Patrickmilw
Have brewed many different styles. This is my favorite. I first discovered Weiss Bier when I was staying in Austria. It was difficult to find any beer in the US that tasted anything like the Austrian beer that I loved. This kit hits it on the head. The only thing I do different is use Wyeast Bavarian Wheat instead of the recommended yeast. I guess it's a personal preference, but it seems to produce more flavor and less sour taste. (Posted on 6/6/12)
Great spring beer Review by steve
Great beer. I have 12 left for when my son gets home next week and it has been hard not to drink them. Order this kit and you will not be disappointed. Getting ready to order 2 more. (Posted on 5/24/12)
Spot-on Review by Bert
Brewed this kit twice and it is as close to the Hefe style as you can get. The liquid wyeast is a big part of the final taste. I kegged mine and I agree with others that it gets better after a couple extra weeks of conditioning. Great summer beer! (Posted on 5/17/12)
Fantastic Kit! Scored Well Review by Thomas M.
Fantastic hefe kit. Scored a 35-38 in a recent BJCP Competition. Simple recipe however I would also recommend adding the LME towards the end of the boil around 20-15 minutes or else it tends to have a color more along the lines of a Dunkel. (Posted on 5/15/12)
Part of my normal rotation. Review by sebeck1
This beer is definitely not a let down. I'm going to be sad when the keg is empty! It had very aggressive fermentation for me. I had to fabricate a blow off tube it was so aggressive. I'm using 6.5gal buckets btw! It was alot of fun to brew and its even more fun now drinking it. Mine finished at 6.14% ABV! (Posted on 5/13/12)
Light, not wimpy Review by willowLea
This is my fourth Northern Brewer brew and it's as good as the rest. Very light and refreshing but not a milksop brew - has enough body to be a true-blue brew, yet refreshingly light-hearted and enjoyable after a day doing farm chores. Recommended! It's easy and well worth it. (Posted on 5/13/12)
As good as the reviews say Review by Mookah
I followed the recommendations in several reviews of adding the most of the liquid malt during the last 15 minutes of boil time. I used (liquid) Wyeast 3333, 2 weeks fermentation, 2 weeks+ bottling time. Delicious. There is a hint of banana to the scent (as some reviews say), but don't worry, it's very subtle. Also as other recommend, waiting for at least 3 weeks of bottling time before really digging into this is worth it. Very easy to drink and should be able to be enjoyed by anyone who like beer. (Posted on 5/7/12)
Highly recommend to new brewers Review by Dev
I chose this as my first-ever batch. Only 1 hop addition and no specialty grains made this recipe very simple to follow for the beginner.
I gave it 2 weeks in the primary followed by 10 days bottle conditioning before sticking it in the fridge.
Everything went smooth-as-can-be and tastes great. -This really has given me the confidence to move on to other, more involved recipes.
(Posted on 5/5/12)
Delicious, Easy Review by Brian
One of my early batches. No secondary, virtually idiot proof, ready to drink at 2 weeks, but really takes on a great finish at about week 4 in bottles. (Posted on 4/28/12)
Great 1st kit Review by SNVDENTAL
This was my first try at homebrewing and it went great. The directions were very easy to follow and if you can make mac n chesse you can make this beer. I let it sit in the fermentor for two week and put into bottles. Drank a few after a week but had a little head on it and was a little bitter. After the 2nd week had more of a head on the beer and it was smooth. Also after two you will have a nice little buzz. Have fun with this kit. (Posted on 4/25/12)
Loved this kit! Review by John
This was my second brew ever, turned out absolutely amazing. I did this as a full 5 gallon boil instead of a partial boil, followed the directions otherwise. 10 days in the primary and the FG was at 1.012, it immediately went into a keg for carbing, ready to drink after 3 days. It was a nice golden color, not to dark as some of the partial boil reviews have mentioned.
I will brew this one again and let it age a bit more before I tap it, but this one was so good that between myself, coworkers and neighbors, 5 gallons only lasted a few days. (Posted on 4/17/12)
Best yet Review by bookryan
I've made 7 or 8 extract kits from NB and this is the best yet...ok, well, maybe a tie with the Houblonmonstre IPA. Numerous friend have told me, and I quote, "This is the best beer I've ever tasted." One wine drinker claimed, "I don't drink beer. I don't like beer. But this is amazing."
Make this beer. (Posted on 4/13/12)
Good Stuff Review by Joshua
Looked at some of the reviews, so i put 1/4 of the LME at first then waited till 15 min to pour the rest. Color turned out great, taste great. Only fermented for 1 week two days, then bottled for 1 week four days...all in all awesome brew (Posted on 4/9/12)
Easy and delicious! Review by Jay
This was the 2nd beer I have ever brewed. The one stage process made it very easy to piggyback behind an oatmeal stout I made the week before. After 2 weeks I bottled, and after another 2 weeks tasted. Absolutely delicious! It has gotten rave reviews from friends. I am already ordering another batch, as summer is approaching. (Posted on 3/19/12)
great brew! Review by timmy d
This was my first batch, so of course I thought I would do something wrong, but no. Great tasting beer and fully carbonated after 5 days. Just wish I would have fermented it a little cooler to get more banana flavor. 1.5 weeks primary, 1 week bottle condition. If your lookin for a quick and easy brew, you can't go wrong. Ps. It gets even better with age! (Posted on 3/12/12)
Very solid brew! Review by Mike
This is the style that defined my study abroad in Tübingen, so I am always looking for that quintessential, classic, über-Deutsche flavor profile in my Weizens. After a bunch of research, plugging stuff into BeerSmith, and trying to piece together my own recipe, I decided to just brew this kit for a baseline. Followed the provided brew day directions to a T and fermented at 68ºF (the Johnson A419 and Fermwrap have let me dial in my ale temps all winter long). After 5 days, the SG was down to 1.012, and I bottled at day 7. Only departure from the instructions was using a full 5oz of corn sugar instead of the 2/3 cup (~3.5+ oz.) in the priming solution. By one week, the bottles were well-carbed and ready. Thick, long-lasting head. Whiffs of clove and banana (though less than I would like of the latter). Color is only slightly darker than what I remember of the local German varieties. Very nice level of carbonation using 5oz. of corn sugar, and balanced clove-banana character on the back end. No bubblegum flavors or aromas at all. I would probably let the ferment go a full 2 weeks to let the esters develop more +/- increase the fermentation temperature, but a very nice, classic Weiße recipe. Prost, NB! (Posted on 3/11/12)
just what I was looking for Review by vel
what a great kit. My husband and I used the Wyeast and it came out great! Strong classic hefe aromas and a great taste. Ours was perhaps a little more amber than the photo in the catalog, but that's all that was different. I would definitely make this again and very likely will! Husband loves hefe from his stint in the US Army and being sent to Germany. (Posted on 3/9/12)
Clouded Contentment Review by Andy in PA
What's to say? Fast, simple, cheap. Was my very first homebrew and this kit gave me the confidence to continue on. I recommend this to anyone just starting out, no need to worry about clarity or yeast taste since it's part of the profile, worry about that stuff later on with more complicated recipes. Be sure to do as the instructions say, swirl the bottle / glass and go for the cloudiness. Solidly refreshing. (Posted on 3/1/12)
Excellent! Review by J.Creek Brewer
I made this Hefeweizen for my third batch of homebrew ever and it turned out absolutely great! Other than using a SS conical and carbonation drops, I followed the recipe to the letter. For the time (4 weeks) and money ($23) it may be one of the best kits out there. (Posted on 2/21/12)
Great first time Brew Review by Drummer 1
My very first batch ever attempted and it turned out great all my friends liked it. Followed the reviews about the late liquid addition but it still turned out a lot darker than other heffs but the taste was spot on. My only problem was the carbonation, that was a little spotty because not every bottle had the same amount. Will definitely brew this again and give the beer more of a mix before I bottle the next batch. Cheers (Posted on 2/20/12)
Love it!!! Review by Randy
I'll be making this again... (Posted on 2/19/12)
This stuff is bananas Review by James
This is my first attempt at beer, but I have made multiple meads and other types of homebrew. I wanted my own supply of hefe, as my beer palate develops, and this one was amazing.

I followed the directions to the letter (the directions I got called for half the extract @ 60m, the other half at 15m). Fermented @ 63F for 16 days. SG 1.051 (I only have 5 gallon fermenters) FG 1.012. Smelled like ripe bananas in the entire room, quite plesant. Bottled @ day 16, 3 days straight of no gravity change. Cracked the first one 5 days later. I figured it'd be under carbed, huge bubbles ect, but it turned out quite nice.

2 finger head that went away slowly, nice lacing on the glass. Very nice malty, banana, slight clove, bready flavors. Extremely nice. Some of my friends do AG, and I'd put this next to some of their beers any day. Next up is a wit, then an IPA down the road, but I will be back to brew another one of these guaranteed. Yeast used was liquid option. (Posted on 2/13/12)
Wow! Review by Kevin
This is an amazing recipe and very simple. I followed other people's advice here for the correct color to add the extract at 15 minutes which seemed strange since that meant I was boiling 1 oz of hops for 45 minutes, then dumping in the extract (no grains in this recipe) for 15 minutes and that's it.

I did it and after one week of vigorous fermentation I put it in bottles. A week later I opened one to see how it was and was blown away. My friends and I ended up putting a big dent in all the bottles that same day, 15 days after brewing.

I am a huge fan of the German style hefeweizen (weihenstephaner, etc) rather than american wheats and this is the perfect recipe to get that banana/clove flavor. If this were in a store I would feel great picking this one every time. (Posted on 1/24/12)
The jury is still deliberating Review by The Dude Imbibes
I think this is probably a 4 star kit, but I am giving it 3 based on my "finished" product. I put finished in quotes, because another 2 or 3 weeks in the bottles might change the flavor profile a bit. First things first, my yeats was a little past expiration, so I was a bit nervous about whther or not fermentaion would take off like I hoped. Thankfully, it fermented (albeit slowly) for about two weeks, and smelled absolutely spectacular. If I were a woman and wanted to attract men of a certain brewer's ilk, I would bottle this scent up and put it into a perfume. The beer has been bottled now for about 2 weeks, and while tasty it is definitely a step down from the smell, and definitely no Franzikaner. I'll let it sit and taste it periodically. I was definitely hoping for something more, but given the outdated yeast (WP300, by the way), I will still drink it happily. (Posted on 1/21/12)
Fantastic banana and clove flavor! Very smooth. Review by Sisbro
This is the best brew we've made. Very smooth. Great color. Very similar to Well's Banana Bread beer, but better. We will definitely brew this beer again! (Posted on 12/26/11)
Heaven in a glass Review by STEVE
Heaven in a glass, what more does one have to say. Makes me feel as if I'm living back in Germany again. (Posted on 12/10/11)
Weihenstephen clone! Review by John
Using the Weihenstephen yeast, this tasting like an exact clone of their hefeweizen. Everyone loved it, and I can't wait til the warmer weather to brew it again. (Posted on 12/7/11)
Great Regardless my Best Efforts Review by Matthew
This is the second beer I brewed, same day as the first. Given I was drinking, I made quite a few mistakes with this, such as added far too much water to the fermenter. So, despite my best efforts to ruin this batch, it turned out really good. The Weihenstephen wyeast is a must; though I can tell it was watered down a bit, I enjoyed it enough to add it back to the wish list so I can due it the justice it deserves. (Posted on 11/29/11)
Crowd Pleaser Review by Bob
I brewed this back in May (2011). I wanted to have a wheat beer in the hefe style for Summer. This brew ended up being a real crowd pleaser. It went quick. Everyone from beer lovers, to those that rarely have a beer loved it. It was great for summer, though has enough body that it really could be brewed anytime. I'm not sure that it really had much of the breadiness listed in the description, but then again this really didn't last long enough to age. I did add some cascade hops as a flavor and aroma addition, though not at all necessary as the malt and yeast are the real showcase here. (Posted on 11/27/11)
Good but not my favorite Hefe Review by beerbqman
I agree with Everty that this is close to Franziskaner. I spent 8 years in Germany but this nor Franziskaner are my favorites. I prefer Gutman, Maiesels or Echter. This is good beer but the Munich dry yeast ends up tasting a little stringent. It tastes like it has a squirt of lemon in it. The color when brewed as directed is fairly dark but not unusual for Bavaria. Try it you may love it like most of the other reviewers. (Posted on 11/22/11)
Textbook Hefe Review by Quaker
I did a full volume boil, so no color issues. Used smack pack of liquid yeast, and kept it relatively cool (started low 60s and let it rise naturally, but no higher than 68). Banana aroma took over the apartment during fermentation, but end product in the bottle was a good balance of banana and clove. (Posted on 11/7/11)
Dude Review by Andrew
What can I say, this beer is ridiculously drinkable. With a strong aroma, and robust character, it's very refreshing. KEEP AWAY FROM FRIENDS...they'll drink it all! (Posted on 11/3/11)
Excellent very drinkable beer! Review by Billy
This was an excellent example of a Hefe. This was my best batch of beer to date. I will be making this again!! (Posted on 11/1/11)
Great Hefe- DO NOT FOLLOW DIRECTIONS Exactly! Review by Steve
OK, My third batch of this Heffe (a favorite) is in the primary with the Krausen just fallen (2 weeks). Darker than previous batches because I followed directions. Read the reviews.
1- use liquid yeast
2- keep below 68 for best bananna and clove (I keep 64-66)
3- Primary only for 3 weeks then to bottle/keg
4- DO NOT ADD 6lb of Wheat Syrup until 15 minutes. (I followed directions this batch and more like a Dunkelweisen).
NB, great tasting beer in style, but please change the directions as SOOOOO many have suggested!!! (Posted on 10/22/11)
Use the wyeast Review by Maddog
Ferment it at 68 degrees and it wont disappoint. The scent of bannana and clove is beautiful. The taste is right where a good hefe should be in my opponion. I add first LME addition at 30 mins. No secondary. When serving I poured half bottle, swirled it and poured the rest. Nice and hassy just like a hefe should be. It turned out with the right appearance for a hefe.Thanks again northern brewer (Posted on 10/17/11)
Closest to Franziskaner yet Review by Everty 2007
My favorite beer is Franziskaner and I have tried several kits and recipes with disappointing results. I followed the brew recipe and used liquid yeast and the taste is pretty close to Franziskaner. I will continue to buy this kit to satisfy my thirst. (Posted on 10/5/11)
All have liked it! Review by adiefender
Brewed this one as I wanted something that would remind me of my ancestry. A few of my friends lived in Germany for a few years and they too were reminded of there time their. Goes great with Roast, Spätzle and Sauerkraut. Will brew again! (Posted on 8/23/11)
Good at three weeks, hope its great at 4+ Review by Jeff
I love hefeweizen brews and this is my first attempt at homebrew. A little watery tasting right now but I expect it to improve with age, assuming I can let it go that long! Even at only 7 days in the bottle I have a thick creamy head but for some reason still tastes a little flat.

I followed the online directions rather than the ones that came with the kit. (Late LME addition, no secondary) They are different as the color came out almost exactly like the NB pictures but my OG was 1043 rather than the 1049 it was suppose to be at.

Next time brewing I hope to obtain at least a medium body flavor but again, I must have made some mistakes in the process but am very proud of it right now. I am sure it will improve with age.

Thanks NB! Keep up the good work. (Posted on 7/16/11)
Excellent example of my favorite style. Review by Brett
I fell in love with Bavarian wheat beers during a visit to Munich in the early 1990's. Already a keen brewer, I have made many a batch of this style, both extract and all-grain, back home in Australia over the years.
Having moved to the USA recently, this kit was at the top of my list to try. I opted to keep it simple at first and ordered the kit with the Danstar dry yeast alternative. Unfortunately, the yeast did not work and I ended up having to scrap the batch. However, Northern Brewer (an excellent company to deal with IMHO) promptly replaced the kit, and I opted for the Safale WB-06 yeast instead. No problems with fermentation the second time around.
I am really impressed with this kit, which tastes very authentic and is a great summer thirst quencher. I particularly enjoy the marvellous foamy head I get when using my favorite Spaten Franziskaner weizen glass!
I gave this kit four stars for two reasons. Firstly, I think it will be even more awesome when I use the Wyeast 3068 yeast next time around. Secondly, it seems to be a tad too dark in color for the style, which I think is a common characteristic of kits made with LME. (Posted on 7/9/11)
GOOD but a tad dark... Review by Drewster
So the LME should be added to the boil at the 15 minute mark - all 6 pounds of it? The only things boiling for the full 60 minutes are the hops and 1 pound of DME? Starting next round of this one tomorrow and nervous about 6 lbs. at 15 minutes.... (Posted on 7/7/11)
Extrememly Drinkable Review by David
This is an extremely drinkable hefe kit. Unfortunately, I did not put the second half of the extract in at the last 15 minutes to have a lighter beer as the color was a bit darker than what I am accustomed to for a hefeweizen.
Besides the color, it is a bit maltier than most imported hefeweizens that I've had, but not overly so. The banana smell was quite noticeable and definitely balanced against the clove flavor; both were at a level that I enjoy. The finish had just the right amount of crispness, even with the maltier flavor.
The next time that I brew this, I will definitely split the extract into a 60min boil and a 15min boil. As most everyone who tried this enjoyed it immensely, it has disappeared readily. (Posted on 6/25/11)
great! Review by hoovdizzle
just pretty darn good. yes yes, follow the recommendations in the other reviews and wait to add that LME until later. me, i don't care what color it is because the taste is wonderful. banana, bread, yeast, bit of spice and cloves. i managed to keep the fermentation 66-68 and i'll shoot for that next time because i WILL be repeating this brew.

get it before the summer heat departs. (Posted on 6/12/11)
Great Beer with a few modifications Review by NICK Z
Great beer, I give it a 5/5 for taste but a 4/5 overall because following the included directions give you a beer that is far too dark for a good Hefewiezen. What I've learned from making it twice...

1. Add the LME late addition. If you add it at the beginning of the boil, you get what looks more like a dark Dunkelweizen but still tastes like a hefeweizen of sorts. Adding the LME later on gets you that good bronze Hefeweizen color.

2. Ferment on the low end of the yeast range. This helps to bring out more of the clovey/banana-y flavors than the bubble gum flavors that don't taste quite as good (in my opinion, of course, I know some people favor the upper range flavors)

3. Skip the secondary fermentation on this one. This is a beer that is meant to be cloudy and unrefined. Putting it in the secondary is just a big waste of time.


Enjoy this one in the spring and summer on those hot days - I've also found that this one is a great way to introduce women/wine drinkers to homebrew. They tend to like the lack of bitterness and the nice fruit flavors. (Posted on 6/5/11)
love it Review by kath
have been brewing since Jan and love Heffa-- my family keeps waiting for my beer to fail but I notice they drink it all!.. I am a lover of heffa and agree that bottle carbonation is the way to go. Will keep this around as a favorite beer to drink. (Posted on 5/30/11)
Tastes great Review by Steve
Brewed using White Labs WLP300 yeast at 68 degrees looking for that perfect Bavarian Hefeweizen taste and appearance. Left in primary for 3 weeks and bottled using the instructed 3/4 cup corn sugar. Taste is incredible! Appearance is not as good. Beer turned out darker than a traditonal hef and head/carbination was way off. After researching many other brewers recommend almost twice as much priming sugar. I'll brew again but will increase priming sugar. This is the first batch I have been proud of the taste. Now I just need to get the carb levels right! (Posted on 5/21/11)
Right on The Money Review by Billy5077
I've been to Bavaria 7 times in recent years and have fallen in love with the Bavarian Weiss Bier...Paulaner, Kapuziner, Weihenstephan, Maisel Weiss etc. This was the first extract kit i ever tried and its right on the money. I know hefeweizens like the back of my hand and if you follow some of the tips in these reviews you wont be dissapointed.

1. Use liquid yeast (wyeast 3068)
2. Add LME at end of boil (last 15 Min)
3. No need for secondary (cloudy is good)
4. Use a blowoff tube or Kaboom
5. bottle as opposed to keg in order to incorporate yeast for flavor
6. I bottled with co2 at 4.0 for creamy head (Posted on 5/13/11)
Very happy with this one Review by jaybo
This is cheap, easy to brew kit, that will be ready to drink in as little as 3 weeks, but if you can wait 4 weeks it will pay off in the flavor. I have brewed it twice and it has turned out great both times. I let it sit in the primary for 3 weeks then racked it to a keg and put in in the fridge for another week to carb. then it was ready to drink.

just to echo what has already been said here are a few of my notes

wait until at least half way through the boil to add the malt extract. and if you want you can even wait until there is 15 minutes left. this will help achieve the lighter color you are looking for in a hefe.

definitely upgrade to the liquid yeast. .

try to keep the ferm temp as close to 66 degrees F as possible. this will help balance the clove and banana flavors.

no need to secondary this one. its a hefe, its not supposed to be clear.


(Posted on 5/12/11)
Bad Yeast Review by Bulldog Brewer
I would suggest staying away from the dry yeast option. After 8 weeks, I could not get this beer to carbonate. It has been in bottles for 4 weeks and nothing. I would like to see Northern carry Munton's dry yeast like Midwest does. (Posted on 4/26/11)
really quite good Review by MattN
Hefewiezen is the style that made me a beer snob years ago. This kit is excellent. I pulled one bottle off while transfering from the primary to secondary and after 2 weeks in the bottle with only primary fermentation, it was nearly as good as any store-bought Hefewiezen I've had. This kit is real easy for beginners, just have the patience to wait 6 weeks!!! Follow directions closely, and this beer will absolutely impress your friends. (Posted on 4/14/11)
perfect first brew Review by andy
this turned out outrageously good. the lid blew off twice, so i'll be using a blowoff tube next time. even for a first batch, everyone that tried it went nuts. a very craveable beer, it's one that i will now have on hand at all times.

oh, i followed the directions exactly as written, but added some irish moss with 15 mins left to go. it spent 2 weeks in a secondary, and could really use more than 3 weeks in the bottle. drinkable after 1, good after 2, but insanely good after 3.

already craving one, but will have to wait a couple of months. (Posted on 4/10/11)
Ready in 4, great at 6 weeks Review by Chris
Followed the instructions from the review by Todd, 3 weeks in the primary, no secondary. Primed with Kreamy X. Ready to drink in 4 weeks and just keeps getting better. Will certainly brew this again. (Posted on 4/5/11)
Bananas, nuts, and cloves! Review by Diggs
Above all else: use the Wyeast 3068! It really makes the beer!

For all you never-known-how-how-good-it-could-be dry yeast users, you don't even have to prepare a starter because the OG is so low. Goes for the gold; goes to the pate; go for Wyeast 3068! (Posted on 4/3/11)
Perfect Review by Bill
I followed the directions to the T and it turned out perfect. Best (of 5) batches that I've ever made. First batch I could say I was actually proud to give out to friends and family over the holidays. Other batches were good but this was excellent and everybody has given it rave reviews.

1) I added all extract early on exactly when the recipe said.
2) I used liquid yeast.
3) Added yeast at about 75 degrees.
4) Did the secondary fermentation.
5) Stored bottled beer in my basement which is about 60-65 degrees.
6) It took 3 weeks in the bottle before carbonation took effect, but after that it was excellent
(Posted on 1/17/11)
Great Hefe Review by Tanker MG
I was stationed in Schweinfurt Germany for 3 years and really wanted to start with a Hefe. Got this as my first extract brew and it turned out great. Darker than I would have wanted, I would add the extract in the last 15 minutes as suggested by earlier reviews. Fermented at 68 and it had an amazing banana nose from the airlock. I kept it in primary for 3 weeks and then straight to bottle. Nice clove taste. Definitely a hard beer to keep around, everyone loved it! Highly recommend as a first brew to start with. (Posted on 1/15/11)
something missing Review by meat803
After 3 weeks in the bottle, the carbonation is starting to kick but the flavor has changed from bottling and the previous 2 weeks. When i first bottled and for a couple weeks thereafter, it had an amazing banana floral smell and I was excited about what it would taste like after carbonation kicked. Now that it is carbonated, the flavor and aroma have seriously mellowed out and are disappointing. Not sure if maybe I should have re-yeasted at bottling or what. But the signature hefeweizen aroma and flavor have retracted. I am an amateur at brewing so maybe I have something to do with this and not the kit itself. I followed the instructions to the T though.

Like others have noted, this is a darker hefe. I would have thought something was wrong if I didnt know any better, but dark hefe's do exist. Not a bad beer by any means, just not what I was expecting in the end result. (Posted on 1/2/11)
Not Bad Review by Hefehead
Brewed thinking it would come out like Weinstaphaner sp? or Hacker, or Franziskaner, or Paulaner.. I was looking for that yellow, cloudy, banana flavor with a big creamy head. I know I probably messed up a little on the recipe, but this came out dark and amber with more tart and malty flavor than sweet and fruity..It is defiantly drinkable, but am disappointed in it a little bit. I want creamy, cloudy, and a nice foamy head. I guess Ill try it again, and use the last suggestions about when to add the extract.. (Posted on 11/3/10)
Great, easy to brew crowd pleaser Review by Rob
Followed a few reviewers suggestions (keep fermentation temp under 70, use liquid yeast, wait to add the liquid extract till later in the boil) and I just racked to secondary and gave it a taste. WOW! First time brewing this so can't say whether or not those techniques made a difference but based on the fact that this already beats the pants off of any mass-distributed wheat beer - I will be brewing this again and I probably won't change a thing about the way the I brewed it. Kudos to NB on a great kit recipe. (Posted on 10/17/10)
Great price, Easy to brew Review by Todd

This beer is great for the beginner. It tastes great and it doesn't take that long to be able to drink it. I'd recommend making it to anyone. I have some recommendations though:

1) Use the liquid yeast. The dry yeast won't give you as much of a true hefeweizen taste and smell. Yeast, it's literally in the name. The yeast makes this beer.

2) Keep this baby cold. Do not let this thing get above 70. I've done this kit many times. If you let this thing get hot, its going to taste like bubblegum and it will take forever to balance out in the bottle. That said, do not let this thing get too cold. If you do, it's going to have a pungent peanut butter taste (50's). You are going to want to pitch cold (60's and keep it there). If you do keep it in the 60's, you will have a perfect balance of clove and banana.

3) If you follow the directions to the T, and pour the extract at the beginning of the boil, you are going to have a dark amber beer. Extract has already been boiled. Please add the liquid extract at the last 15 minutes. Late addition of the extract will give you more true hefeweizen color.

4) Wait awhile to open this beer. Even though this beer is amazingly simple, the taste isn't. Give it longer than 3 weeks before you drink a ton of it. You will be rewarded if you do.

5) Dump the yeast in there! So many people are afraid of the yeast getting in the glass. This is a hefeweizen, don't kid yourself and try to keep it clear. Drink up!

6) Don't waste your time with a secondary either. Let the yeast do there thing and clean up after them selves.

Lastly, I really wish this kit had a partial mash brother. There is a slight twang due to the extract and partial boil. Aww, who am I kidding. Go make some and try for yourself! (Posted on 8/26/10)
Great Beer Review by Jim Markley
I breweed this beer in the early spring and served most of it recently to a bunch of guys I served with in Germany a number of years ago. They loved it! (which is why I am almost out.) This "kit" turns out a great Hefeweizen beer, easily recognizable by those who have had teh the real thing in Bavaria. Much better than any store bought "American" Weizen and a lot more fun to make and drink :-)

I found the flavor improved with a few weeks of "lagering" at ~68F. (Posted on 7/29/10)
Excellent for a first timer or old pro Review by BillTheSlink
This was the first beer I brewed back in '08 and I have brewed it every early Spring since. A very easy kit to make and since it is a wheat beer fermentation is fast a vigorous. As a matter of fact it is so vigorous you want to keep an eye on your temperature control or the temperature of your fermenting beer will run away on you. See a good forum such as the one here or and look up "swamp cooler" which is just a simple way to keep every thing cool. High temps will make it taste like bubble gum.

This beer tastes great. I highly recommend using the liquid yeast as much of this beer's authentic flavor comes from the yeast strain specific to it. Dry yeast just won't give it the tart, banana, clove flavor you want from this beer. (Posted on 7/22/10)
good Stuff Review by wadeo
I just wanted to say that I and all who have drank this delicious treat are in agreement that it is very good. If you like Hefeweizen you will not be disappointed.
Try to keep this in the low 60's like 62-63,make a yeast starter and this one will turn out great.

Two thumbs up...

PGH (Posted on 7/21/10)
great kit, great beer Review by Fish
Turned out very good for the simplicity of this kit. Would make a great first beer to brew. (Posted on 7/18/10)
awesome Review by plankeye
This is one of many NB kits I've made and it was terrific. Just 2 weeks in primary and 1 in the carboy, it was bottled and quickly consumed! This is very similar to the great German wheat beers! Thanks NB (Posted on 7/17/10)
My First Review by Spatrat
My first ever brew and it turned out great, I was paranoid the entire 6 weeks but it was all good in the end. I wanted a traditional hefe like the ones I had in Germany and this one hit the mark. I was a little disapointed in the carbonation, I used table sugar (table sugar Bad, Dectrose Good), Rookie mistake. Flavor is great and I have received thumbs up reviews from the experts in our HB club. Trouble is it is going way too fast. I guess it is time to place an order. Great kit NB. thanks
(Posted on 7/12/10)
excellent with modifications Review by ninjy
My brother brewed this after calculating a few minor adjustments. We were going for a bolder beer, so we added a pound of dry light malt and an ounce of Saaz, and went with the easy Munich dry yeast. The banana/clove smell and taste are there, just subtle. The taste at first is average, but after the palet gets coated a bit, the spiciness really jumps out and makes for an excellent brew! He bottled this and the beer is very clear for a weizen, possibly because the wheat/barley ratio was off? Either way, excellent beer! (Posted on 5/31/10)
Very nice Hefe Review by Otis from Mayberry
I have used this kit several times and it has never disappointed. I do like to substitute the selected yeast with White Labs WLP 300 as I prefer the more pronounced banana and clove esters. I use a v-vessel but have never found a reason to rack this beer. I leave it on primary for 10 days, keg it, then bottoms up. I've tried various bottled Hefeweizen beers between batches and none measure up. The nasty Sam Adams Hefeweizen is one of 3 "drain-pour" beers I have encountered in 30+ years of consumption. It's too quick & easy to make you own to tolerate bad bottled beer. (Posted on 5/18/10)
My Favorite Brew Review by Timothy
Wheat Beer is my thing and this one is the best. Two weeks in the primary and a week in the second carbouy. I make this beer every other brew I make and still can't keep it in the house. This is the one my friends ask for when they visit. I have tried other kits from other brew shops but the Northern Brew kits always come out the best. (Posted on 5/15/10)
gulpable Review by Adam
could sit down with an iced down12 and sqash the whole thing. I used the dry yeast and ferminted at about 66-68 degrees and it turn out perfect. thanks NB (Posted on 4/16/10)
Holy Sh@T Awesome Brew Review by Rush Limbaugh
Just wanted to say. If you like a traditional wheat beer this is the one for you. This was my first time brewing this Hefe and I must say it was delicious. I am going to order it again and again. No playing around with this recipe. I even used the dry yeast and is was great. Its not overly hopped, just smooth and tasty. (Posted on 4/4/10)
Best homebrew yet Review by Andy
Far and away the best beer I have brewed so far. It tastes like commercial Hefe's I have sampled. It is slightly darker than I expected, but I attribute that to scorching during the boil. It is also the clearest beer I have ever made. Not sure how that happened but I assume it is due to operator error. Just tell people it's a Kristall-Weizen.

I used the dry yeast and performed a full wort boil. Gave it one week in a primary, racked to secondary for two weeks, bottled and conditioned for two weeks. Only recipe modification was use of 1 cup vs. 3/4 cup of priming sugar (wanted a dense head).

Will definately be ordering this kit again. (Posted on 2/27/10)
Wow! Review by segen1969
I am impressed with the flavor of this one. I have been brewing for over a year now and have done 25 or so batches. This is a keeper. I followed the recipe and it produced a wonderful product. PROST! (Posted on 2/26/10)

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