Caribou Slobber 1 Gallon Extract Recipe Kit

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Your new favorite session beer. Dense layers of malt, caramel, baking chocolate, and a hint of light-roast coffee give way to reveal a hop character you'll be surprised to find if you're used to drinking English brown ale.

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Caribou Slobber 1 Gallon


It's brown, it's named after a large North American ungulate, and its name suggests oral incontinence. Ah, we market product with our minds, but we drink beer with our mouths! Which is why this American brown ale is your new favorite session beer. Dense layers of malt, caramel, baking chocolate, and a hint of light-roast coffee give way to reveal a hop character you'll be surprised to find if you're used to drinking English brown ale. The finish is complex but balanced, and the gravity is not so high as to keep you from having another.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 1 Gallon
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style Brown Ale
Color Dark
Original Gravity 1052
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Wow, my glass is empty already? Review by Chef Ransom
This was my first brew. Developing patience is going to be even harder now that I know what this beer tastes like. Holy Shuthefrontdoor, it is absolutely delicious.

I just did my carb check and tasting after 13 days in primary and 14 in the bottle. The product description is spot on for catching all the flavors. Very good roundness to the flavor, super smooth and so good that I was momentarily sad when my glass was empty, then I remembered I have more.

I highly recommend this kit and will probably do a 5 gallon soon. Enjoy! (Posted on 1/20/15)
Great Brew! Review by Rick
Brewing was easy, and filled the home with a nice aroma. The final test was even better, flavor turn out great. Friends were amazed at the brew and inquired for more. The reviews for this brew convinced me to give it a try, and with the results definitely was not disappointed. Great Job NB! (Posted on 10/31/14)
Good stuff Review by Arlyn
The only reason I am giving this 4 stars instead of 5 five is due to the kit arriving without the muslin bag. Had to improvise with a nylon strainer, but otherwise this kit pretty much delivered. Nice and smooth, not too bitter, pretty much a great tasting beer. Will definitely go with this one again in the fall when things cool down again. (Posted on 5/12/14)
Very easy and delicious! Review by Steven
This kit is really easy to make and tastes great! After being bottled for just one week, the carbonation is good and has all of the flavors and complexity as described. I'm eager to see how the beer develops in bottle over the coming months...if it lasts that long! (Posted on 5/6/14)
sweet .... first time brew Review by michael
OK ...... I first started off with brew kit and had no success . I have friend that has a real brew kit / kettle, fermenter and glass carboy for the secondary and all the other bells and whistles. But as for this kit i got the starter kit for the one gallon batch . And my friend commented on how easy and simple it was for a small kit . which i thought was cool because he does five gallons at a time. so that right there struck a huge conversation on how easy it would be to do mutable small batches like this one and experiment with the batches . next time we are going to ad some boost with a little bit of agave nectar at the end of the boil just to boost up the a.b.v instead of using sugar. But all in all this is a good little kit and just an hour after we pitched the yeast we have bubbles in the air lock . that right there is a good sign. i like the way it smells up the house wile brewing and i also got asked what we were making . I had to laugh and say BEER !!!! not dinner . :_) thanks again and ill be back for more .... maybe the pumpkin ale is next . there is just so many to try . (Posted on 4/2/14)
Good stuff Review by Bryan
Pretty good. Light drinking for a darker beer. A bit chocolatey, not overly hoppy and very easy to brew. I recommend. (Posted on 3/15/14)
high FG, but still delicious Review by Aaron
Have brewed this kit twice and have been happy with it both times. However, my FG the first time was 1.025 and the second time it was 1.02. Ive heard thats normal for darker extract kits so dont be surprised if yours doesn't finish very low. And dont worry, it will still be delicious.I plan to continue to brew this kit regularly. Like the product description says, it will quickly become your favorite session beer. (Posted on 3/5/14)
great drink Review by Daniel Buyak
My first sip of caribou slobber I was not impressed. BUT it was premature and not carbonated beyond a slight bubble, and also warm(I couldn't wait). After it was carbonated and then chilled the beer was very good. Very complex flavor. Don't know how to describe it other than it left you thirsty for more! (Posted on 2/27/14)
Awesome! Review by flightRN
Second brew for this beginner brewer, 1st NB brew, and my wife and I love it! Plan on making another 1 gallon batch and brewing this for my first 5 gallon, once I buy all the equipment to do so. Thank you NB!! (Posted on 2/23/14)
Really Good! Review by Mike
This was my first experience in making beer and I thought the instructions were very easy to follow and the beer was really good! My friends thought it was good, too. I will be ordering more! (Posted on 2/9/14)
Great, super easy brew Review by Snackins
This kit was awesome all around. This was my first NB kit and it was definitely all I thought it would be. The beer was well carbonated when I poured it and the taste was well-balanced for a session beer. The process was amazing and I will definitely brew other NB kits in the near future! I took 7 weeks total for this beer. Primary for 3 weeks, 2 secondary, and 2 in the bottle. Turned out great. Next time, I'll take a little less time and see what happens. (Posted on 2/4/14)
Good so far Review by Jared
Just bottled, tasted great right out of fermenter, think I'm gonna like this brown ale. (Posted on 1/17/14)
Second Batch Review by Carroll
This is my second round of Caribou Slobber. I has been a hit with me and my beer buddies. (Posted on 1/16/14)
Brew Haiku Review by Deygbo
Dark brown in color
Complex flavors are within
Great English Brown ale (Posted on 1/13/14)
Awesome Brown Ale Review by Brian
This was the first recipe kit I bought from northern brewer.I couldn't wait to make it once it was delivered......WOW this tasted great!!!!!! (Posted on 12/26/13)
Good Easy kit Review by Ron
I got this kit to make in a new 1gallon fruit wine kit.
To keep the 2gallon bucket 'clean', I fermented in the 1gallon jug with a black tshirt over it.

I brewed it as more of a 'micromash' with about 12oz of base grains in with the specialty grains. I used 1/2 packet of rehydrated yeast. Came out pretty close to the 5gallon batch. (Posted on 12/17/13)
as good as it is easy Review by scott
i got two 1 gallons and mixed them together to ferment in my mr. beer keg. started 10/3 left in fermenter for 3 wks, bottled and tasted after 1 1/2 weeks, the beer was OK. Tasted again after 2 1/2 weeks still just OK....then after 3 1/2 weeks in the bottle something magical happened and the beer was awesome! This was my first "real" beer and i was so proud of myself that I drank 6 while making my first all grain Hefeweizen. Get the kit...wait 6 1/2 weeks and enjoy (Posted on 11/18/13)
Nice - Easy - Drinkable Brown Review by Margaret
New Brewer here - so the speciality grains were my first attempt - adds a nice richness to the final product and begins to add steps to the brewing process so you feel like you are developing excellent skills as you continue advancing your brewing career! Taste is excellent - very drinkable - 2 weeks in the primary and 2 weeks in the bottle. Kit makes the process very straightforward. Search the boards a bit if you want to really get into recommended temp for the seeping grains - but that is not really necessary. Just follow the directions - you will have an awesome end product. (Posted on 10/3/13)
Awesome for Tweaking to Taste Review by Troy
I got this beer and really wanted to tweak the ingredients to brew something unique. It was awesome! Smooth and flavorful! (Posted on 10/3/13)
Not a big fan Review by Leon
Tried this kit based on reviews. It's OK but I'm not overly pleased. Maybe I brewed this wrong. I'm not sure. I will try this kit again to see what the fuss is about. (Posted on 9/26/13)
A fantastic brown ale Review by Joseph
This is our fifth batch of brew and our first try at Slobber. We had a huge amount of overflow on day one. (Since our first batch I've learned to use an overflow bottle.) Next batch will go into a three gallon carboy instead.

Even directly out of the fermentor it has a smooth, non bitter taste. (Even my wife, the non beer drinker enjoyed it) Fantastic aroma as well. It only improves with age.

Can't wait to brew the next batch; this time with secondary fermentation and in the temp controlled chest! (Posted on 9/18/13)
Love it, love it, love it! Review by Allyn
Creamy texture, rich flavors, magnificent foamy head. First small batch I made. When i make it again i will increase the hops and be a bit more careful with the amount of water i use. i think that 5 quarts would be the best volume to start with (absorbtion, etc). (Posted on 9/13/13)
Great Brew Review by Andrew
The caribou slobber was the very first kit we brewed. It is a very well rounded beer, with great flavor and decent weight. Highly recommend it to both stout and ale drinkers. (Posted on 7/12/13)
A great beer Review by Jonathan
I have brewed this beer a couple times now and I keep coming back to it. Currently I brew 1gal batches so I order a recipe of Slobber every time I try a new one. I just can't get away from it. Nice n' malty but not too sweet, complex even. Just tried adding a bit of honey and I can't wait to see how it turns out.
(Posted on 7/11/13)
Great Brown Ale Review by Jeffrey
This was my first brew I made. I heard from others that make their own beer that their beer usually comes out weak, kind of watered down. But the Caribou Slobber tasted great. I will definitely make this one again! (Posted on 7/1/13)
Good Beer Review by Andreas
This was the first beer I ever brewed. At first it was a little sweet, but with age it gets better and better. I am definitely going to brew this on a larger scale and with a secondary in the future. (Posted on 5/8/13)
A better brown ale Review by Paula
I'm not a big fan of brown ales because I think they're too sweet. This one is still too sweet for my taste, but it does pack some hops in the finish. Will I make five gallons of it? No. That said, family members really liked it, even one who doesn't really like beer. P.S. It's better than Moose Drool. (Posted on 4/27/13)
Now I'm hooked! Review by Shawn
This was my first beer kit ever. Now I am hooked. I never liked beer until now. Now I am going All Grain. Hope it turns out the same as the extract kit. Everybody tells me it will be even better.
Five stars to the Northern brewer crew too.

(Posted on 4/20/13)
fantastic beer Review by greg
I bought this for my first beer kit to see if I could make a braggot out of it, added 1.5# honey at end of boil as well as anouther 1/2 oz willamette hops and fermented for 3 weeks before bottling then 4 weeks in bottle.....WOW what a great taste. will definitly make this in a 5 gallon batch next. (Posted on 4/16/13)
Excellent beer taste Review by Raymond
My first batch and I was very pleased. I followed the instructions and made sure i sanitized carefully. Just opened my first bottles and the taste was well worth the effort. Really good beer. I will order this again. (Posted on 3/6/13)
Great tasting first home brew Review by Joel
This was my first home brew with the 1 gallon small batch kit. I wasn't sure what to expect when I poured the first bottle - I had a "violent fermentation" on the 2nd day :-) beer all over the wall. But - it tasted great! Will brew it again. I have the dead ringer IPA waiting to be bottled now. I'm hooked. (Posted on 3/2/13)
Great tasting beer Review by Duane
This was the first time I drank a brown ale. Caribou Slobber didn't disappoint. 10 days in the fermenter and about 3 weeks in the bottle. Great taste!!! The one gallon batch is a great concept. I'll be brewing a bigger batch of this in the future. (Posted on 2/26/13)
Extremely Tasty Review by William
This was my 2nd batch and could not believe the ease 4 weeks fermenting and 2 weeks in the bottle and perfect for someone of my experience getting ready to try cream ale now. (Posted on 2/14/13)
What fun!!! Review by Jax
Reluctant to give anything five stars but suffice it to say it was good. This was my first brew and I preferred it to the second (the irish red ale). better third week after bottling. saved one bottle to compare to next batch. love the one gallon concept...quick, easy, definitely not a production. its about as hard as making mac and cheese from those little boxes. you can have folks curious about brewing over for dinner and not scare them off. sooo glad you decided to offer the small batch kits. maybe i'll graduate... someday. (Posted on 2/13/13)
Great brew! Review by Sylvia
This is a great tasting beer. Carribou Slobber was the second bath of beer I brewed. The instructions were easy to follow and, believe it or not, the beer was very good! I'm on batch number five, so far, the Slobber is my favorite! (Posted on 1/8/13)
Good, Sweet, Tasty Review by Patrick
I ordered this kit just to sample this brew, and I was impressed. Been home brewing for two years and this is a cinch to make. Good, sweet, and tasty. Will do this one again on a larger scale. (Posted on 12/28/12)