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Instructions and koji spores to make over 5 gallons of homemade sake. Instructions describe making 3 liter batches. Needed but not included are rice, citric acid, and yeast.

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Includes instructions and enough koji spores to make over 5 gallons of homemade sake. Instructions describe making 3 liter batches. Needed but not included are white rice (short or medium grain), citric acid, and sake yeast (White Labs #WLP705 or Wyeast #4134). Koji spores are propagated on rice.

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Technically challenging Review by Helmingstay
Brewing sake is to lagers as lagers are to ale -- it takes even longer, and there are more steps that need to be carefully followed. If you like challenges, have a lot of patience and good temperature control, and like sake, then it's totally worth it. (Posted on 12/20/11)
It's all about what you like.... Review by Christopher
I've done this before. It's actually a quite nice drink if you like that sort of thing. Sake is an acquired taste, and this homebrewed version is quite different from the store-bought bottled variety. Superior to it, in my opinion. Yes, the "kit" only contains the spores, because that's what gives the Sake it's character. Rice is available everywhere and there's no particular preference of one rice over another (provided it's the type of rice specified, but it makes little difference if the rice is from Japan or Texas or southwest Borneo). IF you like sake, you will love this product. If you are not into sake, this may not impress you very much.

I do recall some issues with how the rice has to be prepared. You have to steam the rice, not boil it, and moisture is an enemy from the outset. Also, the way the rice has to be treated during the period where the spores work their magic is a little problematic. Once you get to the part where you put the rice into sterilized water and pitch the yeast, however, is classic homebrew technique.

Oddly enough, my first batch was flawless. My second was fraught with problems. I figure I was just thinking too much. Sake is like martial art. Don't think. Feel.

-C (Posted on 11/21/10)
Not much of a kit Review by Tim
As the previous reviewer said, it's not really a kit but it's good for the price. I give it 3 pints though for calling it a kit when all it has is spores! One thing I'll mention that isn't really a negative or a positive, simply a really good thing to know; this is a lot of work. It's not more labor intensive than beer but beer is worth it! I'm not sure it's worth the labor for some Sake. (Posted on 4/12/10)