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Bulkhead fitting for most cylindrical coolers with a maximum usable clearance of about 5/8".

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Bulkhead fitting for most cylindrical coolers with a maximum usable clearance of about 5/8" (this is the maximum thickness cooler wall that will still allow you to mount a ball valve on the bulkhead).

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Customer Reviews

Spend the $$ Review by Mike The40Downer
Great product. Does what it's supposed to.

Just switch the o-rings around from what the picture and the directions (if you can find 'em) shows.

It makes no sense to cram the fat gasket into a space obviously designed for a skinny one. (Posted on 7/12/13)
Worth the $$ Review by Mike The 40 Downer
A month after deciding to go all grain and use a cooler I finally bought one of these. I wish I would have done it sooner - saving about $15 in miscellaneous 'do it yourself' parts, $5 in gas and 6+ hours of spare time. Perfect size to fit the cooler. Well made. Quality rings.

Have a look at the instructions to make your life (and your next brew day) even easier. (Posted on 6/15/13)
Works with Coleman square cooler Review by Jason
My biggest fear with this product was it would not work with my 70qt coleman 5 day, and it did! No modification needed, it can be installed as is and seal perfectly, held 2 gallons of water overnight, no loss- note: in my experience my valve barely closes all the way hitting the side of cooler. So based off of the valve you get you may have to get an extension piece. (Posted on 3/3/13)
Works Great! Review by Stephen B.
Used with a 1/2 Blichmann ball valve, two 1/2 to 3/8 reducers, a 12 in false bottom and a Home Depot 10 gl water cooler. Used with my mash tun and hot liquer tank. (Posted on 12/25/12)
Worth the Cost Review by Lui in Idaho
I purchased this bulkhead to use with a 10 Gallon Rubbermaid Cooler for my mash tun. I also purchased a 12 inch false bottom at the same time. I bought a half-inch brass ball valve from HD. This has been a worth-while purchase. It was easy to install and easy to keep the mash tun from leaking.

I subsequently purchased a second 10 Galllon Rubbermaid Cooler to be used as an HLT. I improvised and made my own bulkhead, and purchased the ball valve from HD. I don't like my improvised solution as well. It was slight less expensive, but does not fit as well. I could not find the same silicon O Rings, and it was not as easy to find the metal washer. Because of this, I like the NB Bulkhead better.

The NB Bulkhead is now used with a SS Hot Water Tank Braid for my mash tun. It works great and I could not be happier. (Posted on 1/7/11)