Dark Cherry Stout Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

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A classic dry stout, black in color, with the sharp bite of roasted barley and laced with cherry extract.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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Our Dark Cherry Stout is a classic dry stout, jet black with a tan head and the espresso-like bitterness of roasted grain. But it's also laced with natural cherry extract, which cuts through the burnt-coffee character and adds a subtle fruit flavor and aroma. Not overpowering like many fruit beers, this is a more restrained brew. Adding the cherry extract to taste at bottling lets you fine-tune the level of cherry character.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style No
Color Dark
Original Gravity 1053
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Let it age Review by Kevin
I wasn't sure how much of the cherry extract I wanted to add, based on other reviews, but I ended up adding all of it at bottling, and didn't regret it. The longer I let it sit, the more the cherry flavor mellowed out - not that I can ever "cellar" for very long. But bottles sitting as little as 5 or 6 weeks after bottling really settled down. I was really pleased with how it turned out. (Posted on 7/3/14)
spectacular! Review by shawn
This one is perfect for the holiday season. One week in the primary, then racked on top of 4oz of cocoa nibs and 2oz of cherry extract and let sit for two seeks. Added another oz of extract to the keg for a touch more flavor and the result is perfect. Great hints of both chocolate and cherry with neither dominating the palate. May be the best one of the year! (Posted on 12/19/13)
Terrific beer. Easy to make. Review by Tony
I've only made a few batches since getting into home-brewing and this stout has by far been my favorite. I used the NB basic starter kit and everything turned out great, even without secondary fermentation. This beer has been extremely popular with family and friends, even those who don't normally like dark beers. I'm quickly running out and can't wait to make another batch. I have a carboy now, so hopefully the taste is even smoother next time! (Posted on 12/9/13)
Awesome Review by Brewing Secret
This was the first beer I ever brewed myself. It is probably one of the best stouts I have ever had. I added about half of the cherry extract, but I have 3 22oz bottles left and I want more so I will have to order again soon. My friends all agree this is great. Hard to go wrong with it. (Posted on 11/8/13)
Great for Any Crowd Review by Lee
I sometimes think fruit beers are blasphemy, but this one does it right. Noticeable cherry flavor without being overpowering--it's a great holiday beer even for those in your family who don't usually enjoy a Stout.

I've made 13-14 different kit beers, and this is among my Top 1-2. (Posted on 11/7/13)
Great stout Review by John
4th kit I've brewed, and definitely my best one yet. Great taste, good head, and very simple process overall. My only gripe is the cherry flavor isn't strong enough, so next time I brew this, it's being doubled at the least. Definitely one I'll recommend to my other homebrewers. (Posted on 1/7/13)
Subdued cherry goodness Review by ORiain
This is a great Stout, followed directions, thought the cherry flavor was very subdued. 2 weeks in primary, 2 weeks in secondary, 2 weeks bottle conditioned. Great taste, huge head, delicious! I'll make this again and add cherry puree in the secondary to try and enhance the cherry flavor. Try it!! (Posted on 9/6/12)
Great Cherry Stout Review by Thad
I made the extract kit a few years ago. My mother in law loved it so much she wanted to enter it into the Washington County Fair for me. I was awarded 2nd place for it. I will definately be making this one again in the near future!!
(Posted on 7/20/12)
All around great beer Review by DC Dan
I'm not a stout fan, however, one brandy glass full of the cherry stout after dinner's an amazing thing. I stuck with the recipe and used the 4 oz of cherry extract. One week in the primary glass carboy and three weeks in the secondary. It's been in the keg 2 weeks at 10psi and 40F. Absolutely amazing stuff! (Posted on 6/25/12)
Dark Cherry Stout Review by Finley
I am pretty new to home brewing and this is my first stout. I just racked this into my secondary. I plan on kegging half of it so I went ahead and added the cherry extract during the secondary fermentation so that the flavors can settle before tapping into it. Looking forward to trying the all grain version of this brew. (Posted on 4/8/12)
Fantastic with some Chocolate Review by Steve
Great kit and w 3 oz of cherries just a hint of it after 3 weeks in bottle. Did for the Holidays. Last weekend added some Chocolate shavings to it and served as a desert beer to rave reviews. Normally not a fan of flavored beers but this with chocolate is WOW! Next time will add some chocolate during brewing or Chocolate malt grain, the make it a chocolate-cherry stout. (Posted on 10/22/11)
Good Stout, But I used real cherries and it turned out GREAT!!! Review by BrewGuy44
I like this stout but I didn't use the bottle of cherry extract that came with it. I live in Michigan and Cherries as you know are Big here, so I used 10 lbs of frozen cherries in the primary and a 32oz bottle of 100% pure cherry juice in the 2ndary.I made this last year in Feburary and I have 3 bottles left and it is Fantastic. My Homebrew Club agrees and they always ask if I brought any with me to the meetings. (Posted on 9/7/11)
Low ABV but great flavor Review by John
This was my sixth stout kit, and although not as good as 12th Night or Dry Irish, very nice flavors. Cherry flavor is mostly hidden under a smoky feel. Would go great with barbecued brisket. I'll do this again with a little more cherry. (Posted on 6/17/11)
Loved it and so did everyone else who had some!!! Review by Newbie Brewer
This was my first attempt at home brewing and smacked a homer!!!! Now everyone is expecting the same every time!!! I go with the others and will add more flavor the next time I try it. (Posted on 5/23/11)
Amazing Review by Kevin
I personally didnt think there was enough cherry flavor so I added another half a bottle. (6oz. total) Me and my friends kicked the keg of it within two hours. It smells like the cherry would be overpowering, like a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, but it really wasnt. (Posted on 5/18/11)
Friends & family love it! Review by Thrasher
I was a little apprehensive because some reviews said the cherry flavoring is too much (medicinal / cough drop, etc), while others said they would have added more. I followed the recipe and used the full bottle, and it does not have any type of medicinal characteristics at all. At bottling, yes - very strong and reminiscent of a Luden's cough drop. But after bottle conditioning, there is just a hint of cherry which is really nice. My only disappointment with this beer is that I was expecting it to be a bit more robust and 'full'... seems a little light-bodied and has too much carbonation, but in the taste, not in the head, etc.

Friends and family have tried it and love it. I guess I'm being my own worst critic here... Solid 4 out of 5 though! Don't be scared to add all the cherry flavoring! (Posted on 4/4/11)
Aged to perfection Review by imaboutin
Love this brew! Added entire of bottle of cherry and followed directions as given. The cough syrup taste was gone after the first week in the bottle. I bottled with coopers drops and like others my brew keeps a strong full head. I would recommend this beer to all who enjoy a stout and aren't afraid to experiment with fruit flavors! (Posted on 3/8/11)
chocolate covered cherries Review by York PA Home Brewer
My mother in law loves chocolate beer, so I added some bakers chocolate, some fuggle hops and more corn sugar to increase the OG. Came pretty good. Cherry flavor is very suttle and the chocolate is out in front. My mother in law loves it. (Posted on 2/10/11)
cherr-o-licious!! Review by QuietlyMakingNoise
Buy this kit. Everyone will like you. You'll make more friends and appear more attractive.

Had a Oregon craft cherry stout in Portland a few months ago and it had a "cough syrup-y" finish that I wanted to avoid. A clear extract bitter - like when you're cooking with vanilla and you spill a little on your finger and think, "Hey, it smells awesome and sweet, I'll just lick it off and it'll taste like that!!" and it doesn't. It's awful.

As other Kats have recommended I added only a portion (1.5 oz. out of the 4oz. bottle) and my socks were literally blown off. Kegged half, bottled half the remaining with Coopers tabs and other with Muntons carb tabs. Keg was great, but those Munton tabs lend to a slightly longer lasting residual head. A nice cherry on top - (Hey, looky there, a double entendre!) Thanks guys for another hit outta the park! (Posted on 2/2/11)
Very Nice Review by hd20rules
Brewed for the holidays. Nice body. The cherry flavor was not overwelming. Just right. Infact may add a little more next time. I kegged this brew, and when drawn into a glass,,,,, I had seen on tv a person put a beer cap on top of the head of their beer to show the fullness. the beer cap stayed on top.
Well I tried this and the cap went nowhere....Watch out SAM!!!!LOL... (Posted on 1/26/11)
Well Received Review by Brewtown Rob
I made this as a winter seasonal to give away over the holidays. I am not the biggest stout drinker, but found the flavor to be exceptional. People I gave it to who are more into stouts found it to be very good as well. I added the extract at bottling and the flavor was subtle and not overwhelming as some have experienced. Will definitely be making this again. (Posted on 1/11/11)
The cherry got lost Review by Bo-didley
Fine stout, but the 4oz addition of cherry extract was totally lost. I'll brew it again, but add more flavoring like Slepdog suggests. (Posted on 1/4/11)
Awesome Stout Review by Shooter
I bought this kit without the Cherry and brewed it as a regular stout and it was awesome. I had friends and family say that it was better than Guiness and liked it as much as Kalamazoo Stout from Bell's. I enjoyed this stout very much and will brew it again for St. Patrick's day but it made for a great Christmas Stout! I had it in primary for 20 days and secondary for 14 days and then kegged it at 8PSI for a week and it was perfect. (Posted on 12/26/10)
Great Stout, Cherry extract a bit heavy Review by AZ Sky
This is the first time I've brewed this one.
The stout is excellent, now, for a seasonal Cherry stout the "Cherry" comes through very heavy - great for a unique "two week" seasonal but the days go on.
I found the extract to be a bit heavy for anything other than a "novelty" beer.
Don't get me wrong, I think the stout its self is great.
I will make this again next fall but I'm going to reduce the cherry extract by at least half or maybe more.
If that doesn't work Ill make it with no extract because I think the base stout is great. (Posted on 6/15/10)
Try Other Fruits Review by Fox Sparrow
Liked the cherry. Found an apricot ale microbrew, mixed it half and half with a regular stout and the idea of apricot stout hit me. Bought the kit and the guys swapped the cherry extract for apricot. Nummy! I'll bet blueberry would be just as good! (Posted on 5/13/10)

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