Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit

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A Brewery in a Box, our Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit rewards the brewer with a clearer, clean-tasting beer. You'll also have the ability to brew a wider range of styles.

Featuring a pair of glass carboy fermenters, this kit provides everthing needed to get started homebrewing, including your first home brew recipe kit.

Step 1: Select one of these three beer recipe kits for your first brew: Caribou Slobber Brown Ale, Irish Red Ale, and American Wheat Beer.
Step 2: Add to Cart, Order and Get Ready to Brew!

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Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit

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Folks tend to become very passionate about homebrewing after a batch or two, but we’ve also seen a lot of new brewers fall in love even before embarking upon their first fermentation. For those of you who are already passionate about hand-crafted beer, like we are, here’s the Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit.


  • 6 Gallon Glass Carboy Primary Fermentor, Fermometer, Bung, Airlock, Blowoff Assembly
  • 5 Gallon Glass Carboy Secondary Fermentor, Fermometer, Bung, Airlock
  • 6.5 Gallon Bottling Bucket, Bottling Spigot, Bottle Filler, Bottling Tubing
  • Auto-Siphon, Siphon Tubing
  • Beer Bottle Brush
  • Bottle Capper, 60 Caps
  • Instructional Getting Started in Homebrewing DVD
  • Cleaner/Sanitizer
  • Carboy Brush


Our Deluxe kit features a pair of large glass bottles called carboys as vessels in a two-stage fermentation process. The additional equipment and extra steps taken with the Deluxe Starter Kit reward the brewer with clearer, clean-tasting beer, as well as the ability to brew a wider range of styles as your confidence grows and sudsy repertoire expands!

And when you brew with Northern Brewer you never brew alone—you’ll also get a copy of our FREE Getting Started In Homebrewing DVD, plus a laminated step-by-step instruction sheet for brew day.

HERE’S THE FUN PART! Every starter kit comes complete with your choice of recipe kits. Just pick one of the three classic Northern Brewer recipes below and you’ll have all the ingredients you need to take your new gear out for a test drive.

Caribou Slobber Brown Ale Like your brews tall, dark and drinkable? Then try Caribou Slobber Brown Ale. Perfect for fans of substantial craft beer, this ale is full-bodied, smooth, and deliciously dark without a hint of bitterness. Guaranteed to become your new favorite session beer.

Irish Red Ale If you’re looking for a perfectly balanced, crowd pleasing pint, you can’t go wrong with our Irish Red Ale. There’s a reason this kit is our best seller. Actually, three reasons: great, medium-bodied taste, rich coppery color and enticingly low aging requirements.

American Wheat Beer Or keep it clean and crisp with our American Wheat—a spritzy and refreshing warm-weather brew, light in color and body, with a subtle but heady dose of West Coast hoppiness. Deliciously drinkable.


Required but not included: a 4 to 5 gallon kettle and roughly 50 empty 12oz beer bottles that accept pry-off caps. See our Raise Your Game Fresh Start Upgrade Kit.

Note: Testing the specific gravity of your batch with a hydrometer is the best way to keep tabs on fermentation and for us to help troubleshoot by phone or email. We highly recommend adding our Mad Brewer Upgrade Kit or Brewery Essentials Gravity Testing Kit.

Customer Reviews

Awesome Kit Review by Matthew
recieved everything just the way i was expecting. The dvd is a great addition, just brewed my first batch of the Irish red ale yesterday, its now in primary fermentation. Besides the equipment the customer service is fantastic. Ive already jumped on the site and clicked the brewmasters chat a few times to ask questions and every time i get a quick response. overall super happy to be part of the northern brewer fam. (Posted on 2/16/15)
What a Great Kit! Review by Adam
I received this kit as a Christmas gift this year. After some reading and video watching I started my first batch of American Wheat which came with the kit. I do not know at this point if the beer will be good or not since it will not be ready to drink for a few more days but, the experience of creating my own beer was fantastic and the tools that come with this kit are excellent. I would recommend this kit to anyone who wants to dive into beer making. (Posted on 2/12/15)
Great product Review by Ryan
This kit comes with everything you need and was very well packaged. The only recommendation I'd make is purchasing Star San vs the 1 Step sanitizer this kit comes with. Overall, I'm very happy! The American Wheat kit turned out very tasty! (Posted on 2/10/15)
Great kit at a great price and fast shipping! Review by KEITH
I recommend ordering this kit from Northern brewers! I shopped around at all of there competition and couldn't find a better price. I even tried piecing kits together and still this kit was the best. I recommend buying a hydrometer while you are buying this kit, it doesn't come with one. Very fast shipping! Had my package in 3 days. Thank you northern brewers! I'll definitely be a repeat customer! (Posted on 2/1/15)
WOW Review by Derek
I received my deluxe kit within 3 days. I was ready to brew the day it arrived. The instructions were very easy to follow and my son and I had a great time brewing our first batch. I do have to give a BIG thumbs up the the Customer Service team. My package was missing the bottle filler but one quick call to customer service and it was on its way. 3 minute call. Overall I am 100% happy that I decided to go with Northern Brewers and because of the service, quick shipping, and great products I have received will do all my Brew shopping here!!!!!!!! (Posted on 12/23/14)
Excellent Dive into the World of Homebrew Review by Paul
I received this as a gift. This set is really worth the price. It contains almost everything needed with detailed instructions. It even came with a dvd that has a good instructional video, which can also be viewed on Youtube along with many others. On top of the set itself, what really impressed me the most was the helpful community around Northern Brewer.
My first batch is now undergoing bottle conditioning which should be done in a week or so. I taste tested the beer before carbonating and was really impressed with the rich flavor of Wheat Ale. (Posted on 12/19/14)
I'm Addicted! You will be too! Review by Dr. Ollmann
A colleague at work convinced me to buy a brew kit and Brew beer the third week of October. I went big and bought this deluxe kit with the Irish Red Ale. We met at my house the next day to brew my first batch. It's obsessive, and I'm truly addicted! Let's fast forward 8 weeks to prove this addiction...I purchased another Glass 6 and 5 gallon Carboy so I can brew weekly. I also purchased an 8 gallon Tall boy brew kettle and brewed 5 consecutive Sundays. It seems to be a ritual. The next Sunday was Deer hunting so I took a Sunday off. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I bought a 6.5 gallon Bubbler to make wine and started my first batch of wine, and last Sunday Brewed an IIPA. I've already tested the waters of a partial mash brew as well. I've never been so addicted to hobby in my life! Beware. THANKS Northern Brewer! (Posted on 12/5/14)
Disclaimer: Prepare for an Obsession Review by Matthew
This is one of the coolest hobbies I've ever engaged in. I started with an Irish Red Ale which I highly suggest. If you mess up a little it still can be a refreshing beer because it's so fizzy. I now have four brews currently fermenting in my basement. Needless to say, I'm hooked. Also Norther Brewer is a great company to get started with because they do a great job of organizing the starting kit, and videos on youtube so that you can just focus on making great beer! Cheers :) (Posted on 10/10/14)
Well worth the price Review by Brian
Purchased my equipment a few months ago, shipped no problem with the glass carboys and everything was in one piece. Amazing packaging and well thought out style with the "tool box" for all the smaller parts. Had a minor hiccup with the bottling wand, but the customer service rep was super nice and shipped me out a new one no charge. Something that was so minor didn't even bother me. Great company and the price for what you get is totally worth it. Bought and brewed the Caribou Slobber, check that beer for my review. Thanks NB! (Posted on 6/2/14)
Great kit - great quality. Review by John
This I'm my first kit that I purchased after a beer making attempt about 20 years ago. The items are everything needed to do it right and the price was certainly spot on compared to the other sites. Started with the caribou brown ale kit and is sitting in secondary waiting to be bottled this weekend. I am hoping the end product is as good as the products that were used to make it. (Posted on 5/11/14)
Great Review by James
Love this kit! Has everything you need except a brew pot (Posted on 4/23/14)
Excellent value and great all around kit Review by Scott
I upgraded to 5 gallons with the glass carboy option. I shopped around and found this to be the best economical value out there for an all glass fermenting. I've now done several batches with it and find it to be a great system. I recommend getting the carboy hauler straps for the glass - your back will thank you! Additionally, you'll soon want a greater supply of PBW and Star San, but those are cheap and easy to find. This kit really gives you everything you need to start, sans the cooking gear.

In short - I'm very happy with this setup and I'd buy it again! (Posted on 4/7/14)
Great equipment Review by Dustin
This kit arrived with everything I needed to brew my first 5 gallon batch of beer. The quality seems great. Everything was in great shape. I'm sure I'll be using this for a very long time. (Posted on 3/29/14)
just a great kit Review by steve
i would have to agree with what Joel said.. this is a great kit to brew very eazy and quick turn around . the citra dry hops brings it alive. this is a must brew kit for all you home brewers. i did dump this batch on a 1056 wyeast cake. took off great! (Posted on 3/26/14)
Best kit for the money!!! Review by Erik
I'm brand spanking new to the home brew world and I spent a good deal of time searching for the best kit I could find for the lowest amount of money. This kit rocks for the value. The Glass carboys are thick and sturdy and the kit includes everything you need to start your home brew adventures. The caribou slobber has been fermenting for 3 days now and everything looks great...cant wait to taste. Thanks Northern Brewer, you will have my return business for sure. (Posted on 3/23/14)
Worth every penny to get you started Review by Steve
I got this for Christmas, 2013. It was the best and most thoughtful present ever. It contains everything you need (at a very reasonable price) to brew just about anything via extract brewing (sans a brew kettle). Go for the deluxe kit. It you don't, you'll end up buying it all anyway. "Ferment on, fermentors". (Posted on 3/18/14)
Fantastic! Review by john
This kit made the best beer of my life. Highly recommend. The red caper broke and Northern Brewer sent a new one out ASAP. I'm a loyal customer now being treated so well. You guys rock. (Posted on 3/10/14)
Fantastic Review by William
Brewed 14 months ago, added 2lbs clear Belgium candy, 8 oz. fresh sweet orange peel, and coriander @ 10 minutes before end of a 5gal boil. Bottled in 22 oz. bottles and let age for 6 months after 2 weeks primary and 6.5 months secondary. I swear, I brought 6 of them to a party and everyone wanted to know where I bought them. friend of mine at 6'8" 320 pounds had to "sit for a bit" after drinking one of them much faster than he should have. (Posted on 3/2/14)
Great Kit Review by BeerMe
my first beer making kit and couldn't be happier unless the supplied a couple extra fermometer strips and bigger containers of PBW and Starsan with it. I would be willing to pay extra for these additions myself. (Posted on 2/23/14)
Great kit Review by Jeff
For those of you that are on the ledge between the bucket kit and the glass bottle kit...I tell you go with this kit. I am very pleased with not only this kit...but the 5 star customer service that I have received from Northern! Pull the trigger on this kit...and go with the will not be sorry!
(Posted on 2/19/14)
all you need starter kit Review by Jesse
Awesome kit. It made beer-making much less intimidating and seems to have all the parts you have to have to make an extract beer. (Posted on 2/13/14)
Everything you need Review by Mark
Bravo Northern Brewer for an excellent kit. This kit comes with everything you need to brew except for the kettle. I have brewed several batches and this kit has made it very easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend this kit. (Posted on 2/2/14)
Great way to start brewing Review by Dustin
Everything in the kit is high quality and there are clear directions to get you started. (Posted on 2/1/14)
Everything you need to get started Review by Matt
This is a great kit! I bought this kit January 2013 and have since brewed 12 batches. I did pick up a hydrometer as well so that I could have a better idea of where I was in my fermentation and when it was done. I purchased the glass carboy option and have been very happy with it. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking into getting into brewing.
(Posted on 1/27/14)
Love the kit! Review by Jorge
So I spent around 6-7 months looking at various sellers online and locally for a brew kit. What's funny is the very first kit I wanted was this Deluxe Kit but I scoured the internet trying to find a better deal. What I did not realize is how good of a deal this really is, especially with the $7.99 flat rate shipping (this seemed to be the major downfall of all the other sellers I checked). I found some kits that were very similar with a lower price, but after shipping everything always ended up being much more.

So after a very long wait I finally pulled the trigger and ordered this kit (with glass carboys). Shipping took about 4 business days and everything arrived without any damage. Like some of the other reviewers have said, the packaging was great. I especially liked the smaller "toolbox" included as I can keep it to store my gear.

After verifying all items arrived I watched the included DVD (again as I have watched it over and over throughout my entire kit search). I then began my first batch of brew which was the Caribou Slobber. I had to contact NB Support before starting as I was unsure whether to follow the directions provided by NB or the directions printed on the yeast packaging (slightly different). Support was great and was able to quickly answer the question and even give me a good explanation of why.

I ran in to some minor setbacks as I found that my stove is a little weak and had trouble bringing the 2.5+ gallons to a roiling boil, but after positioning my kettle over two burners things started working better (definitely going to be needing a floor burner next!). Yeast was pitched at 69 degrees and is currently fermenting at the same temperature.

Currently it has been less than 24 hours (brew was started around 3:30pm yesterday and it is 8:15am now) and already I am seeing the kraeusen at about 2 inches thick formed and bubbles are coming through the airlock at a steady one bubble per second. I have a feeling by the end of today or tomorrow I may need to be switching to the blowoff hose.

Overall I am extremely pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend the kit and Northern Brewer to others. I will add a review of the Caribou Slobber once ready! Good luck to all others debating whether to purchase this kit! (Posted on 1/24/14)
Worth the money Review by pab
Northern Brewers put together a nice package for anything you would need to brew your first batch. Great packaging.
If you're handy enough you probably would not need every single item included in the kit, HOWEVER, it is nice to have a complete kit with everything you might need. Specially since it may help the beginner.
Love the fact that the bottling bucket has the volume markings (gallon increments), it's been very useful to me.
Overall I'm very satisfied with the kit. Would recommend it to anyone starting for the first time, simple instructions, and a complete kit. Good job to the NB crew. (Posted on 1/23/14)
Great but can have more Review by Eric
I asked for this as my anniversary present last March. I like how it has most everything, and I recommend it to everyone that will listen. I do think that a Deluxe kit should come with a hydrometer and spoon.
Other than that, I have no complaints. Order this, the kettle, spoon, and filter kit; more sanitizer and PBW; and a hydrometer. He'll, just order the kegging kit and do it right. You're gonna want them soon enough.

PROST!!!!! (Posted on 1/23/14)
amazing Review by rich
You get a glass thermometer with this kit but it's not listed so I went out a bought one.....o well.....I am Brewing my first beer kit tomorrow which is the Irish Red Ale... the packaging was supreme and it showed up very fast I did buy a 5 gallon pot and a dark star burner ..... (Posted on 1/13/14)
Seriously Everything but a Brew Pot Review by Justin
After many years of saying I'd get into home brewing eventually, I finally brewed with a classmate of mine who uses Northern Brewer. He showed me it was not as complicated as my uncle made it out to be many years before (which as a good chemical engineer, he does everything from scratch)

By the time I left my classmate's place, I had the Northern Brewer catalog circled and ordered this kit when I got home. A week later (there were some holidays in between), the kit showed up at my door.

Aside from a $70 kettle I picked up at Walmart, this thing had everything I needed to brew my first batch of Caribou Slobber. I was especially delighted that the kit even included a packet of dry yeast which takes no time to prep (I was delighted because I had a fit of paranoia come over me on the Saturday before the expected Monday arrival that i wouldn't have yeast, and I would have to wait until I could go to the local home brew store or place another order online).

All said, the beautifully decorated box showed up right as I was getting home from work on Monday evening, and even the UPS guy was complimenting my new delivery. I opened it up, got to cleaning and sanitizing, and before long I was adding ingredients. Fortunately, the temperature outside was a record low, so cooling didn't take as long as it could have. But, I will advise to do yourself a favor - buy an immersion chiller. It'll make your cooling time MUCH much shorter.

All-in-all, this is a great starter kit. You'll have most everything you need to make many batches of great beer. For me, my first batch is now fermenting and I've already ordered the next kit! (Posted on 1/7/14)
Everyone love's it! Review by Thad
This is a great beer. A few months after I brewed this I started doing partial mash brews. But this is an extract brew that I will keep in the rotation. It was good after a few weeks in the bottle. But if you are patient and wait 4-6 weeks, you will be amazed at how much better this beer gets. Shared at a party and a lot of wine drinkers kept coming back for more after taking a taste. Bold & robust, yet smooth. (Posted on 1/2/14)
Great product!! Review by Strangebrew14
I ordered this kits to start building my brew setup. It gave me everything I needed minus the brew pot and some brewing comforts and even came in an awesome box :0) highly recommend for anyone looking to get into an amazing hobby..cheers! (Posted on 1/2/14)
Great Product Review by Jesse
Brewed my first batch of beer today. With this kit it was easy and straight forward. Can't wait to see how it turns out. (Posted on 1/1/14)
Great deal Review by Joye
The kit has everything that you need, except an extra bucket for 2 stage fermentation, which we bought. The best part was your first brew makings are included. The competitors that I priced did not include this.
Our brew is currently fermenting and we are excited about the outcome. (Posted on 12/26/13)
Great kit, only missing one thing Review by Ron
I'm currently brewing my first batch and am looking forward to enjoying my first home brew. The kit has every thing needed, but it would be nice to have a lid for the bottling bucket. (Posted on 12/26/13)
Super impressive Review by Chris
I received the deluxe brewing kit with glass carboys for Christmas. I was very impressed by the packaging alone. Everything was packed very well in an attractive box. The interior box with all the tools comes with a label that identifies each piece for easy storage. All of the pieces were clean and of high quality. The kit came with detailed instructions and the brew kit (Caribou Slobber) instructions were very clear and easy to understand. I watched the included DVD and I brewed my first batch of beer this afternoon, followed the instructions exactly and had absolutely no problems. My batch is bubbling and alive and fermenting away at this moment. I just placed another order tonight for another beer kit and some other equipment (hydrometer and more sanitizers, caps, etc). This is going to be a great hobby and Northern brewers makes it fun and easy! (Posted on 12/26/13)
Awesome Kit Review by Jeff
I love this kit!!

I bought it last month and now fermenting my 4th brew.

I do, however, wish that I waited to buy the kit since Northern Brewer is giving away a free burner with purchase. :( (Posted on 12/12/13)
Simply Nothing Better Review by Luigi
There is absolutely nothing better than this kit out on the market today. They spell everything out for you in a way that makes the whole process simple as making macaroni out of a box, but leaves you with the tools to make something truly special for a long time. Cannot have asked for a better kit to begin my homebrewing adventure! (Posted on 11/28/13)
Outstanding work Northern Brewer Team. Review by Drew
I was blown away by the quality of your products when they got here. I ordered the deluxe starter kit and Caribou Slobber. After waiting a week for my gear to reach me on the west coast, I expected to see a brown box on the porch when I got home. But I was totally excited to see that my new passion for brewing was contained in a box that was printed beautifully from the outside. Silly as it may be, for the guy who had been eagerly awaiting equipment to start brewing, the box itself said "here's your equipment, but you're going to enjoy this...and your beer". I opened the box and brewed my first brew as quickly as I could, taking the time I needed to really enjoy my new hobby and make some good beer. I've got my Caribou Slobber fermenting away and I can't wait to brew my second batch of beer. The NB guys really put thought into this kit. I had looked at a few home brew stores locally and at their kits and spent a few months deciding where to buy my equipment and ingredients before making the purchase. Your kit had everything I needed and Northern Brewer made the entire process exciting and easy. I'm hooked. I just wanted to say thanks to all who spent time creating such a wonderful kit for those of us who have taken the plunge into home brewing. You've got very appreciative customers out here who are loving what you're doing. (Posted on 11/14/13)
Excellent Product and Customer Service!!! Review by Kemizt
This was my first attempt at Home brewing and I have to say that this Kit is awesome. This kit is perfect for the beginner who wants to dive into brewing with a solid setup and not have to worry about upgrading anytime soon in order to tackle some of the more challenging recipes.

The price was right and the customer service since purchasing has been outstanding. I have ordered several items since purchasing this Kit back in August and every time I had a question or concern NB representatives have responded quickly and efficiently.

Thanks NB for making my brewing experience the best! This is my go to company for any home brew needs.!!! (Posted on 11/2/13)
Made brewing my first batch a breeze! Review by Jeffrey
This kit is fantastic. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to start brewing. I'm very glad I opted for the Deluxe kit over the Essential (and glass over plastic), as I fully expect this hobby to become an obsession. After reading sections in Papazian's and Palmer's books, I understood the concepts, but seeing the visualization on the DVD was immensely helpful in making that first batch a successful operation. This kit has everything you need to get started. Just go get a brew kettle and start collecting your bottles, and you're good to go! I also love NB's live chat feature, as I had a brewing question that was very quickly answered in real-time. Great customer support. I've already ordered 3 more NB kits! (Posted on 10/25/13)
Exactly what you need Review by Ryan
Everything about my shopping experience with Northern Brewer has been exceptional - from over-the-phone advice to the perfect setup. This kit is exactly what you need to dive into homebrewing. Fast shipping, no broken items, and sleek packaging. I highly recommend this kit and will shop Northern Brewer for my future brewing needs. (Posted on 10/21/13)
The perfect beginner and experienced starter kit Review by Jeremiah
I was totally new to brewing and this kit was everything I needed. The fact that it comes with your first ingredients kit as well is a super plus. My wife and I have brewed 2 batches now in the past month and it has been super easy and fun. Don't look anywhere else...this is the right kit. (Posted on 10/12/13)
Ultimate Starter Kit Review by Leon
I shopped high and low for the ideal starter kit and decided on this kit. Ordered it and UPS broke the carboys on the initial shipment. Spoke with customer service and they immediately replaced kit. I couldn't be happier with my decision.

Kit contained everything I needed to begin brewing with confidence.
(Posted on 10/10/13)
addict Review by Bradley
got this kit for my birthday now im a total addict. great product but even better great customer service. you can call or e-mail them with any concern and they will go beyond to help you. (Posted on 10/5/13)
Everything I expected Review by Ben
Received my Deluxe Brewing Kit on Thursday afternoon and brewed my first batch the same day. Everything came well packaged and included everything as described. Can't wait to have my frist taste in a month or so, and already excited to make my next batch... Thanks! (Posted on 9/28/13)
Sabotaged by UPS Review by Leon
Ordered this kit last week only to have UPS break it during shipping. Customer service said they will replay it within 3 days.

Waiting impatiently to start brewing my Pumpkin Ale. (Posted on 9/26/13)
perfected.. a new loyal norther brewer customer Review by rr
This kit comes well packed, everything you need to get started, the instructions are clear and precise, and the northern brewer customer support is by far the best support I have seen in a long time. As a newbie to brewing, I don't feel intimidated to contact the support team they respond with not only answering your question but explaining it in good detail.. Simply amazing! (Posted on 9/17/13)
totally worth it Review by Jack
Let me start off by saying Im new to Brewing. Ive always wanted to brew my own beer and finally broke down and bought the eq. The Deluxe Starter Kit is a must have. I also ordered the blackstar burner and Kettle combo. Everything came UPS quickly, nothing was broken, and everything was exactly like the pictures on NBs website. Im on my 3rd batch and im completely hooked. Check out Brewing TV on YouTube (Posted on 9/9/13)
Satisfied New to Home Brew!!! Review by RTXBrew
Great kit. Just drop my first batch this morning and I am glad I got this one over the small batch kit. Very straight forward and easy. (Posted on 9/9/13)
Great kit! Great company! Review by Ryan
I bought this kit from Northern Brewer because they are one of the most professional home brew shops I've seen and they have some of the best prices around. Also, the customer service is great; an item arrived broken and they replaced it, no questions asked. Thanks! This kit really does have everything you need (save, kettle and bottles). I will always give Northern Brewer my business. (Posted on 8/31/13)
Great Kit Review by Wayne
Great Kit and well worth the investment. Packaging was great and everything arrived in tact - especially the glass carboys. Kits have great instructions and are a lot of fun to brew! (Posted on 8/20/13)
Total deliciousness Review by Rick
This is one of my favorite brews yet!! Let this one age a little bit, as it gets better with time. This has become my "always on tap" beer (Posted on 8/3/13)
GREAT Review by Timothy
This kit is amazing!! It has everything you need to start brewing. The day this came in I started my first brew and have brewed a few and I'm very excited. I can't wait to get a mash tun and up my brewing skills. The instruction cd makes the first time simple and easy. (Posted on 7/26/13)
Everything you need! Worked Great! Review by Mark
I recently got the deluxe starter kit and so far I am loving it. I brewed my first batch today and didn't have any problem with the kit at all. I did have a small boil-over but that was my own fault as I did not turn down the heat when adding the first addition of hops. So far I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Now I need the patience to wait a few weeks to try this brew out. (Posted on 7/14/13)
Excellent! Review by Brandon
The deluxe starter kit is excellent, it gives you everything needed to make 5 gallons of beer, except the bottles and the pot. And the service after the sale is excellent, when I emailed a question about the brewing process after hours on Monday, it was answered mid-morning on Tuesday. I see myself being a NB customer for the foreseeable future, especially since Alabama is just legalized home brewing so there is no network of LHBSs. (Posted on 7/2/13)
Great kit Review by Geoff
This is a great beginner kit the only thing I wish it came with was a spoon other then that its awesome (Posted on 6/17/13)
Couldn't ask for better Review by Richard
The kit had everything you could ask for. I got the glass carboy kit with the Irish Red Ale. The only suggestion I have for new brewers is to get your brew kettle and bottles at the same time you order the kit. The kit did not have instructions for the amount and mixture of priming sugar which was included (2/3 cup of sugar to 16 oz. water). I had to get this information by e-mailing the Northern Brewer help line. The lack of instructions on the priming sugar is my only complaint. (Posted on 6/1/13)
Everything you need for your first brew minus bottles and kettle Review by Michael
Not only do they provide everything you need for your first brew minus bottles and kettle. I had my first experience with there customer service. I was sent a broken thermometer, not a big deal. But I called anywho ad was so extremely happy with the results. I called and got a easy to understand knowledgable brewer, who didn't ask a bunch of questions just simply said ill send another immediately. Received it on time and with a complimentary pint glass! That kind of service is rare anymore, north brewer just acquired a new regular customer. (Posted on 5/30/13)
One Stoked BF/Superb Cust Serv Review by Diane
I got this kit last week as a birthday gift for my bf and unfortunately the carboy was cracked from base to neck in the fermenting bucket. UPS delivered it after Northern's business hours, and I called and left a message. I followed up the following day and to my surprise, a carboy, and bucket was already being shipped. Got those two days later. Customer service is excellent! Which will have our family being long and loyal customers. BF is stoked to start up and has several more recipes already highlighted to purchase. (Posted on 4/14/13)
Delluxe Brewers Kit Review by James
Recieved kit in mail nicely packed,hate to throw away packing its so nice!
everything looks great! Just as described, can't wait to pitch the yeast and get started!!
Thanks Northern Brewer for all the help and great info on your website!! (Posted on 3/14/13)
BEST Starter Kit for 1st time Brewers. Review by Richard
After my Brother got me hooked on home brewing, I went shopping for a Home brewing kit of my own. I went to the local shop for a starter kit but decided to wait and check online. I'm very glad I did because as soon as I came across the Northern Brewer web site I knew it was going to be my final shopping source. These guys have the BEST Brewing in a box out there on the market. I was amazed at how the great the packaging was, as I worried about my glass items arriving broken. Everything was packaged adequetly and in a very organized manner. I purchased the Deluxe kit with glass carboys and couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend this kit, as well as getting the Gravity Testing kit and the Fresh Start kit. Trust me, you will need these kits as well. I also recommend watching their online videos, as they show you in detail on how to do your First Brew. (Posted on 2/20/13)
Great Kit - Great Customer Service Review by Sam Rackham
I received my NB deluxe kit with BetterBottle carboys last week (after some shipping delay due to a delay in NB receiving more BetterBottles). NB was very good at providing me status of the order during this time. They were also very accommodating when I asked questions regarding the kit before my purchase. All of the components of the kit appear quality and all of the getting started documentation was excellent. I brewed my first batch with the kit today (porter of my own design - extract with specialty grains) and the parts of the kit I used today all worked flawlessly. The BetterBottles are much easier to carry compared to glass carboys I have helped move in the past and seem so much safer. Looking forward to seeing how this batch comes out and doing my next batch. I would definitely recommend NB to anyone! (Posted on 2/19/13)
can't be beat. Review by Johnathan
Got a Mr. Beer kit for christmas, quickly got hooked, and had to get the "real deal." After weeks of shopping, including the local brew shops, this kit could not be beat. Just used it las weekend and could not be happier. (Posted on 2/5/13)
Almost Perfect! Review by John
After attending a brew day with my brother, I knew I had to do this for myself. He pointed out a few items that his starter kit did not come with and that he lamented only having a single carboy, so I ordered the deluxe kit with glass carboys and the Irish Red extract kit.

The equipment itself arrived in perfect condition and the kit has almost everything you would need (had to get a stock pot separately.)

Here is where the "almost" perfect comes in. The Irish Red extract kit was a sticky mess when I opened it. I did ship 2nd day Air, so it is plausible that pressure changes caused the malt extract to leak, but it seemed to me that the lid just wasn't on tight enough. At any rate, it didn't leak enough to prevent me from brewing. What did bring me to a halt was the fact that the Willamette hops was completely missing from the kit.

I got back on the website and started a customer service chat explaining the situation. Within 2 minutes and very few questions asked, Northern Brewer had a new complete Irish Red ale kit on the way to me. That is some serious customer service!

Highly recommend this kit!
(Posted on 1/14/13)
Perfect Kit to get started with! Review by Brent
Received this kit for Christmas as I have been wanting to get into brewing for quite some time. Planning to brew the Caribou Slobber this weekend and very excited! (Posted on 1/4/13)
Perfect kit with very little left out Review by Kyle
I got this kit a little over a month ago and just bottled my first batch of Irish Red. It tastes better than I would have thought and I had a great time last night brewing a Patersbier. This kit comes well packaged and the DVD spells out everything you need to do to brew successfully. I think the kit is a great value but I would have liked to have gotten a brew kettle along with everything else. Besides bottles it is the one thing I noticed you absolutely have to have in addition to this kit.

I couldn't recommend this kit enough and will be splurging on one for my brother to try and get him in on the hobby/obsession. (Posted on 12/31/12)
Fast shipping! Review by Jason
Just got the kit!! Very excited to start my first Brew, evrything looks good! (Posted on 12/14/12)
Great Starter Kit Review by Alex
This was my first brewing kit and I have been very pleased with the contents so far. After my first beer I bought a bottle tree and another secondary carboy to brew more often. Now we are doing about one brew per week and the kit has already paid for itself compared to the cost of similar beers from the liquor store. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in home brew. (Posted on 12/12/12)
Best starter kit hands down! Review by Kevin
I looked everywhere for the best kit for my money, if you spend the extra $20 for glass carboys, you get a top quality home brewing setup. I'm just starting out and I want to do it right from the beginning, full boil and secondary carboy. Everything else in the kit is quality too. You really can't go wrong or get a better beginner setup then this. Everything was packaged real well. Good shipping time. I'm already thinking of buying a 2nd primary and 2nd secondary to double my output.

Highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about getting into this. (Posted on 12/11/12)
Everything you need right here Review by Bon
I shopped around for the best starter kit. This is it!
I'm on my third batch with this kit and everything works great. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking to get into homebrewing. It has everything you need and it's very easy to add on to.
I'm now into partial grain brewing, and with only a few small additions to this kit I was ready to roll.
5 stars across the board! (Posted on 12/3/12)
Very great kit for the price Review by Davis
Im new to making beer but I looked everywhere to find the best bang for my buck. Hands down this is the best system for the money. The instructions and videos make your first time brewing very easy. This also comes with a very nice book that tells you the basics and then tells you everything else. I learned alot from the book and video. I would recommend this kit for any starter. My first batch is bubbling and I cant wait. Already ordered a couple more kits. Thanks NB (Posted on 10/31/12)
Great customer service! Great product! Review by Timothy
I just received my kit! Everything was fine except for one thing. I contacted customer service and spoke with Dan, SUPER fast fixed my issue and very kind! I will recommend this product and service to everyone!! (Posted on 10/30/12)
2 years, 20 batches, still going strong Review by Don
Excellent kit. Have recommended to many friends who are also pleased. Other than a bigger funnel and the spring tip bottle filler, all items of kit continue to perform. Got the $40 pot, a free pickle bucket from Jason's deli, and a couple of used office water jugs for long term mead fermenting and that is my total kit. Haven't had a bad batch yet (knock wood). Latest brew is the White House Honey Porter. Should be ready just in time for the election. It looked and smelled wonderful going into the secondary. Advise glass fermenters. Easy cleaning and more traditional. (Posted on 10/18/12)
WARNING: You will become addicted to homebrewing Review by Dustin
This kit came with everything it promised, except more capacity. I am going on my fourth week of brewing, and am already planning my fourth brew. It's fun, and this kit makes it easy. Now... does anyone have a sure-fire way to convince my wife to let me buy more carboys and recipe kits?

If you're curious about homebrewing, PLEASE buy this kit. But, beware. You will be coming back for more! (Posted on 10/8/12)
Exactly what you need! Review by Brandon
I got this kit in the mail on Friday and brewed my first beer (Caribou Slobber) on Saturday. This kit is amazing. I searched several sites and for this was the only kit I could find that had a secondary fermenter, glass carboys, and an extract kit all included at a very good price. I added the Brewery Essentials Gravity Testing Kit so that I could check the SG but it isn't required. The equipment is of very good quality and the price is least as far as I could find. You won't be disappointed with this purchace! Highly Recommend. (Posted on 10/7/12)