Dry Dock Breakwater Pale Ale Pro Series Extract Kit w/Specialty Grains

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Aggressive? Hoppy? You may think you know your American Pale Ales, but Breakwater stands out from the field. The combination of Chinook and Citra builds a rolling tide of tangerine and lemon-citrus flavors across your tongue, while the grain bill adds a slightly bready but subtle base. The hops sail right through the finish, leaving a dry character that lingers until your next sip, which usually doesn’t take too long. Very drinkable and very unique; a bit like our popular Chinook IPA taken to a whole new level.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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Dry Dock Breakwater Pale Ale Pro Series Extract Kit w/Specialty Grains

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Aggressive? Hoppy? You may think you know your American Pale Ales, but Breakwater stands out from the field. The combination of Chinook and Citra builds a rolling tide of tangerine and lemon-citrus flavors across your tongue, while the grain bill adds a slightly bready but subtle base. The hops sail right through the finish, leaving a dry character that lingers until your next sip, which usually doesn’t take too long. Very drinkable and very unique; a bit like our popular Chinook IPA taken to a whole new level. Dry Dock Brewing Company of Aurora CO is one of the hottest up and coming breweries in the US. In the 6 years that it has been open, it has racked up more than a dozen World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festival medals, including Small Brewing Company of the Year. But to try one of their amazing brews you’d have to live in the tiny section of Colorado they cater to. Good thing for the rest of us Dry Dock has worked closely with Northern Brewer to develop these Pro-Series beer kits. We’ve sourced the same ingredients and kept all the recipe particulars the same, just scaled down to your homebrewery. Enjoy!

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style USA
Beer Style American Pale Ale/Cream Ale
Color Light
Original Gravity 1049
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Like a hopped up dream... Review by Benjamin
Ahh, balance. This is what Breakwater Pale is all about. Our first home-brewed Pale, and to sum things up, my wife simply says "I would buy this over and over again at the finest of breweries"... Super smooth, balanced hop bite, great aroma, on and on. Followed instructions, and after a guest came over on a recent spring day, all that was left was empties... Gonna brew a few more of these! (Posted on 4/19/15)
Best beer I've brewed so far Review by Phil
Been brewing for a little over a year now and the dry dock pale ale is definitely the best batch I've brewed thus far. (Posted on 2/16/15)
Amazing Beer Review by Kyle
Second time brewing this beer. Such a great one. I like this better than almost any pale ale or IPA available in stores. (Posted on 12/2/14)
Perfect! Review by Brian
In the past I've never really had much luck brewing IPA's or pale ales. They just turned out a little..."off." Finally an awesomely brewed pale ale. It was in the primary for ten days and the secondary for about two weeks. Dry hopped (first time) for one week prior to bottling. I normally bottle condition between two to three weeks before prying the first cap. I actually was anxious and opened my first one after twelve days. It was simply delicious. I WILL be brewing this kit again. Perhaps I'll try the all grain. (Posted on 7/31/14)
My favorite kit,so far Review by jack
A good American pale ale. This ale is in my personal flavor zone. Good malt base, and a flavorful hop taste. I was suprised how much I would like this combination of hops. Brewed as per recipe, 4 weeks + in 2nd fermenter. 4 weeks minimum conditioning. Down to my last 12 bottles, and no more sharing. I've had no bad batches with northern brewer, this far. Their descriptions of their recipes are always acurate. I usually enjoy my batches, thinking what's next. This is the first time I've thought I will make this again, and soon. Need enough around so I'm willing to share. (Posted on 6/4/14)
Best so far Review by Thomas
Do yourself a favor and brew this beer. This was my 5th batch and by far the best. I'm a fan pale ales and I'll have to say this is one of the best tasting brews I've had in a while. (Posted on 5/5/14)
Best homebrew I ever made!!! Review by Joel
This beer is just simply awesome!! Description is dead on acurate. Did 3 weeks primary (dry hopping the citra the last 7 days) straight to bottling and 2 weeks to condition. Wouldn't change a thing! Came out perfect! Has the slight bite like an IPA but not over powering. Very easy to drink with wonderful aroma and smooth balance. Will be making this a repeat brew and a main stay to have on hand. Won't last long once you try it. (Posted on 3/8/14)
Maybe just one more... Review by Squankdog
I am a fan of American pale ales and hoppy brews, but have never used (or tasted, AFAIK) citra hops. Brewed the extract kit, 3 weeks primary, 4 weeks secondary, dry hopped the last 2 weeks (my experience with Dead Ringer is that longer dry hopping really makes the hop aroma bloom). Irish moss to make it pretty.
So I pop the top on the first bottle, not sure what to expect, and it is ... different that any brew I've had, great citrus-y aroma, plenty of hop bite but still balanced, medium mouthfeel, light white head, fairly light in color.
But do I like it? I am not sure, so I opened another to be sure...
Long story short, those 2 cases disappeared fast, and I wound up guarding these with my shillelagh. Hey, normally I brew, share, enjoy, but these I kept for me. This kit is my new favorite session beer - it is just perfectly balanced and really, really good. If you're a fan of pale ales, do yourself a favor and brew it. (Posted on 2/17/14)
Came out really nice Review by Chris
Used the wyeast 1056 liquid option. 10 days in the primary, 10 days in the secondary and dry hopped during the last 7 days. Bottle conditioned for 2 weeks. Ended up with a 5.2% ABV and was a lot more amber in color than the picture but came out very clear. Not extremely bitter like an IPA but the citra hops added a great aroma. This beer smells wonderful. Very easy to drink, more floral than citrusy and a touch of sweetness. It was a hit with all my friends and I will definitely brew again, next time using the all-grain kit. (Posted on 2/11/14)
Excellent recipe Review by Jim
My Dry Dock Pale Ale is still in secondary, but samples along the way are excellent. I've brewed hundreds of batches of various pale ales, extra pale ales, lagers, and Dry Dock has great hop taste, citrusy, and smoother than IPA's I've brewed. I'm anxiously awaiting it first out of the bottle! (Posted on 12/2/13)
Great Pale Ale Review by Marty
This was my first ever try at a full 5 gallon recipe kit, and I gotta say, this is probably the best pale ale I've ever tried (through no fault of my own). Primary fermentation for 2 weeks, secondary for another 2 1/2 weeks with dry hopping the last 7 days, then primed and bottled for about ten days. Opening a bottle revealed very little carbonation, so I moved the batch to a warmer part of the house for about a week. Two days ago showed just a bit more carbonation, I opened one tonight and it was much better. Decent head, very nice overall flavor and citrus tones, good and hoppy with a long finish without being overbearing. I'll definitely be brewing this one again, maybe with a replacement for the chinook hops, as they're just a bit too aggressive for the little lady's taste. (Posted on 11/19/13)
good stuff Review by Ross
Delicious. I definitely recommend secondary. Let it sit for a while. Then enjoy! (Posted on 11/10/13)
Good Stuff Review by Ronald J
Just sampled this about 15 minutes ago. I fermented at 70 degrees for 7 days. Racked to secondary for 6 weeks and dry hopped using the Citra hops the last seven days. Kegged it 5 days ago. The description of this ale is 100% accurate. Ar first tip of the pint you really that tangerine lemon accent, not overpowering, just perfect. Then the hops kick in...perfectly balanced and lingering taste. I live in Florida...this will be my one of my summer brews for now on. I really like it. (Posted on 9/20/13)
Best homebrew to date Review by Brian
I substituted 1oz leaf hops (kit comes w/ pellets) in the secondary, and then 1/2oz Citra leaf hops in the keg. After 3-4 days in the keg, it's quite tasty. I've only brewed 7-8 batches, but this is the best so far and most "un-homebrew" like. (Posted on 9/17/13)
award winner Review by Fred
Brewed in 2013. Took an H.Mention Will add more hops next time (Posted on 8/30/13)
The Best! Review by Mike
The aroma of this beer is simply the best I've ever smelled. I am now fermenting a second batch right now, ready to be bottled tomorrow. The first batch did not last long at all. One of the best tasting, if not best, pale ales I've ever had. And that includes commercial brews like Great Lakes Burning River among others. Simply a fantastic beer I can't wait to be ready to consume the second batch. (Posted on 8/20/13)
One of my NB favorites, a citrusy treat Review by Stephen
I've brewed this twice now. Let me put it this way -- the first time I made it, those two cases didn't last very long. One of my favorites over the year I've been home brewing. A solid pale ale with a nice citrusy vibe. A week in the primary, two weeks in the secondary, with that last week for dry-hopping. Second batch will be ready to drink tomorrow, just in time for some friends coming over for dinner. (Posted on 8/16/13)
Outstanding! Review by Mad Brewer
If you like hoppy pale ales, you'll love this Dry Dock Breakwater kit. I brewed this exactly as instructed, adding the dry hops 1 week before bottling. This is possibly the best beer I've ever brewed. I've never tasted the real product that this is based on, but I highly recommend this kit. (Posted on 8/9/13)
Best Pale Ale? Review by Robert
This is the favorite beer that I have brewed from my first 22 batches including 10 all grain batches. Fantastic hops profile - not over the top - but strong aroma and flavor. Sadly, it is all gone. I bought the all grain version and can't wait to give it a shot! Do not doubt - this will make an outstanding middle bodied, middle alcohol, mid-high bitterness, strong hop flavor and aroma American Pale Ale. Awesomeness... (Posted on 7/13/13)
surprise Review by explorer
Funny , recently ordered about ten various kits from NB , putting drydock apricot on the bottom of the list of expectations. Turns out this baby was the biggest hit of all. Not just me but everyone! Tart, slightly sweet, lightly hopped;a real treat.One was never enough. So damm drinkable. Even my 78 yer mother knocked back a few .Expensive but worth it. So damm unique! Get it you won't regret it. (Posted on 6/21/13)
Great for Beginners Review by Adam
I bought this to do for my first ever batch and the results exceeded my expectations. I modified the recipe a bit by adding some centennial during the last 15 mins of the boil, did 4 weeks in primary with the dry-hopping during the last 9 days. Super easy.
Prior to doing this kit, I hadn't tasted an extract homebrew for 6-7 years, and I have to say that they've come a long way since then. That "homebrew" taste I remember is very minimal and it honestly drinks like something you'd get at a brewery. Can't recommend this one enough if you're a beginner. (Posted on 5/24/13)
Awesomeness in a bottle Review by todd
I enjoy a good pale ale, and this one was easy to brew, and is a favorite of the crew around the house. (Posted on 5/12/13)
3.5 stars - good and balanced Review by jeff
But reminds me of a cider, more so than a beer, although its still a beer. If that makes sense. Still, its very smooth and I'll enjoy until the end! (Posted on 3/22/13)
Stop reading and buy it! Review by Joshua
This beer rocks. I left in primary for 4 weeks, then transferred it to secondary and dry hopped it for 7 days. I also screwed up and boiled for an extra ten minutes on brew day, but it still came out amazing. I also did this as a full boil, so I used the hop schedule from the all grain recipe sheet, and I'll be brewing this one again. (Posted on 3/11/13)
What I'd hope for... Review by Steve
Didn't know I liked beer with hops up front until I consumed some Rangers which really grew on me. Read the description of this one and had to try it. Did it by the book; 2 in primary 4 in secondary with the dry hopping for the final week. Had a couple after only 2 weeks in the bottle and very pleased with it. I'm sure it will get better. This is only my second partial grain kit and now realize what the previous half dozen all extract kits were missing! (Posted on 1/11/13)
So bitter it makes you wanna smack your mama!!! Review by Don
Ok, no THAT bitter, but more than I expected. But it grew on me, non the less.

This brew has a very hop forward aroma that was trailed by that floral bitterness. Also quite citrusy. (Posted on 1/7/13)
Excellent Balance Review by William
Was worried I had ruined this batch (left in primary for almost 3 months - you know, work, family all that other stuff got in the way - drained it into secondary with the citra for about a week, then bottled. After two weeks in the bottle the taste is fantastic! So good in fact that this has made my top five favorite batches of all time; and I thought I had killed it!
This is super drinkable (goes down too easy) with a wonderful hop aroma but lacking the bitter associated with a hoppy brew so even then women like it; no offense. So smooth, you'll love it! (Posted on 12/2/12)
Super Pale Ale Review by Jeff
Crisp and refreshing with great aroma and nice hop kick. This was only the 7th batch I brewed but so far this is by far the best I've made. (Posted on 10/23/12)
Nothing quite like it! Review by Richard
Wow! I've been brewing for a few years, and drinking for more than a few decades - and this one is really different than anything I've brewed or tasted. An extremely unusual balance of light, dry drinkability for an ale, but with an undeniably strong hop presence, without being overly bitter. This has a great floral/citrus aroma, as the Citra dry-hop works really well in combination with the Chinook's moderate bittering. This pale goes down like a session beer, but has tons of character, so you sacrifice nothing. I'm putting it in my shopping cart to order more now, as I finish my 2nd one! (Posted on 9/4/12)
Awesome Review by Charles
Awesome kit! Used the whole Oz of citra for dry hopping and it turned out great. I highly recommend this kit. (Posted on 7/31/12)
Awesome APA Review by Kanddr
This APA is nice and hoppy but not bitter like an IPA. If you like hops but an IPA is a bit too much for you then this kit is the one to get. It is extremely refreshing and an easy drinker.
I havent used Citra hops but they do the magic when dry hopping this kit. I tasted it before dry hopping and it was good but not outstanding (partially because of the green beer) but after dry hopping for 7 days it was a completely different beer. Give it a try and you'll love it. (Posted on 7/31/12)
Great Pale Ale Review by Mike
I wish I could taste this from the brewer but I can't get it around here. Whatever, I AM happy they decided to share the recipe! Probably my favorite pale ale I've brewed in 15 years. I wouldn't go so far as to suggest it is an IPA, and wonder why some complain it is TOO bitter - makes me wonder if they didn't cool it down fast enough or something... I've had MY head shrunken from doing that. But I'll certainly brew this again before long. (Posted on 7/27/12)
Delicious Hoppiness Review by Aaron
This beer just smells great, the Citra dry-hopping really does the trick. It tastes pleasantly bitter--almost like an IPA! Leaves a nice, fresh, citrus tingling on your tongue. Can't wait to show this one to friends/family. (Posted on 7/19/12)
Outstanding Review by Bob
Very hoppy. My new favorite. (Posted on 7/12/12)
Can't stop tasting Review by Scott
One of the best beers I have brewed!
Just put on tap and I just love the flavor! (Posted on 7/9/12)
WOW!!! Review by Humvavlo
This is THE BEST pale ale I have ever tasted.
The dry hops leave a perfect aroma.
My new favorite! (Posted on 6/15/12)
Got rave reviews Review by Erics Hysterics
Far hoppier than I expected from the recipe. Shared with a friend who had just made his first homebrew batch. He immediately asked for the recipe. A great summer beer. Light, crisp and very refreshing. (Posted on 5/6/12)
Refreshing and an outstanding aroma Review by James M
Extract version - one week primary, two weeks secondary (including 10 days .5 oz Citra dry hop), followed by four days kegged.

On the lighter side, color-wise with a golden yellow color. The aroma is just so nice from the Citra. Really melony fruity. I think .5 oz works great here for the style, but it would be fun to try it in larger quantity in an IPA. Flavor is solid American Pale Ale with good bright citrus hoppiness. My only gripe is it seems a little thin in the finish (could be a brewer error or just that the beer is still a little green). But overall, this is a nice beer that will certainly go fast! (Posted on 5/3/12)
WOW Review by Dirty Mexican
This Beer is great!! 1 Week in Primary, 2 weeks in secondary, then kegged it! Wow this stuff is amazaing! This will be on my do over list and I will be very depressed when I have to remove the empty keg from the kegerator when this suff is gone! (Posted on 5/3/12)
Superb pale ale - really an IPA Review by Abcoult
This was my first try at brewing. The instructions and
Kit were simple and resulted in an excellent beer. I need to get the next one I have almost drank all of it already ! (Posted on 5/2/12)
Pure Bliss Review by Len
Used the whole oz of Citra for the dry hop. Wow! Talk about citrusy, hoppy goodness. A simple brew to make. I used the dry yeast and it comes out clear with a nice head. Thank you NB and Dry Dock! (Posted on 4/5/12)
well described Review by tim
I'm new to this and the Breakwater is only my second brew. Used only the kit, Wyeast, and followed the boil/ferment instructions. 1 week primary, 1 week dry hopped secondary, 2 weeks in the bottles. It's fine beer that can be compared to some of my favorite commercial brews only fresher. Great hop presence. Like the description says, it could be an IPA. 5 stars because the description was the result. Like another reviewer, I may go for an IPA kit for that result, or an EPA kit for that result. (Posted on 4/3/12)
Tasty Review by Lonnie
I wish I could give half stars, as this beer as VERY tasty, but I couldn't give it a full 5 in good conscience as it was just too bitter for a pale. I actually chose it to try something more drinkable and smooth, as I usually brew heavy browns or strong IPAs. After having several bottles I will say this.

If I hadn't been told what it was I would assume an IPA. Its bitter. (thats not a bad thing)

It is deliscious though. I am enjoying it a lot, but would warn away anyone looking for a smoother pale ale. (Posted on 3/29/12)
Fantastically Awesome Review by Boller
Great beer, great hop tast and aroma. Used WLP041, did a great job with the clarity and finished well. Will definitely add this one to the keeper list. (Posted on 3/13/12)
Excellent Pale Ale Review by Nathan
First beer that I have brewed in over a year. Bypassed the secondary and just dry hopped in the keg. Very good beer before the dry hoping. After dry hopping there is a whole other layer of intense, fun flavor. I will most definitely be brewing this one again. (Posted on 3/13/12)

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