Dunkelweizen Extract Kit

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Dunkelweizen is an amber colored version of a Bavarian hefeweizen, with a hazy mahogany color, medium-full body, and spicy, bready aromas and flavors.

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Dunkelweizen Extract Kit

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Its name means "dark wheat," and that's just what it is. An amber-colored version of a German hefeweizen, Dunkelweizen has the same spicy yeast and creamy wheat character of its pale counterpart, but with as much rich maltiness as a dark Bavarian lager. This kit produces an ale with a hazy mahogany color, medium-full body, and spicy, bready aromas and flavors.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style German/Czech/Continental
Beer Style German Ales, Wheat Beers
Color Amber
Original Gravity 1053
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Don't Hesitate... Review by Steve
I've brewed this Dunkelweizen twice, and will be brewing it again. I didn't make any modifications to the recipe. I always keep an assortment of the different beers I've brewed on hand for family visits. The Dunkelweizen is always a favorite. It is a mild beer with a creamy, malt flavor. Medium brown color, good head retention. I've been proud of how this one turns out. (Posted on 5/3/14)
Shocked me Review by thomas
Spent some time in Germany and I have to say this beer took me back.... I'm more of an IPA drinker but this beer is incredible. I did add 8 oz Caramunich and 2 oz Chocolate Malt, and I have to say this is the best beer I have made. Everyone wants more of it, but I don't want to give it out. Lol. Enjoy - cheers (Posted on 12/29/13)
YUM! Review by Dustin
Good traditionals hefeweizen flavor with a more roasted caramel flavor. (Posted on 11/10/13)
Excellent Drink Review by Brewing Secrets
Great Beer. It is a very good crowd pleaser. My friends enjoyed it. The only thing I might do next time is add some extra hops just for a slight kick. (Posted on 11/8/13)
Good flavor Review by Bigfloppy
I added a lb of chocolate malt to this recipe and it comes out great. Good malty sweetness with a hint of hops. Great for a cold winter night. (Posted on 10/29/13)
Best Brew Yet Review by Robert
I have brewed around a dozen extract kits thus far. Not an expert yet but this is my best brew yet. Brewed twice already. (Posted on 8/29/13)
Good Review by Jean
Good, full beer.
Not the same taste as a Dunkel Hefeweizen in Germany, but still great!
(Posted on 8/24/13)
Excellernt. Wunderbar. Lecker! Review by Mark
Great Bavarian beer. Delicious. Always like having some on hand. (Posted on 7/16/13)
Needs something Review by James
This was a good brew, but it was missing something. I will be trying a few different grain options next time I brew. Still a real good beer if you never have tried this style. (Posted on 5/13/13)
Pretty good Review by Nick
I picked up 8 oz Caramunich and 2 oz Chocolate Malt and steeped for 30 minutes at 150F. Other than that, followed the recipe closely, using the liquid wyeast weiehnstephan 3068 and making a starter. Fermented at 68F for 2.5 weeks, then racked to secondary and left for 3 weeks. Primed with 7 oz corn sugar, had almost 5.5 gallons. Tasted after 1.5 weeks, delicious but no head. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the results; it turned out pretty close to what a Bavarian dunkelweizen should be. (Posted on 8/9/12)
Good dark wheat Review by AJ
This beer is good, just not great. It was my first batch so it might have been my fault. I used some specialty grains like other people suggested. It's good but there is just something missing. (Posted on 4/20/12)
Expected better... probably my fault Review by Nick
Good initial flavor and great color, slight aftertaste that I cannot pinpoint. I could all be my fault though. I have noticed differences between bottles and it may have something to do with my daughter dropping an unknown amount of carb tabs into every bottle as we bottled it up. I love a good dark beer and this has the strong flavors I am looking for....... hopefully next time will be better. (Posted on 4/12/12)
Another great brew! Review by Big Red
Everything went well here except that I added a bit too much sugar for bottling so it is a bit too carbed. I wanted it to be more carbed to fit the wheat style but I went overboard. Still tastes great! (Posted on 2/3/12)
Good - not great Review by Andy - Charlotte NC
A decent beer, but I was hoping for a darker color and deep maltier taste than what was the end product. While a good beer, both session and with food, it wasn't great. I think there needs to be some specialty grains added or maybe a tweek to the hops to get the taste right. If its your first beer, try it and maybe add 1/2 pound of darker, munich grains to help it out. (Posted on 11/19/11)
My first Homebrew Review by Sgt. Shultz
I started brewing just over a year ago. This kit was my first attempt at brewing. I just pulled the last bomber out of my beer stash and it is a great beer even after a year in storage. If you like Dunkelweizen then this kit is for you. Always use a liquid yeast for German wheats. (Posted on 11/12/11)
Great beer! Review by Josh
I modified the kit with 1/2lb chocolate wheat, 1/2 Caramunich. I made a great beer and I will be brewing it again but in the All-Grain method next. (Posted on 10/12/11)
Good base but needs grains Review by Josh
After add some special grains it made a great beer! (Posted on 10/6/11)
slight modification makes this really good Review by Paul
Since this kit doesn't have any specialty grains I added a pound of crushed chocolate wheat steeping for 20min before the boil at 70C. This adds more complexity and makes it quite notable. Not exactly the Franziskaner I was looking for, but almost there! (Posted on 3/26/11)
Add this and enjoy Review by Dave
After reading the reviews I decided to beef up this dark wheat a bit. I steeped one pound of dark wheat,one pound of carawheat, and 1/2 pound of chocolate wheat grains in the boil before I added the extract. Doubled up on the liquid yeast. Used Coopers carbonating drops.After tasting I had to go buy a Franziskaner to see if I was as close as I think I am. Simply delicious. This one needs to sit down for a few weeks before you drink it. (Posted on 3/25/11)
Something is not quite right... Review by dvb
Something is not quite right with this kit. Adding water to bring the total volume to 5 gallons, as indicated on the inventory sheet, resulted in an OG of 1.044 and a reading of 1.008 when racking to secondary. The result? A pale, watery, slightly astringent mess that ended up in the drain. If I were to make this again, I would not simply top off the wort to 5 gallons in the fermenter. Rather, I would add water to the kettle after cooling until I reached the anticipated original gravity of 1.049. (Posted on 3/20/11)
A little disappointed Review by Greg
I think the recipe needs some tweeking - maybe some specialty grains to add character in addition to the LME . My batch looked like a pale ale and tasted more like a hefeweizen. A nice glass of "liquid dark bread" is what I'm after and although drinkable, this recipe falls short in my opinion. (Posted on 1/23/11)
solid Review by Dennis P
Solid beer..Light on the flavor originally but really grows well with age.... a good wheat beer...I couldn't get much carbonation on this one from the keg but maybe its just me....again, solid wheat beer that ages very well (Posted on 1/6/11)
A croud pleaser Review by Jimz
I made this and added a few 'extras' an extra lb. of wheat DME, 1 oz. bitter orange peel, and a few whole cloves. It turned out great! Unfortunatly it went way to fast!! I will brew this one again in the near future. (Posted on 12/31/10)
My Husband's Favorite Review by St Paul Gal
If you're expecting Franziskaner, this is not it, but it's a great beer. I brewed this in September and we've been drinking it all winter. Easy to brew, and every time I share some with my husband, he says, "Yeah, that IS good beer...is there another bottle?" Let it sit for at least 4 weeks in the bottle. (Posted on 12/28/10)
too similar to hefeweizen Review by JBmadtown
I brewed the hefeweizen and then two months later brewed the dunkelweizen. The color difference is minimal and I use the late extract addition method to keep my extract beers from getting too dark.

The banana, clove, and bread of the wy3068 have come out nicely. However, I was hoping for a richer maltiness that isn't coming through yet. (Posted on 12/22/10)
Good, not great (yet?) Review by K. Boswell
So I brewed this kit for my brother-in-law as a holiday gift. His favorite beer is one that is modeled after, Franziskaner [sp]. Two weeks after bottling, here is what I get out of it:

Amazing aroma, reminiscent of warm banana bread; a clean and very forward initial taste and mouth feel; but then, poor head retention. And most (potentially disappointing) lack of malt bill and body throughout the taste. When my wife sampled it, she echoed my first assumption: "It tastes watery, or something"

Maybe it is still young, perhaps I fouled something up, perhaps the recipe needs some crushed grain instead of using all malt syrup...I just don't know. Overall, I would say the jury is still out on this one... (Posted on 12/5/10)
Winner! Review by J_to_the_B
So this one didn't turn as as dunkel as I would have thought.... but it was still quite good. I used White Labs 380 yeast, which imparted a lot of pleasant banana notes. I entered this beer in a local homebrew comp and won 1st Place in it's category! (Posted on 11/16/10)
A good spring dunkel Review by The brewing goat
Brewed this last mothers day, it was tasty. If you enjoy a solid dunkel here you go. (Posted on 11/2/10)
First Batch, Not Perfect But Darn Good Review by Brian
As the summary noted this was my first batch of beer and I brewed it with a neighbors kit and assistance. Overall, I'm really happy with the beer and more importantly my wife was impressed and I can get my own gear (thanks honey).. This is week 2 of bottle conditioning and there is carbonation but there isn't much head to the beer (probably my mistake somewhere). This beer goes down smooth and has nice flavors (we used the upgraded yeast). Will brew again. (Posted on 10/28/10)
Tasty Brew Review by Chuck Bizzo!
I brewed this as my second homebrew. I followed one reviewers suggestion to include the Wyeast 3638 liquid yeast (which after tasting I will recommend as well). I was really really happy with the results. This kit makes a full flavored delicious dunkel that most fans of the style should be pleased with. I had to leave it in the bottles a few days longer than the recommended time so if it doesn't taste quite right at first give it some time. If you like the style buy it, nuff said. (Posted on 3/1/10)