HopShot is CO2-extracted hop resin that can be used for bittering or late additions to boiling wort — treat it just like leaf or pellet hops added during the boil.

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HopShot - CO2-extracted hop resin


HopShot is CO2-extracted hop resin that can be used for bittering or late additions to boiling wort — treat it just like leaf or pellet hops added during the boil. The HopShot syringe contains 5 milliliters of extract. One milliliter of HopShot yields approximately 10 IBUs in 5 gallons of 1.050 wort when boiled for 60 minutes. Test batches indicate that this bitterness may be slightly less agressive on the palate than your average hop addition. Click here for help with HopShot IBU calculations: HopShot

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Customer Reviews

Messy & Not Worth It (to me) Review by Hoppy McDermit
I made a IIPA (AG) that included a few shots of this stuff. In spite of the other glowing reviews, I found this stuff to be messy, leaving all sorts of super sticky residue on everything it touched; kettle, silicone hose, chiller! Perhaps worth it if the bittering contribution was quality however, I didn't find it to be quite as good as simple pellets. Also, as funny as this may sound, I swear this stuff made a nauseating beer. Everyone who drank a few had a touch of nausea the next day. I know... ha ha. You be the judge. (Posted on 12/16/14)
Fantastic product Review by Glen
I've used this in many American styles for the bittering and even for a 20 minute addition in IPAs where I finish with plenty of flame out hops.

The cost savings is great but more important to me is the reduction in hop material sucking up my wort.

My only complaint is it only comes in one size. I'd love to have buy 10 or 20 ml versions. (Posted on 10/21/14)
Just keep one on hand Review by Nathan
About 6 months ago I got one of these just in case it would be useful (but I didn't have a specific need). I figured for 3 bucks, it would be good to have around. Today it payed off.

I was brewing a pilsner and the Mt. Hood hops that I got from the LHBS were only 3.4% rather than the 6.5% that the software had anticipated. So when brew day was happening, I realized I was going to be WAY low on bitterness. The shop was closed, so I thought I was up a creek. Then I remembered I had gotten that hop shot. A few minutes later I had calculated the right dosage and the problem was solved. When this one is gone, I will certainly get another to keep on hand.
(Posted on 9/7/14)
Great hop addition Review by Knight420
This stuff works great!, for bittering or late hop addition and easy to use just wish I knew what type of hops were in it! I think cascade maybe some nugget and cluster. (Posted on 7/30/14)
Quick, less mess and works well. Review by Todd
Used this to up the IBU's of my last IPA, very easy to use and did a great job adding the desired bitterness. (Posted on 1/20/14)
5 ml per vial Review by Doug
I'm not sure why but there is no description of how much is in each vial. Well, each on has 5 ml and adds about 10 ibu to a 5 gallon batch. Comes with a computation chart to calculate the IBU based on boil times and specific gravity.

I've used them twice now in a double IPA with good success. They do get sticky, and DO NOT taste it. ruined my taste buds for days. (Posted on 12/26/13)
Convenient Application. Review by Jon
Used in place of 60min bittering hops and tastes the same as the Chinook pellets used in that recipe previously. (Posted on 11/23/13)
Great product Review by Gary
Hadn't tried it before, but will keep it on-hand going forward. Great product for bittering without all the residue. (Posted on 9/2/13)
Great Stuff Review by Rick
I've used this product several times with great success.Takes place of bittering additions. I've done beers that call for no late additions so hop shot was the only hop addition.The beers turned out great there is no difference in flavor. I highly recommend the use of this product. (Posted on 10/8/12)
Awesome Review by Craig
I used these for the FWH and bittering addition for my Pliny the Clone recipe. Works wonderfully, very hoppy and produced a hoppy tasty beer. Recommended! (Posted on 9/22/12)
Great stuff Review by BobBrews
Perfect for making beers without hop residue. Competitions and such. Easy to work with (when warmed). I hope someday most hop varieties will be represented? Maybe a revolution is at hand? (Posted on 2/8/12)
Awesome price Review by alanzo
Oh man, this stuff smells AWESOME. I have yet to do a full range of hop additions with this but it definitely has the aroma and flavor of fresh hops. It is just a bit generic with its hop variety. I guess if it were more specific the price would go up, though. A great way to save some $$ on your IIPA. (Posted on 4/13/10)
It works and it looks cool! Review by BobBrews
Used it for bittering. Worked as advertised. I cannot guess as to how it would work in place of late hop additions? I would like to have hop shots that have known hop types! (Posted on 4/10/10)

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