Imperial Stout Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

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A strong, pitch black beer with tan head, resounding with burnt, bitter chocolate character, hops, syrupy malt, and a warming alcohol note. A nice companion on a cold winter night or accompanying chocolate dessert. Recommended: 2-stage fermentation and yeast starter.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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Imperial stouts were first brewed in England for export to the royal courts of the Russian Tsars. The Tsars are gone but the beer remains, the "War and Peace" of stouts. This kit yields a pitch black beer with tan head, resounding with burnt, bitter chocolate character, hops, and syrupy malt. A viscous, chewy body finishing with lots of roast grain and a warming alcohol note. A nice companion on a cold winter night or accompanying chocolate dessert. Recommended: 2-stage fermentation and yeast starter.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style British
Beer Style British/American Strong Ale, Stout/Porter
Color Dark
Original Gravity 1086
Total Time to Make 4 months

Customer Reviews

Patience is a Virtue Review by spencer
Just tasted a sample from secondary 1.5 months after brewing. Amazing! Smooth tobacco tones (it's still a young beer). I'm adding Bourbon-soaked: cacao nibs (2 oz), vanilla beans (3), and dark oak chips (1 oz). Can't wait to cellar this all summer with wax, and try this next thanksgiving! (Posted on 3/8/15)
Use a bigger bucket and blow off tubing for primary Review by David
I bought a new 6.5 gallon bucket and used half inch blow off tubing and I still got a big mess in my basement from this beer blowing off the lid. I used 2 pks of dry yeast for primary instead of making a starter. Think next time might go buy a 7.5 gallon wine bucket for primary. Just moved it to secondary today 2/28/15, it smelled good and looked good so hoping no infections. hopefully will be trying this out in 6 months with bourbon and some wood chips added. (Posted on 2/28/15)
***Read Reviews: Use Blow off tube*** Review by Tyler
The top on my brewing bucket shot off about 12-14 hours into fermentation.

I brew at my girlfriends place so she wasn't too thrilled when she woke up this morning to the mess, but the dog loved it.

After I cleaned everything up I returned the top to the brewing bucket and put a new airlock on. Within a minute krausen started spewing from the airlock.

Went back on my lunch break today after reading some reviews and beer forums on using a blow off tube.

Seem to have the eruption under control and the beer that collected on the top of the lid is already pretty good.

Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
(Posted on 2/16/15)
Super Simple, High OG, Smells Great Review by Thomas O'Brien
Brewed this on 1.25.15 and I must say that it was super easy, and smelled great! Topped off the Carboy to make it 5gal and got an OG of 1.111 temp corrected to 60*F. I Used White Labs WLP007 Dry English Yeast with a starter and fermentation and WOW! Use a Blow-off hose with this yeast. I'm on day 4 of fermentation and things seem to be slowing down a bit. Did a taste test before pitching the yeast and this is a bold complex recipe with prominent dryness, coffee, and mild chocolate flavors that will definitely mellow out and blend together nicely once in secondary for a couple months. The Hops gives it a nice mild bitterness and very subtle warming comforting aroma. This beer should be ready to drink early May 2015, but I'll probably let half the batch age until October or so as it's flavor profile is more in-line with the cooler months. I'll keep you updated in a few months. Cheers!! (Posted on 1/29/15)
Brewed April 2011, shared the last bottle with friends January 2015. Review by Tom
This beer ages amazingly well. I see plenty of reviews talking about how great it is after a year, and it IS, but it really comes into it's own at around the 2-3 year mark. If you can wait it out you'll thank yourself. Make sure you use Oxygen absorbing caps and wax your bottles to seal them up tight before stashing them away to grow up.

Cheers. (Posted on 1/14/15)
Imperial Goodness Review by Anders
I added bourbon soaked Medium Toast Oak Spirals (2.5), bourbon soaked vanilla beans (2), and 2oz of vodka soaked cacao nibs to this beer. The result is pretty phenomenal. I wish I had saved some unadulterated, but alas. It makes for a great base for adding tasty extras. As I saw in a review I used a blowoff tube - DO THAT! Overall an easy kit - takes a while to be ready but it's worth the wait (Posted on 2/18/14)
Bottling day Review by Jeff
Brewed Thanksgiving weekend. Made an awesome mess during fermentation. I added a pound of dark Belgium candy at the end of the boil. Added coarse ground coffee last week. Samples have tasted great (Posted on 1/26/14)
On the repeat brew list Review by Tom
Just finished bottling my third batch. Not sure if my second batch will keep me in stock for the extra month I like to bottle age this beer. Will be making my forth batch soon so I have enough for my next party. This is one smooth beer it takes some time don't rush the aging process and you will be well rewarded. (Posted on 12/11/13)
Award winning brew. Review by Richard
I took two judges awards, and third over-all in a competition. (Posted on 12/8/13)
Yes! Blow off tube!!! Review by Steve
Brewed SOB #14 5/13. Put the primary in my closet and 24hrs later there was krausen coming out of the air lock. Ran and hooked up a blow off tube. All night I would wake up and here the blup...blup... of the yeasties doing their job. Primary for one month and straight to the bottle. 10% ABV. The alcohol was too much in the beginning. A cough-syrupy hit of alcohol on the front end followed by the great tastes of a dark stout or porter. It has been five months and the stout has mellowed some. The alcohol note is still there but not as face smacking as before, then the delicious taste of chocolate, caramel, coffee lingers after swallowing. This beer is great to sip on. Followed charts for the amount of priming sugar so I did not use the full 5oz. This beer has a great tan, thick head that lasts till the final drop. If you like alcohol and dark beer this is for you.! Will brew this one again. (Posted on 11/18/13)
Dying to try Review by Pete
My girlfriend and I brewed this beer a littl over a month ago and we both love imperial stouts and can't wait to finally crack into it. Be aware there is some activity in the airlock during secondary fermentation. I will definitely put another review after bottling and getting to drink one. (Posted on 10/20/13)
I call it "The Grudge" Review by anthony
I added 1lb dark Belgian candi sugar and got a og of 1.096. I went to Montana for work and suffered a blow off, lucky for me, my wife cleaned it up and only insisted I buy some fermcap, haha.
Racked to secondary (fg 1.024) and added cocoa nibs. It sat in the secondary for 5 months before I added some American medium plus oak soaked in Bulliet Rye Whiskey. Bottling after 2 months on oak. Yum yum yum! (Posted on 9/18/13)
use a blow off tube Review by mark
Just after 12 hours in my 6.5 gallon carboy it blew the air lock off , good thing I had a blow off tube , with the blow off tube in a bottle of water it sounded like a air hose being blown in there (Posted on 4/8/13)
Delicious Review by Sean
My favorite brews have always been the darker stouts. With that in mind, I bought this kit with high hopes. Was not disappointed. Smell great when brewed, tasted pretty good when transferred to the secondary, tasted great when bottling and is amazing after 3 weeks in the bottle.

One thing I would recommend to anyone looking to brew this; blow off tube. I have a 6.5 gallon carboy, filled to a little under 5gallons and suffered a blow out ( fortunately nothing serious, I caught it well before it made a huge mess ).

Highly recommended if you like the dark and offensive brews. (Posted on 1/29/13)
Superbly Aged Review by M. Shea
I brewed this kit 3 years ago, during an August heat wave. I drank all but one the following winter 2010. I just drank the last one here during a chilly Nebraska night. All flavors had blended together, not leaving your typical 5 part experience to tasting a young beer of this type. The alcohol bite long gone, replaced by the gentle mouth coating chocolate. Do age this beer. (Posted on 12/28/12)
It's so damn good! Review by William
Let this one AGE! I can't stress that enough.
I've tasted it over the period of 4 months, and it's tasting awesome right now!

I only made 4.5 gallons though, I wanted it to be thicker and boy it is... Had an OG of 1.101, FG of 1.036.
Couldn't be happier with the result... but it's very harsh while it's young so let it age! (Posted on 11/20/12)
Best of the bunch Review by Jay
I have brewed 30 NB batches over about a dozen different kits and this is by far the best one in my opinion. I can't get an Imperial Stout that comes anything close to this from any local distributor. I let it age for 10 months and added yeast at bottling. I am going to make 2-3 batches of this each year so that I spread the joy over a longer period! (Posted on 8/16/12)
10 months later...I win again Review by Jordan
This was the best beer and now is better. Brewed last summer, i just grabbed another. 12 oz sets you straight. So happy I have more. Buy this beer if you drink beer. Yes, you . (Posted on 6/20/12)
Great Results Review by SBradley
I am a beginner at this and this was my 3 attempt at brewing. I found this no harder to brew that other kits but I needed to let it set longer... It was worth it.
I bottled it in 16 and 22oz bottles and I found the poor was better from a 22oz bottle since the head was better for some reason. Flavor was GREAT. Friends that said they don't like dark beer asked for seconds... (Posted on 3/10/12)
After a year. Review by Dan
So I brewed this last December, transferred it to 4 one gallon containers and added different flavors to each one. I bottled it 1 year and 1 week after brewing, tasted very strong (finished at 13%) hoping with a little carbonation it will smooth everything out! Glad I took my time with it! (Posted on 12/20/11)
Incredible. Review by BrianM
I am not very patient, and rushed this beer a bit, but it is the best of the 8 beers I have brewed. I gave it about 18 days in the primary, and 2 months in the secondary, and after just 15 days in the bottle, it is delicious. I can't wait to see how the flavors develop over the next few months. (Posted on 12/6/11)
You are now becoming a professional Review by Jordan
If you brew this, your fans will consider you their hero. You can market this for $6.50 a pint at any NYC bar. Rich, bitter, earthy, strong, and black as night. I added 4 oz of med oak chips to the secondary for 10 days just for an added extra flavor. My brother in law said this was the best of 7 brews I have had him sample. Even the pour creates a professional head. Be patient and let the 4 months pass. You will be rewarded. (Posted on 11/30/11)
Well worth the wait Review by coindude2011
My brother and I just finished the last bottle (a growler) that has been sitting in my basement for over a year. It was OUTSTANDING! Even his next door neighbor could not believe this was a home brew. I have a Belgian Tiple in my secondary right now, but as soon as that is bottled, I am starting another one and I intend to save the whole batch for next Christmas. Be patient, well worth the wait! (Posted on 11/11/11)
not very impressed Review by JZ
I'm not too pleased with this one. I've brewed 20+ kits, most of them from NB, and this is at the bottom of the heap. Attenuated poorly (ALL dark LME in this kit, maybe that's why?), and so only 6.5% ABV. No complexity in taste, really. Just dark. Could be my skill set didn't agree with this one, but I have another Imperial in secondary that is shaping up to be something special. (Posted on 9/27/11)
great base for experimentation Review by shaun
brewed a double batch in April - added a pound of flaked oats and a pound of 2-row to each and did a mini mash. one batch got raspberry puree and cacao nibs. the other got oak, bourbon, and coffee. this is the beer that was able to get my mind off Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - a perfect sipper for a cold winter night! (Posted on 9/23/11)
Damn good! Review by Colorado Home Brewer
Just kegged this beer after 2 weeks in primary and 4 months in secondary. This was definitely worth waiting for. Reminds me of Yeti from Great Divide. 5 stars! (Posted on 8/13/11)
If you like dark stronger ales.......this is a must!!!!! Review by Greg
I ahve always liked Imperial Stouts and have paid big $$$ to buy the 22 oz. bottles such as Stone. This homebrew extract kit is absolutely phenimonal!!! The only thing that is less to be desired is the waiting......and waiting......and waiting...... and..and...and.....well you get it. If you want a beer that is ready in a month, well this isn't the one for you....however, it is DEFINATELY WORTH THE WAIT if you have a taste for the dark side!!!!! I am not justt recommending it but rather telling you that if you are reading this....brew it damn it!!!!! You will not be sorry!!! (Posted on 6/4/11)
Legendary Review by Shawn
Typically I would never have the patience for a brew of this magnitude but being faced with a 6 month deployment provided a perfect opportunity. Racked into the secondary the day before my departure, came home 6 months later and immediately transferred into my corny keg. 6 days later I'm enjoying by far the best Imperial Stout I have ever tasted. Kind of a cross between Duck Rabbit and Samuel Adams Imperial Stout. If you haven't tried those two beers you haven't experienced life, and if you have you know how great those two stouts are, so don't hesitate, order this kit and be patient....! (Posted on 5/20/11)
Love it Review by Daryl
I took some of this on a fishing trip this weekend. My friends loved it and all but one of them are light beer drinkers. One of the guys had an $8.00 a bottle, 22 oz. imperial stout from a local brewery. Everyone thought this kit beer was better.
This is the only beer that I have needed a blow-off tube for. One week in primary, three months in seconday, four weeks bottle conditioning. Now, three weeks later, I only have two 6- packs left. Takes a long time, but well worth it. (Posted on 5/1/11)
Excellent Stout Review by David
I brewed this nearly two years ago in January of 2009 and it's absolutely delicious. I still have about 12 left and I'm enjoyng having a few this winter. I'll probably hold back the last six pack until next winter so I can taste it at 3 years. I did add a pound of clear candi sugar and some oak cubes (2 oz. of medium plus toast US oack cubes soaked in makers mark) to the secondary. I don't know if it needed the extra addition, but I figure why not go for 10% ABV instead of "just" ~8.5? (Posted on 12/30/10)
Brewed a week ago Review by Dan
I just brewed this last Sunday and the fermentation started right away, I am so happy that I used a blow off tube because even with the 6.5 gallon carboy I used the top would have blown off and I would be cleaning up beer. I'll be leaving it in the secondary for 4-6 months and then cellar it until next Christmas. Oh I am excited about this one! I did add 2 pounds of brown sugar, 1 pound of additional chocolate malt and the roasted with 1.5 pounds of oats it should have a great mouth feel. In the secondary I'll be adding 2 vanilla beans that will be soaking in bourbon for a month! I'll post again in 6 months and then a year! (Posted on 12/6/10)
hard to wait! Review by shaun
brewed several months ago and used bourbon and toasted oak (similar to the bourbon barrel porter kit) as well as coffee in the secondary. opened the first bottle to check carbonation after about 1 month in bottles - still a bit rough around the edges, but expect it to be phenomenal in a few months! will be doing again (Posted on 11/24/10)
Spectacular Review by Tim
I followed the instructions exactly and I was ridiculously excited when it was finally bottled and carbonated. First taste was awful. I let it sit in my basement for a few more weeks and the change was drastic, and every week it gets better. This is a really good Imperial Stout. I usually end up paying $7-$15 for a Belgian bottle of this, and this matches up perfectly, definitely not lesser. My only regret is that I didn't start another mid way through fermentation of the first batch. Now I have to wait all over again.... It should be obvious because of the high gravity....but if you're new to this.....this will have a ridiculous fermentation; use a blow off tube and use a 6 gallon fermenter for the first run. Don't cringe at the price, if you appreciate this type of beer, you're paying less for the same kind. (Posted on 9/7/10)
Great Beer Review by Bickel
This was my first kit beer. Only let is set for two months and it still was great. Will make it again and will try to let it sit longer. I have become a big fan of this web site and can't wait to try other kits. Thought about going all grain but these kits have changed by mind for now. (Posted on 8/18/10)
DIVINE Review by Beer Lover
There is nothing I would add and nothing I would take out. This is my favorite beer. If you want to impress the ladies with beer, this is your best bet! My amazing boyfriend (Linas) got a big gold star for this one. (Posted on 7/23/10)
Awesome Review by Diesel Tonic
I really, really like this stout. It is very smooth, especially after it has aged. I am definitely ordering this again. (Posted on 5/18/10)
can it get any better Review by jonnie b
I am on about my 7th or 8th looses track after awhile. My son-in-law who also loves great beer yells at me cause I can never cellar it! I did manage to hold onto one bottle for about a year and it was insanely delicious. Other friends and family marvel at it and beg for more. It is by far my "beer of choice". kudos (Posted on 4/15/10)
yum Review by Jason
If you have the control to wait out this beer, its worth every drop. Happiness in a bottle, it will certainly be a regular. (Posted on 4/3/10)

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