Patersbier Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

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Made only from pilsner malt, hops, and yeast, the complexity that results from these simple ingredients is staggering: perfumey floral hops, ripe pear fruit, sour apple, spicy cloves, candied citrus and a slight biscuit character on the drying finish ... a monk's session beer.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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Stan Hieronymus (author of Brew Like a Monk) and Kristen England (BJCP Continuing Education Director) bring you this very special kit. "Brouwerij'ed" on the left side of the Belgian town Malle solely for consumption by the reverent Cistercian brothers. This ale is not served or sold to the public, making it one of the rarest beers in the world. Made only from pilsner malt, hops, and yeast, the complexity that results from these simple ingredients is staggering: perfumey floral hops, ripe pear fruit, sour apple, spicy cloves, candied citrus and a slight biscuit character on the drying finish ... a monk's session beer. Note: If you wish to achieve a level of carbonation similar to the commercial examples of this beer, add an additional 1 to 2 oz plain table sugar to the priming solution.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style Belgian
Beer Style Trappist/Belgian Ale
Color Light
Original Gravity 1047
Total Time to Make 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

Great simple brew Review by James
Brewed it with the Wyeast option and followed the directions with the exception of leaving it in the secondary for an extra 3 weeks. I had the problem of no available keg. Came out exceptionally clear. Will recommend and probably put in my rotation. (Posted on 4/6/15)
Light, fruity, delicious Review by Aaron
I really enjoy this beer. It's light, refreshing, fruity, and delicious. Very easy to make. A real crowd pleaser. (Posted on 1/29/15)
Magnificent Belgian Pilsner Review by Tattoodrew
This beer is special! I'm always looking for a beer that has a nice floral aroma. I like to please the relatives that visit over the holidays as well. Let's just say they aren't hop heads. I didn't expect the apple or clove to come through but it does so wonderfully, nor powerfully. I will have this in a keg year round now. The trappist yeast is imperative with this brew but be careful! I came home to a carboy ready to blow! Thankfully I saved it. Do yourself a favor and add 10-16 ounces of Belgian candi. It just adds a drier finish and a little alcohol. Exquisiteness! This is a unique Belgian. I gave up on Pilsners...this brought me back! Thank you NB! Salud! (Posted on 1/7/15)
new favorite Belgian recipe? Review by mlk
Brewed it with the Wyeast liquid yeast. As advertised, turned out complex but not overpowring Belgian flavors (very floral) from simple ingredients. Simply a delicious beer. (Posted on 8/20/14)
Great summer beer Review by Jeff
I tend to drink a lot of IPAs during the hot summer months here in SC and was looking for an alternative. The Patersbier is a great option. I have positive feedback from all that have sampled.

This beer works for craft beer drinkers who can appreciate the simplicity and aromas/taste from the Belgian yeast. I have also found that is is very popular with many who tend to prefer those large commercial offerings as it is not hop forward.

A great summer beer! (Posted on 6/24/14)
incredible summer brew Review by Patrick
This beer is awesome! I am a huge fan of belgians, but i wanted a brew for summer that wouldn't totally put you an your butt. The patersbier is perfect for this. It is a very simple beer with huge flavor. High krausen is pretty nuts. i would highly recommend a blow off for this. I fermented in the primary for 3 weeks. Started out at 68F and let it rise to 70F over the 3 weeks. Highly recommend this beer. This wil be in my regular rotation without a doubt! (Posted on 5/31/14)
Excellent Early Summer Brew Review by Chuck
First time using a yeast starter and stir plate, results were outstanding. I added a little local honey at the boil out. First fermentation very active, produced a creamy and bubbly kreuzen, 18 days. Second fermentation had some activity for about a week, again in carboy for 18 days. Gave it a week to carb at 20 psi. 3 weeks later all I can say is that it has a full bodied head and a nice light crisp taste. Very happy with the results (Posted on 5/28/14)
Great Taste & Easy to Make Review by David
I'm a novice, this being only my second batch to brew, and this was very easy. Being easy to brew doesn't mean that the beer had a simple taste though. I made this before Christmas and gave it out to family and friends and they all loved it. I will definitely try this one again soon. (Posted on 4/8/14)
Warning: Be on the lookout for blowoff! Review by Mark
I haven't had a chance to taste this beer yet as I am currently on my second attempt to brew a batch. I lost the first batch when I had major blowoff when I was away from my house for the day, resulting in a solidly clogged airlock and a lost batch (for safety). So, I have started this project again with fresh ingredients in a 6.5 gal acid carboy (instead of the 6 gal I had used before) and it came very very close to blowoff, even with the additional headroom. All this activity is all within the first 12-48 hours. So - if you buy this kit just beware that you watch the primary fermentation like a hawk, or just setup a blowoff hose from the start. (Posted on 1/17/14)
I think this will be a good one Review by Marty
I brewed this on 12/14. This was my third ever recipe I brewed. I added 10 oz of Belgian candy sugar that raised the sg to 1.053, left in primary for 3 weeks, racked to secondary to settle the remaining sediments, then kegged today (01/11) with C02 @ 35 psi for 8 hours, then down to serving pressure, which I intend to hold at for the next two weeks while conditioning. I took a couple of "samples" about 10 hours after kegging, it tastes pretty good with moderate to low hop flavor and quite a bit of fruity esters, which I expect to attenuate in the next couple of weeks or so. I expect that proper aging and carbonation will make this a very nice brew in the next two to three weeks or so. (Posted on 1/12/14)
Great thirst Quencher Review by Patrick
Made this twice now. Great when relaxing after a long day. Thanks Northern Brewer. (Posted on 1/9/14)
Excellent Choice! Review by NewbieBrewbie
An employee of the Milwaukee store recommended this brew saying it was one of his favorites. I have inlaws that are not micro brew guys so I brewed this for them for x-mas. It turned out perfect and if they don't like it they don't get anymore of my brew :). Took a little longer to carbonate, but worth the wait. Will definately have this on tap when the kegerator is up and running. (Posted on 12/23/13)
Compliments Galore! Review by Mike
Back in July I mentioned I had added 6 cans of Oregon tart cherries to this beer at the same time I was fermenting a Dawson's Kriek to compare the two. The added cherries (pureed) to the Patersbier proved phenomenal!! Special occasion beer! My British neighbor went so far as to call me a "genius" for it but the true credit goes to this awesome and inspiring recipe, whether you brew it straight or go for inspiring additions. (Posted on 10/29/13)
One of my favorites Review by Chad
Brewed my first Patersbier December 30, 2008. Made my 6th Patersbier yesterday. The 3787 Wyeast is the secret to the complex flavors. I use Northern Brewer's priming guide, as it is better with a little extra carbonation. NB has played with the hops over the years, but always turns out good. I used the primary yeast from my last batch to make a Tripel. I wasn't very scientific about it, just swirled up the whole works and dumped it in. Turned out great. (Posted on 10/27/13)
delicious Review by Ross
Ended up using a saison yeast harvested from a north coast beer. Awesome beer. Had a backyard party and all but 2 bottles were gone by the end of the night! (Posted on 10/9/13)
If only one Belgian ... Review by Robert
I've made several Belgian beers, and, frankly got bored with them. Until Patersbier. Followed the recipe exactly, with 4 weeks primary, using the Wyeast High Gravity liquid yeast, and used the extra 1 oz cane sugar at bottling. A few weeks in bottle and it's fantastic. Hello new Belgian beer. (Posted on 10/6/13)
Nice simple summer drink Review by longbowaj
I brewed this beer with a 5 gal boil but otherwise per the directions.

My first pitch of yeast didn't ferment, measured with a hydro. I suspect the yeast didn't make it because of the very hot temps and a longer then usual delivery time. I bought some a second pack wyeast 3787 from my local store and the ferm went great.

I bottled 3 weeks after pitching and carbed for a Saison, 3.2vol of CO2. This level of carb was a bit to much for me.

The flavor started with lots of banana and clove, both of those became more mild with time in the bottle. I'm at about 2 months in the bottle and it's got slight banana, clove and a drying finish. I don't get much biscuit or complexity but that may just be my tastes or to much carbonation. The color is nice and bright, just slightly darker then the picture (Posted on 9/30/13)
Fantastic Summer brew; A wonderful body for adding flavor Review by Kevin
This was my third brew and after two heavier beers (Caribou and WH Honey Porter) I decided something was a little lighter for the summer was in order. This was also something of a milestone for me as this marked my first brewing weekend with liquid yeast as opposed to to dry. Brew day went smoothly, fermented for four weeks in the primary (I only have the Essential Brewing kit currently) and then another two weeks conditioning in the bottle.

What came out was a beautiful and clear amber ale with wonderful flavor. As everybody has said this beer has a wonderfully complex flavor which is astounding because of the simplicity of the brewing ingredients. My wife also loves this stuff...LOVES it, and she's not much of a beer person.

This one is definitely being added to the regular rotation, and I think next summer there will be some experimentation with adding lemonade to the mix and making a Shandy style with this one. (Posted on 8/31/13)
ditto Review by Ekffazr
This beer is very one had a bad thing to say about it.
has since become a staple in my rotation.
(Posted on 8/21/13)
A Favorite! Review by Mike
I've this a few times and love it. Very complex flavors for such simple ingredients. With age it develops a nice tartness, but not overpowering, just subtle. SO...I decided to tart up my latest batch and threw in 6 (normal sized) cans of Oregon tart cherries (blended) as an'll be a while before I bottle it though but I'll try to remember to let you all know how it turned out. I also have a batch of Dawson's Kriek in progress to compare when done. (Posted on 7/14/13)
Simple yet complex and wonderful Review by Memnuts
This by far is my favorite kit I have made to date. I have 4 bottles left that have been aging for 12+ months I cracked one open and the taste just keeps getting better and better. It literally dances on your tongue with all the complex tastes. For something so simple to make the taste is quite the opposite. (Posted on 6/5/13)
Beyond delighted! Review by Zach
I brewed this beer initially because it was cheap and I thought it'd be a good way to have a strong yeast cake for the Tripel. Despite it's simple ingredients, this beer turned out complex and delightful. Certainly has it's belgian elements, but it's light enough that most people can appreciate it. It's low ABV was perfect for summer and certainly a crowd pleasing beer. I thought I'd take it to homebrew club as a "filler beer" to use in case my "good stuff" went too fast, I wanted something to offer people if I would run out of everything else. Well, somebody got a hold of a bottle and that somebody happened to be the homebrew club president who has taken brews to the GABF as a Pro-Am brewer for the past several years. He loved it. Like, raved and raved about it, and he doesn't even like Belgians - he likes hardcore IPAs. I was astonished, as I had brewed it essentially as a give away beer. Don't underestimate this one, it's a hidden gem! (Posted on 3/13/13)
Good Belgian Review by Brandon
I liked it..simple, refreshing yet it had the belgian complexity that i enjoy. (Posted on 2/8/13)
Great Beer! Review by Mark H
I brewed this and I was so surprised at the complexity for the simple ingredients. I followed the recipe except I did a late malt addition versus all in for 60 minutes. It turned out great. This has probably been my favorite beer that I have brewed so far. I wouldn't change a thing. (Posted on 6/19/12)
Wow!! Review by AJ
This was only my second batch ever and it turned out great. I was skeptical after reading other reviews but I'm so glad I tried it. It's amazing how such few and simple ingredients can make something so awesome. It's light but it's damn good. I will definitely be making this one again and again. Way to go NB! (Posted on 4/20/12)
My New Lawnmower/Session Brew Review by Richard
Wow. This recipe proves that you don't have to have 20 ingredients or high gravity to brew a satisfying, interesting beer. It has the unmistakable taste of Belgians, without the overpowering funky yeasty taste that many have. Plenty of mouthfeel for such a low gravity session beer, great head with incredible lacing, good nose, and just incredibly drinkable. I've found my new "go-to" brew to alternate with my heavier, hoppier beers. This is just so much better than many of the ESB's, EPA's, and cream ales that have had that role in my rotations. Oh, and by the way, this is an awesome choice as a tan, for a black and tan - it has enough character that it doesn't get overpowered by the "black." (Posted on 1/18/12)
Excellent! Review by George F
This is my favorite beer that I have brewed, and one of my favorites overall. It has great flavors that come from the Belgian yeasts but none of the high-alcohol taste that you usually think of with Belgian beers. (Posted on 12/23/11)
Great Belgian session ale Review by WVL
Amazing Belgian beer flavor without landing you on your a$$ after a few. One of my favorite summer beers. (Posted on 12/15/11)
Very, Very, Tasty Review by Rex
This was my 14th kit from NB. It is right up there with the best of them. I used 3/4 cup of corn sugar and after 6 days is was ready to go. A big frothy head that stays in the center of the glass like a baked marshmallow. The taste is clean and mellow, just as described, with hints of biscuit, floral, and bread...what a delight. I shared it with 4 brewers on brew day last weekend and they all loved it. (Posted on 11/15/11)
Perfect summer replacement to a pils Review by Quaker
Light and refreshing. Still have a few bottles 6 months later and still excellent. I would love to make again with a citrus flavoured hop such as cascade, citra, or especially sorachi. I expect that lemon flavour of sorachi would really make this beer pop. Wouldn't be true to its roots, but it's on my bucket list for a rebrew. (Posted on 11/7/11)
Delicious Review by CG
I've brewed this beer a couple times. It has a surprising complexity given the simple ingredients. I keg it, and let it sit a few extra weeks before drinking. It gets even better with a little age on it.

This is my go-to summer beer. (Posted on 10/11/11)
smells like Hef! Review by ldawg
This was very similar to a Hef i brewed.. i don't like the rotten bannana smell and taste of Hef. Maybe i screwed it up .. bro in-law loved it.. it's all his!!! (Posted on 10/1/11)
Unremarkable Review by Mike
This beer was very light in taste. If you like Coors, this might be for you, otherwise choose another kit. (Posted on 7/20/11)
Simple, but great beer. Review by Arapahoe
My cousin recommended this beer to me so I checked it out on here, read the comments, and never thought this beer could live up to these expectations. Boy was I wrong! The flavor and crisp taste you get from this beer is AMAZING. I used the wyeast option and needed a blow off tube 12 hours later.

I will definitely brew this beer again many times.

Give this a try! (Posted on 7/1/11)
simple and great tasting Review by Melody
Really a good beer made up of a few simple ingredients. We're about half way through the keg, and it just keeps getting better tasting. (Posted on 6/14/11)
thanks frank Review by ben
I had a problem with carbonation and it was operator error on my part. My advice as with many others here is it takes at least 3 weeks in the bottle. Those beers which were fully carbonated were terrific. Great notes of citrus made it refreshing and seem like heaven on a hot day. I will try it again sometime in the future and vow to wait 3 weeks before cracking a bottle. (Posted on 6/10/11)
It actually gets better with age? Review by Matt
Brewed this for the summer (4/14/11).. So far 3 weeks in a bottle, excellent well balanced beer... How can this beer get any better with age? This batch is going fast..


The trappist yeast used stays elevated for a long long time. Directions were followed and I left it sit in the secondary a little longer. I became impatient and added a teaspoon of unflavored gelatin... It cleared out in 3-5 days.. After hearing about the possible low carbonation problem using gelatin... Theory, not true. The carbonation is perfect and my beer is clear (after 3 weeks).. Dont get worried about gelatin.. Just do it right (dont boil).
(Posted on 6/3/11)
Great brew! Review by JP
Dunno if I just hit a home run with technique or if this is rather idiot-proof, but this is by far my best product to date. Very nice carbonation, wonderful flavors... this will be brewed again... soon! (Posted on 5/23/11)
Very, very surprised. Review by Terry L
I do enough of session beers to hold us over until the big gravity ones are mature. This one is on the top. What a great, smooth, crisp drinker. Very easy and clean beer for all. I just wasn't expecting much except to try something different. I guess I got schooled on simplicity. I did, however, keep it in the secondary for an extra week with a reduced temperature in the low 60's. It seemed to have more of a clearing effect for the beer. The taste is very balanced. You will certainly like this one, make no mistake! (Posted on 5/19/11)
For any beer drinker Review by CPV
For a simple recipe this recipe yielded an incredible beer. This is the one beer that I can serve any beer drinker from a Bud guy to a Westys drinker. I plan on brewing this again for future summer BBQs. (Posted on 4/21/11)
Amazingly complex and easy to make Review by UZZR
I have made this kit twice. It is amazing how complex this beer tastes with such minimal ingredients (the Trappist High Gravity Yeast is truly the star here). I brewed as instructed (except added the LME 20 minutes before the end of the boil). Primary 2 weeks, secondary 2 weeks. When the beer is young it has a very good candied citrus-pear taste with that yeasty "Belgian" flavor. As it get's older it develops more of a perfumy dry flavor to it, and the pear intensifies. It is difficult to describe because I've never had anything quite like it, but it is an excellent brew. Once I get my spare fridge where I can have multiple lines I will always keep this on tap. (Posted on 3/31/11)
Great Beer Review by Superdave312
I brewed this using the liquid trappist yeast. What struck me right away was the great mouthfeel of this beer. I love the flavors that the yeast created. I highly recommend brewing this beer. (Posted on 3/28/11)
Good when young, amazing with aged Review by SJA
Brewed in Feb 2010. Liked the beer last summer.

Saved a few bottles and drank the last one when it was about 11 months in the bottle. It was incredible. Amazing flavor and very clear.

To date the best single bottle of home brew I have made or ever drank. (Posted on 3/13/11)
Not Impressed, but.... Review by Rettoc87
Brewed this with a Wyeast Belgian Dubbel Yeast (1214). Sweet with off flavor. I wasn't impressed. Doubled up on the yeast....brewed this first and then the NB Belgian Dubbel recipe on top of the same yeast.. Dubbel tastes great, so don't think it's the process. Maybe the yeast? Won't brew again unless someone can convince me that the yeast I used was the culprit.

Hate to go against the majority. First beer I (here goes) poured bottle down the drain. I still retain hope in the last few bottles...but not much. (Posted on 1/3/11)
Great Summer Brew - A+ Review by Gabriel
This beer is one of a kind summer brew. It is light and fruity after taste. It is not over powering but tender.

This does get better with age. Let this one Age a couple months.

I will be putting this into rotation for the summer. (Posted on 11/15/10)
Patience Rewarded Kindly Review by Uncle Tripel
I purchase and brewed the kit on January 30, 2010. I also added an additional 1/2 pound of lite candi sugar @ 50 minutes of the 60 minute 5 gallon boil.
The 3787 required a blow-off tube as after 18 hrs. the yeast was blowing out of the airlock. But seriously, I have 8 bottles remaining. It's now 9 months after bottling and this ale is no longer "green". It is very-well balanced, seriously drinkable, lacing down the glass, and a must for the summer. Had I known it would improve this much, I would have put the entire 48 bottles away for 9 months. My cellar temperature is between 58-65F.

You better brew it this winter, keep a nice cool fermentation temperature
(below 68F), and you will have a serious tasting belgian to enjoy on July 4th.

"All good things in all good time" (Posted on 11/9/10)
Versatile, tasty and rewards patience Review by Rob
If you read through some of the reviews you'll notice a lot of different style comparisons and thoughts on this beers taste which to me speaks of its complexity (and not lack thereof). Beautifully balanced in every way. Wheat beer fans will LOVE this for something different, light beer fans will like it for its body and crispness and darker beer fans should appreciate the weight, length and complexity this possesses. Oh, and this only gets better and better with age as some have pointed out. Very good two weeks after bottling, really hits its stride at about 2 months but at 5 months out this is still going strong and only getting smoother! (Posted on 10/17/10)
Buy me Review by scott
This is a great beer has lots of flavor and is a perfect session beer all of my friends and girlfriend love it. I will be buying this one again in the future. (Posted on 10/13/10)
with basil is also amazing! Review by mthrt
I brewed this with an once of fresh basil thrown in at flameout from my garden and another 1/2 once at bottling (boiled it with 6oz priming sugar) and it turned out KILLER! With the basil this is a kick ass summer session ale. Without it is amazing too! Brew this one! (Posted on 10/5/10)
Great for hot weather Review by B
My only regret is that I didn't get to enjoy it during the hot season. Brewed it up back in late April and due to schedule and forgetfulness, it sat in the secondary for 3 months before I finally got it into bottles. Four weeks after that, I cracked one open and WOW.

The floral aroma and sweet, crisp taste was amazing. It had me kicking myself for not having this ready to pour on those days when the weather consistantly moved over the 90 degree mark. None the less, I already have it on the list for next year and will be doing it in a timely manner. (Posted on 9/17/10)
Benefits from age Review by Beerambassador
As mentioned in a few other reviews, this beer benefits greatly from additional aging. It really was rough and sharp at 6 weeks. I brewed this back in June and it's just coming into its own in mid-Sept. (Posted on 9/15/10)
Simple, tasty, and worth waiting for Review by Yankee Brewer
The simplicity of this beer is what attracted me to it though I was a little disappointed with the rough-tasting final product. So, I let the remaining 40 or so beers age at room temperature for about 2 months and what a turn-around! Completely smoothed out the rough edges and turned out to be a great beer with nice head retention, lacing, and most importantly, taste!

The other two cents: Try this beer as a stepping stone for the Lefse Blonde kit, using the yeast cake from primary fermentation. I did this and both beers are very nice, plus it saves money. (Posted on 9/2/10)
simple doesn't mean plain Review by JBmadtown
This is my third kit and by far my best one to date. The simple recipe taught me that a good recipe doesn't always need many components. Instead, this beer has a wonderful balance of malt, hops and yeast.

Using a late extract addition method I achieved a wonderfully light color. The yeast provides a perfect amount of spice with a hint of sweetness. The saaz hops provide a wonderful aroma. Good head retention and very drinkable.

I then used the yeast cake to make a higher gravity belgian tripel. Can't wait to see how that one turns out. This kit will be on my list to brew every summer. (Posted on 8/20/10)
Excellent Review by KG
Added 1/2 oz Czech Saaz for 60 minutes and the flavors were great! Very smooth and clean, yet flavorful. Will definitely brew this one again! Curious about mthrt's idea about adding Basil - if you try it, please post another comment! (Posted on 8/20/10)
Light and tasty Review by Adam
This one caught me a little of guard with my personal preference for very malty ales, but I wanted to try something different. Aroma was bready and slightly fruity. Flavor was lighter than I expected with a banana bread flavor with maybe a slight apple flavor, like a very light cider. Was an enjoyable beer and many of my light beer friends loved it. There is a lot going on with this one. Not my favorite, but tasty! (Posted on 8/3/10)
Good summer ale Review by Jeff
This was my first time brewing this style of beer and I was pleasantly surprised on how it turned out. Very good. Good head retention and nice color. Could taste the floral and hops (hops didn't overpower the taste). Could taste hints of fruit. I can see myself brewing this one year-round. (Posted on 7/20/10)
loving this simple/complex ale Review by mthrt
The description promises surprising complexity and this ale most definitely delivers! I had one after two weeks conditioning and it was just a notch above so-so, but just one week later it was nothing short of stellar! Think crispy, spicy, floral Belgian engages in a battle already being fought between an American Pale versus a Czech Pilsner (Victory Prima Pils perhaps). It's got a beautiful dry, bready/biscuity finish with a spicy pepper that hangs around in your mouth for a long time. I love the lighter mouthfeel for Summertime too. I'm going to brew this again and throw in a half ounce of fresh basil from my garden at flameout and see where it takes me. Enjoy this ale peoples! Certainly worth checking out before it disappears! (Posted on 6/27/10)
I grew on me Review by Slainte23
Honestly I was not a big fan with this one at the beginning but it grew on me. This is just like the Trappist style beers that you can get from the store. Very different flavor but a good experience overall. (Posted on 6/19/10)
Weak Review by Michael
Have tried several kits and produced a couple of my own fun beers with great results. The flavor of this kit was less than impressive. Very "lite" in flavor and I typically enjoy a more robust beer. (Posted on 6/7/10)
Probably screwed it up Review by Everklier
This was the first beer I had ever tried to brew, though, I had a very experienced brewer walking me through the whole process. Was not impressed. Could have gone wrong in the bottling process I suppose, or it just wasn't for me. (Posted on 6/1/10)
pool opening and this ones a hit Review by tap4brendan
This is one tasty brew, opened my firtst after only 4 days in bottle and am blown away, took several to our pools seasonal opening, several peers were also blown away, won't be taking these out in public again.....I'm a selfish brewer....I'm a big beer kindof guy, but this will be a staple at my home during the warm months.Honey Kolshe in primary now.....I'm loving this warm weather and beer's to match (Posted on 5/30/10)
Easy, Simple Belgian Review by ursa23
This was only my second batch ever, and I thought I might be reaching too far with a pale Belgian ale. Not so! It turned out great. I used honey for the carbo, and it definitely needed the two weeks. (Posted on 5/22/10)
Awesome light and unique Belgian Ale Review by AverageJoe
One and and a half fingers of pure white head, somewhat clove smelling and banana and very smooth.

Love this beer after 18 days in bottles, fantastic, will definitely be ordering this kit again.

Cheers, (Posted on 5/6/10)
I called it Funky-Monk beer Review by Eric
Really a well-balanced beer, I was very-well pleased by the outcome. I did not get one bad compliment from anyone that tried it. Very versatile. (Posted on 4/12/10)
One to have on hand. Review by ZeeGadget

Most Trappist breweries also feature a lower-alcohol "patersbier" or "fathers' beer" that is only available locally. This variety is designed to be consumed by the monks themselves, although it is sometimes offered at the monastery's on-site café.

I will be making this more than a few times in a year. Ya never know when
a monk might stop by. 8-) (Posted on 4/9/10)

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