Petite Saison d'Ete Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

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This session-strength Saison of summer perfumes the air with tangy yeast and pungent hop aromas.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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This session-strength Saison of summer pours tawny-gold and perfumes the air with tangy yeast and pungent hop aromas. The flavor is lightly earthy with spicy, flowery hops and a grain-and-bread malt character; caramel malt dukes it out with Saaz and Styrian Goldings through the middle before a palate-cleansingly dry finish.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield 5 Gallons
Recipe and Instructions Click Here!
Regional Style Belgian
Beer Style Trappist/Belgian Ale
Color Light
Original Gravity 1041
Total Time to Make 4 weeks

Customer Reviews

Was disappointed but will try again Review by Stickman
Given the glowing reviews, I was extremely excited to try this beer. I have two things I wasn't a big fan of with this one (as brewed by me...)

1) No secondary fermentation left a stringy liquified component of sediment that you have to be careful not to pour into the beer. I don't think it affects the taste or quality of the beer, it just kinda grosses me out.

2) The peppery finish isn't great. Its not awful but not what I was expecting.

I've been really into the Saison style in the past 12 months or so and appreciate them whenever I can. I'm somewhat new to brewing so its possible I messed up something but I don't think so - The look is great, the lacing is nice, the head is perfect, the taste minus the finish is good too.

I'm going to get this again and give it another go to see if I missed something but I will definitely move it to a secondary fermenter the next time around. (Posted on 2/8/15)
Great summer brew Review by LWhit
This is an awesome grass cutter beer or even a late evening refresher. The flavors in the beer are nice. The start and finish contrast enough to make it interesting but not so much to make it a sipping beer. (Posted on 1/31/15)
Excellent saison Review by Eric
I've done this recipe twice now, it's very good.

This time I added Jalapeños, following dmtaylo2's directions (thanks!!), see forum. It came out excellent and won people's choice in our little saison brewing competition at work (out of 13 beers, w/30 people judging). (Posted on 7/24/14)
Great Beer Review by Aaron
I made this kit but substituted Danstar Belle Saison for the listed choices. Fermented at 76-78 for two weeks. Bottled one week, and tasted great. Just like you expect from a saison - fruity, a bit funky, incredibly refreshing. I could drink it all day. My friends are big fans of this one. (Posted on 7/7/14)
You Better Get This One! Review by Scott
I usually like a darker beer like Irish Ales and even IPAs. I wanted to try a lighter beer for the summer season. I read through many of the reviews for Saisons and wandered upon this Petite Saison. It sounded a little dainty for me, but I gave it a shot. WOW!
You have got to get this beer kit. The recipe was a little more difficult than what I'm used to doing. However, I followed the directions to the tee and I was blown away with the outcome.
It was hoppy, but not like an IPA. It has a great head and laces wonderfully. Great carbonation. I don't have any complaint about this beer. I am ordering another one this week to make sure I don't run out of this beer.

Great job, Northern Brewer! (Posted on 6/19/14)
What a delightful surprise Review by Greg
I bought this kit on a whim looking for a light summer style beer to have ready once the warm weather rolled into Pittsburgh. Well the weather is here and I just poured myself one of these and wow is it fantastic.

I did a 3 gallon boil as my megapot hadn't arrived yet back in April. I did one week primary and then decided, in the interest of clarity for a summer beer, to do a brief secondary. I did a 1 week secondary and then kegged. The beer has been sitting under pressure for a little over two weeks and I had some when it was only under pressure for 3 days and it was ok but after 2+ weeks of conditioning and 85+ degrees here in pittsburgh this one is PERFECT. Buy it now, brew it now, and you'll thank me in July. (Posted on 6/1/14)
Good, and ready soooo quick! Review by Bruce
I've done a handful of brews now, but I'm still a novice. I have to say, this kit really impressed me. I followed the instructions completely, the only tweak I made was I added a 1/2 pound of clear Belgian candi sugar that I had lying around. as I saw a few people say the ABV was pretty low on this. Mine came out almost exactly on 5% ABV with the candi sugar. 2 weeks in the primary, bottled after that, it was fully carbonated after a week at room temp, didn't taste green or anything. Fully drinkable 3 weeks after brewing. Mine came out tasting a little more witbier-like, very similar taste to Hoegaarden, but with less pronounced floral notes. Pale yellow/beige color, slight haze, few islands of foamy head which hang around, nice carbonation with 4oz of dextrose in a 5 gallon batch.

Overall, this came out seeming like it should've taken a lot more time and effort to make, but it didn't! Great job NB!
(Posted on 5/30/14)
Blue Moon Review by Shemp
If you like Blue Moon, you'll like this. Very similar. (Posted on 5/22/14)
Smooth Review by Chuck
I stumbled into brewing this brew. I intended on doing the petite orange but accidentally grabbed this because I was talking to someone. I've been making homebrew for about a year now and this is one of my best kits, not a lot of ingredients but still produces a distinctive taste. There's a peppery taste on the back end which I questioned if I would enjoy but I do very much. My batch yielded a higher ABV then I expected (around 5.5). It's also the lightest brew that I have made. I will be brewing this again because it won't last. (Posted on 3/29/14)
Simple and delicious Review by Alex
This beer was one of my first 5 brews. Simple to make. I followed the printed recipe while brewing, but let the beer sit for an additional week after bottling. The 5 gallons went quickly... I never found anyone who didn't like the brew. Even my wife, who doesn't like beer, found this Saison to be good! (Posted on 12/30/13)
Great for a first timer.... Review by Jared
This was my first brew kit ever! I brewed this during the Summer and switched yeasts to the Wyeast Belgian Ardennes strain due to high apartment temperatures (82-89f). I went to Ireland for two weeks the day after I put this in the fermenter, when we came back it had a nice golden brown color to it. Probably my fault by accidentally caramelizing the malt by not stirring the wort during the boil.

Now I'm not sure what the original or final gravity was but I do know that two of these would give you a solid buzz. I tried to let them condition for two weeks but by the end of the first week they were fully carbonated from priming sugar and tasted frigging awesome. This was an all around winner for my friends and family. Everyone loved this one including my fiance who is finicky about which beers she drinks. I will definitely make this again. This batch did not make it three weeks out of the fermenter. (Posted on 11/11/13)
I love this beer! Review by Thomas
This is my favorite beer I have brewed. This is in fact one of my favorite beers I have ever drunk. Quick and easy to brew, came out surprisingly clear with a great flavor profile. I think it taste somewhat like a mix between a traditional Saison and Leffe. This is the beer I want to drink when I've had a hard day at work and just want to relax. I will be brewing this beer year round. I intend to keep a batch on hand at all times. (Posted on 10/7/13)
Perfect Summer Brew Review by Gage
My fiancee is addicted to saisons, so we decided to make the Petite Saison d'Ete as our second batch. It was very easy, fermented great with Wyeast 3711, and, most importantly, went down smooth (and fast). We were pretty upset when we cleaned out our stock of the saison so fast, and it didn't help that our family and friends loved it as well. It went over so well that we're planning on brewing a batch for our wedding next summer. Highly recommended, even without any additions! (Posted on 9/27/13)
Very nice, smooth beer Review by JJJ
Was very well received by everyone. Smooth and enjoyable. (Posted on 9/25/13)
Not just d'Ete Review by mlk
Wow! A delicious beer for any saison lovers.

I brewed this in late May using Wyeast 3711, drank it with much enjoyment over the summer. Crisp with slightly floral notes, plus that nice spicy Belgian character much in evidence. The "petite" makes it session strength, I'll ignore the d'Ete and make this a year-round saison. (Posted on 9/15/13)
A Good Effort Review by Z_Man
This was my second batch so I'm still learning. That said, I brewed this for our family's 4th of July get together. These are my pre-session tasting notes - I'll post a follow up after the holiday. Brewed as per the enclosed instructions with the addition of 1lb of wildflower honey at flame-out. Used Wyeast 3711 French Saison yeast and fermented 12 days in the primary (average temp of 69*F - fermentor was in the basement during warm weather so A/C was running) followed by 3 weeks of bottle conditioning at room temperature. Tasting notes as follows:

Poured cloudy gold/light amber color. Modest white/fine head w/ rather low retention and nice lacing on glass. Fruity aroma understated. Primarily floral overtones with spicy undertones. Slight tinge of honey. Crisp taste with alcohol notes. Quite peppery/spicy with nice hop finish. Malty/Fruity flavors seemed to emerge as beer sat and warmed. Fairly thin mouthfeel - Swirling settled yeast into beer made for a more balanced texture.

Overall I like the result but I think it lacks some of the characteristic fruitiness I would have expected - Next time I will try to maintain at a higher fermentation temperature and see if I get a result a little truer to style. (Posted on 7/3/13)
Delicious Review by Chris
This was my second homebrew I've ever made and it turned out great. This is a perfect summer beer and I will definitely be making this every summer. (Posted on 7/1/13)
Perfect for Summer Review by Ed
If its warm out, this is beer to drink. Its sessionable, refreshing, and absolutely delicious. The kit is incredibly easy to brew and ready to drink in short order. After two weeks in primary and three days force carbing in the keg, this brew is perfect. (Posted on 6/27/13)
excellent Review by Tom
The only thing that I added to this recipe was 1.5 lbs of orange blossom honey at flameout. Otherwise followed the recipe to the letter. What a great tasting beer! It is lite but has a rather complex taste with a great mounding head and is beautiful in the glass! The wife hid half a case from me because she wants to drink it on her Birthday...she has never been protective of a beer before! I just brewed the La Petite Orange. I can't wait to compare the two. Thanks Northern Brewer for a great product. (Posted on 4/26/13)
My third batch Review by Daniel
I took this recipe and tinkered with it a bit. I added an ounce of German herzbrucker hops at 10 minutes, and a pound of honey at flameout. Everyone who tried the beer really liked it. Even with the extra additions, this remained a very simple, straightforward beer. Very light mouthfeel, and very refreshing. The star of this beer is the French saison yeast, which took the beer all the way down to a FG of 1.001! The yeast also produced a slightly fruity flavor that is very pleasant. If you buy this kit, get the WY3711 yeast. You won't be sorry. I plan on brewing more beers with this yeast as well. (Posted on 4/12/13)
never fails to impress Review by Matt
I really cannot decide which NB Saison recipe is best. They are all different and all fantastic. I really like the Petite because it's closer to a traditional. Not too high alcohol, not too hoppy. Just right. I add some spices, usually coriander and orange peel, and it is just great. Next go around I may bump the gravity a bit and go with ginger and orange peel and try to do a Hennepin clone. (Posted on 3/6/13)
niiice Review by Michael
Really like this one, came out just right with a slight banana taste and aroma. Felt a little higher than expected on the ABV scale. I used the dry yeast on this one, next time i will try the liquid. (Posted on 10/27/12)
delicious, easy, and a great base for tinkering Review by Aaron
It's astonishing to me that a beer this easy tastes this good. It's also a great base for tinkering.

I added rose hips near the beginning of the boil, rose flowers near the end, and hibiscus flowers near the end of fermentation (based on a Jolly Pumpkin recipe), and it was great. We offer this "Scent of Flowers Saison" at a production put on by a theater company my brew-buddies and I are involved with, and people really seem to like it.

It's a very accessible entry-point into slightly funky, tart beers, which made it perfect to offer to our theater audience. (Posted on 7/30/12)
Sensation! Review by Nate
If I could give it 4.5 stars, I probably would, but it's a really great beer that deserves 5 over 4. My only issue with this otherwise phenomenal brew is that I wish it had just a bit more complexity to it. T'is delicious ... an easy drinking, citrus-hinting bundle of yum. I'll definitely brew it again, and perhaps try some honey or lemon or orange peel in the boil. (Posted on 7/24/12)
Great Kit !!! Review by Kenny
I recently decided to brew my own beer and came across Northern Brewer while researching over the internet. I picked this Extract kit based strictly on the rave reviews that it received. Well, I just finished my very first brew and ......Wow.....I will never buy grocery store beer again. I followed the instructions that came with the kit and used the 3711 French Saison Yeast. I also added orange peel and coriander seed because I a big fan of those Belgium brews. My first brew has excellent flavor and clarity...a nice head....and a kick....3711 is a fantastic yeast....I've got an ABV of 5.0%. I could not believe that I actually made this great beer. I also want to acknowledge the staff at Northern Brewer. I had a damaged yeast package on this first shipment that was immediately replaced at no charge. I am very happy that I chose Northern Brewer for my first attempt at home brewing....Now please restock this kit as soon as possible! (Posted on 6/19/12)
Sensational first homebrew Review by Zach J
I chose to brew this as my first ever homebrew, brewed this on a saturday and the NB Black IPA on sunday. I enjoy belgians quite a bit, and I thought this seemed fitting for spring/early summer. I followed the instructions with the exception of not racking it to secondary, I kept it on the yeast cake/troub the whole time. I made a 24hr yeast starter and the fermentation took off really quick. I sampled it right before bottling, and I was not impressed at all - it felt very watery and weak. Decided to bottle & see what carbonation would do for mouthfeel and flavor. Bottled with 5oz corn sugar - no problems at all. I waited a full 14 days before sampling my first bottle, and it was spot on! Such an improvement once it was carbed up!
A month after bottling, I sampled this brew with 6 friends next to Boulevard's Tank 7 and Great Divide's Colette. Even as my first brew, this stands right up to the two I just mentioned, and my friends had a difficult time recognizing which was the homebrew. Bottom line - everyone really loves it and it is a very approachable beer! (Posted on 6/8/12)
Wow! Even my girlfriend loves this beer! Review by Corey
This is a fantastic summer beer. From the floral over-tones to the licorice/clove under-tones.
I primed for 3.2 volumes CO2 with 180 gm. Corn sugar as well as 150 ml of yeast slurry which I produced with a mini-starter using 100 gm. extra-light DME, 1000 ml H2O and 1/2 tsp Saison yeast, from a yeast cake, on the stir-plate for 24 hours. I used Belgian bottles, corks and wire cages to handle the extra carbonation.
Very elegant! (Posted on 6/6/12)
Great summer brew! Review by Chad
We fell in love with this Saison immediately. In fact, I've had mass produced beer lovers who hate homebrews tell me they liked it! I can't recommend it enough! (Posted on 5/1/12)
5th batch fermenting now Review by FlyFishWYO
Am fermenting our 5th batch in the last year and a half or so of Petite Saison d'Ete right now. So, we like it. A lot. Everyone in the family and all our friends who have tried it, even the "Bud Lite" and "I don't really drink beer" crowd, really enjoy this one. Very enjoyable and tasty beer that is great fresh but gets better with age. Easy to brew and quick turn-around time. It is the house favorite by far and the numbers prove it.

Some of our other favorites, on the repeat list: Curt & Kathy's Orange Blossom Honey sweet mead (2nd batch fermenting now), Phat Tyre (three times), Rye Stout, Dead Ringer IPA.

Not big fans, but not bad, won't repeat: Rasberry Wheat, Chinook IPA and Irish Red.

My sons and I started less than two years ago and have really enjoyed learning and experimenting. We are considering getting a few bee hives in order to supply our mead production. That stuff is wonderful. We made our first batch for Christmas last year. Long lead time, though, so having one or two batches a year is about max.

Very happy with NB and the quality of their products, ingredients and instruction. Speed of delivery and package tracking is top notch. Haven't had a bad batch yet, knock on wood. (Posted on 4/28/12)
First and one of the best Review by ky
I brewed this as my first batch ever and even after brewing around 6 batches of other recipes since, it was probably my favorite. (Posted on 4/18/12)
still brilliant Review by MattN
2nd time I've brewed this. Just fantastic. Absolutely love this style. I added coriander at 10 min and fresh orange peel from a medium size naval orange at 5 min and it does a dang fine impression of a Wit, just a bit more raw and wheatier. Rave reviews so far from people who've had some. Without the coriander/orange, its still a very smooth, earthy, honest belgian. Just great. After a mere 6 days in the bottle, I was blown away at how good it was, and it will only get better in the weeks to come. Hope I have a few bottles left to see. Will brew many, many more times. NB, don't ever "retire" this recipe... (Posted on 2/13/12)
Great Beer Review by PhillyBrewer
I brewed this for my buddy who doesn't care for IPA's and or Stouts and was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out. Have to admit I kinda like the more basic recipes cause they allow you to tweak and tinker with the beer. Added a pound of Orange Clover Honey at the end and bumped the ABV up a little. Still easy drinking and great spring/summer brew. Will be ordering this again... (Posted on 1/28/12)
Great taste Review by WWJCD
We followed the instructions closely, didn't add anything else. Primary Fermentation at 76 degrees, tried a Cold Crash 2 days before bottling (2 weeks in Primary total). We could only get the ABV to 3.6% so that was disappointing, but the clarity was great (oh yeah used some Irish Moss) and the taste is really good. After 2 weeks in the bottle we don't have enough carbonation (used the priming sugar option), trying to be patient. I hope some bottles live to be 4 weeks old. Going to try again, but maybe use a yeast starter next time as well as some Candi sugar. (Posted on 12/28/11)
Amazing Review by John
I can't believe how great this brew was, in just four weeks. It's carbonated beautifully with a mounding head. Non-beer drinkers like it a lot, and it's an easy beer to drink. (Posted on 12/7/11)
First Time - Nailed it Review by Kevin
This is my first home brew beer I've ever made and it turned out excellent! I followed the recipe and didn't add anything extra like a lot of other people here did and it is still great. The only thing I didn't follow was the final instructions saying to wait a full two weeks for it to bottle condition as I opened my first a week and a half after bottling but it still tasted amazing. (Posted on 9/24/11)
Easy with Great Results Review by Drew
Added a bit of corn sugar to up the abv. Also added orange peel and corriander. Fermented Wyeast 3711 at 80 for just 8 days. Gravity was way down and I was short on beer so I bottled. Even after just a week and a half in bottle this beer is excellent. Its light, refreshing and true to style.

The beer has a thin head that sticks around for a while. There is a definite crisp hops character and the beer tastes very dry. Smells of lemon, pepper and maybe a bit of strawberry. Mouthfeel is dry, but not thin. (Posted on 9/5/11)
Good Stuff Review by Shane
I made this kit but in addition i added four pounds of hand picked peaches... The flavor was clovey and had a subtle dry peachy, spicy finish.. (Posted on 8/29/11)
Crisp Summer Brew Review by Richard
I waited 2 weeks after bottling to drink and it was crisp and smooth. The longer the bottle’s sat the better it got. Very refreshing, light, and crisp. Had better hop flavoring than I expected! (Posted on 8/25/11)
Best brew that I've made thus far Review by John
I fermented in the primary for two weeks, and it's been bottle conditioning for a week. I couldn't wait til next week, so we cracked one open. Wow! If this is still green, I can only imagine how good this will be once it's fully conditioned.

I might take it a step further and do a secondary on my next batch, just to reduce sediment and provide a little more clarity. But man, this is fully carbonated, beautifully colored, great head, great lacing, and has a great nose but isn't too hoppy on the tongue. (Posted on 8/18/11)
Will Brew over and over Review by beerman
This beer is just [felicitously] delicious. No other way around it. Great taste if you like saison's and even some wit beers. (Posted on 8/12/11)
A month later, even more fantastic! Review by MattN
My inital review was after just a week in the bottle. Now that it's been aging a month, this is now my favorite summer quencher. I absolutely LOVE the regular Saison and think it has a better overall flavor, but its much heavier and leaves me....full....after a 22oz bottle. Which is a shame because I love the flavor. The petite is crisp and light but still quite flavorful. Try it with a slice of lemon after you've mowed the grass... (Posted on 8/8/11)
Better than I anticipated Review by NHRobert
I brewed this one just to get out of my Nut Brown rut, and wanted a good summer beer to get me through July and August. I was pleasantly surprised - it turned out really nicely.

I gave it 3 weeks in primary and 3 weeks of bottle conditioning and that was perfect. If anything, I'd cut the 5oz of priming sugar down a bit - mine has and holds a better head than you'd expect for the style. (Posted on 8/2/11)
Brilliant! Review by MattN
I have to start the review by saying I didn't *exactly* follow the recipe. I added coriander and bitter orange just like a Wit and followed the addition schedule just like the NB Wit kit. The result is so phenomenal, I can't put it into words. I can't believe I made this!!! The instructions say 2 weeks in the fermenter, but after 1 week, the gravity was down to 1.008, so I called it done. Bottled it up and after only 1 week in the bottle it is simply brilliant! Very easy to make, the French Saison yeast NB recommends from Wyest is easier to use than the Belgian version. This stuff *should* get better since I've only given it a week in the bottle, but I can't imagine it being better than it is now.

This is a homerun summer session beer. 5 stars.... (Posted on 7/11/11)
best one yet Review by Mandrew
I have only made 4 brews before this one, and I love dark beers but when I tasted a saison at brew club I had to make one. This by far had the best flavor and body. All the other kits I had made lacked the body/mouthfeel I expected but this one is simply amazing. I even opened my first bottle after 4 days because I was unavailing my porter, American cream ale, and pale ales to a couple buddies and they thought it was the best of the night! (Posted on 7/3/11)
Wonderful Review by Southernmost
This is the quintessential brew for the summer months. That pretty much says it all. Because of the previous brew in the keg, I aged this one for six weeks. Beautifully balanced and the perfect combination of both "Rewarding" and "Refreshing". I'll be getting this brew again! As I live three blocks from the Southernmost point in the US, I'm calling my brew "Southernmost Saison" (Posted on 6/19/11)
Blue ribbon summer beer Review by Melody
I won first place with this beer in a "lawn mower" beer competition. The flavor of this beer is what won everyone over. Excellent flavor. Spicy but not heavy. Very refreshing. Great beer for a hot summers day-or any day! (Posted on 6/14/11)
Very nice summer beer Review by Jeffrey
I wasn't expecting too much but thought I'd try this one mostly due to its 4 week & ready appeal. It is my second brew from Northern and I can see myself doing this one again (and again, and again.....) . Lighter taste than what I usually brew, it does have more kick than I expected ( okay, I should learn how to use the AVB tools). (Posted on 5/30/11)
Amazing! Review by Benjamin
Though I understand the yeast did most of the work....I can't believe I created a beer this good. Needed 3 weeks in the bottle to get rid of that "young beer" flavor. Sweet, barely hoppy, banana and cloves punching your face in! When friends ask what this beer will taste like I correctly inform them that Blue Moon is the waste that comes from this beer. Everyone will enjoy this. It's light, flavorful and refreshing. Brew this beer and be amazed at what an awesome brewer you are!
(Posted on 5/27/11)
Ahh the taste of summer Review by Boller
Great easy to drink beer. Crisp and great aroma, with a bit of a lower abv, so you are not wasted after drink 4 of them. Time it for summer and you will be happy.
Next time I will add some coriander and maybe an orange peel to zest it up a bit. It is definitely not needed, but would be a good compliment. (Posted on 5/20/11)
Refreshing Review by Mike
Easily the most refreshing beer I have ever brewed. Friends have not raved about it because they will never get one. (Posted on 5/17/11)
Authentic Review by Armagh
Perfect summer quaff because ot the mild abv. More than any other beer I've made, this one is closest to the traditional saisons I've had in Belgium. One cup of honey added at the end of the boil imparts a crisp, floral character to the nose. This one is dialed in. (Posted on 4/26/11)
Estery and wonderful Review by A Roy
This beer was a lovely thing to have around during the last hot summer months. Give it a few extra weeks in the bottle, and it cleans up nicely. (Posted on 4/2/11)
Loved by all Review by Mackay Clan Brewing
Awesome beer. I have been looking around for a long time trying to find a beer that Coors Lite drinkers, experienced homebrew drinkers and people that really don't even drink at all would like. Well this is it. Everyone loves this thing and you are able to drink it all night long. I did add 1lb of Corn Sugar 15 min before flame out to bring it to a 4.7%abv. If you are thinking of getting it just do it. You wont regret it. (Posted on 3/29/11)
Loved by all Review by Mackay Clan Brewing
Awesome beer. I have been looking around for a long time trying to find a beer that Coors Lite drinkers, experienced homebrew drinkers and people that really don't even drink at all would like. Well this is it. Everyone loves this thing and you are able to drink it all night long. I did add 1lb of Corn Sugar 15 min before flame out to bring it to a 4.7%abv. If you are thinking of getting it just do it. You wont regret it. (Posted on 3/29/11)
Stuck to the Recipie Review by Barry
This was my first successful non-IPA brew. The wife likes the spicy floral notes of the Belgian beers. I decided to try this one and followed the recipe to the letter. The beer is fantastic. Light and very flavorful. The flavor starts through your nose before the glass even touches your lips. Great stuff. I'll keep a good IPA on tap for myself, and this one for the wife. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. (Posted on 12/22/10)
solid saison Review by Conor
I actually cheated, adding 3 lbs wheat DME to kick up the ABV. Also added 2 cups of thai basil with blossoms and 1 Tbs rainbow peppercorns. Safale 58 yeast. Yeast contributes a lovely banana, clove Belgian character, basil and pepper makes it slight vegetal, but in a good way. Despite clocking in at 6% this is a favorite for the ladies given its not the typical hop monster or uber filling amber. Can't really claim that I am reviewing the actual beer, but I'd certainly give this a try if you are on the fence. Some folks are turned off by the banana flavor in the Safale 58 so you might try the Wyeast recommendation or one of the many White Labs Saison yeasts. (Posted on 11/30/10)
Fantastic Brew Review by Paulino
Very enjoyable. I added ginger, coriander, and sweet orange peel. In the end it is a light, easy to drink beer with an nice floral hop flavor. (Posted on 10/29/10)
Best batch, brews itself Review by Druchyun
I've haven't experienced the power of yeast until this batch. A very active fermentation creating a clean, citrusy beer of astonishing complexity. Was it drinkable? All positive reviews from beer fans and naught alike. Highly recommended for a quick easy great beer. (Posted on 10/20/10)
Awesome quick beer Review by Summer special
I had this in the primary for 1 week then a bottle for a week, can taste the spiciness already but after another week the beer has started to settle out and has become a great beer already after 3 weeks. I will order this again and play with the recipe. (Posted on 10/2/10)
Gone in a week Review by Michelle in Parkton
We made this before my in laws came for a visit (I needed beer to get through the week). It was amazing. It has a fruit aroma and taste but not sweet. We're brewing it again this weekend. My husband thinks this should be our house beer. (Posted on 9/28/10)
Weak, like little girl Review by Johnathan
Did not turn out as expected, lacking the full body flavor that most of their other beers are known for, low gravity. As with above reviews, people added other ingredients, indicating that this kit does not perform well without enhancement. (Posted on 8/21/10)
Superb Review by Brewham
I really liked this. I added another lb of wheat DME to up the ABV. Used the 3711 Yeast. My fermenting was in typical summer house temps around 80F. It came out spicy and delicious. After 3 months (6 weeks in the bottle) it really mellowed out and the spicy character subsided. Like they say - when you drink the last bottle, the beer is ready to drink. I will do this one again or I might go with the regular Saison as opposed to the petit because I like my beer to have a bit more kick. (Posted on 8/5/10)
Great kit...better beer! Review by 63Biscuit
I added a cup of table sugar to boost the gravity on this a titch...ended up at 5.4%ABV with good attenuation and very little (if any) additional sweetness from the sugar boost. Had it in the primary for 2.5 weeks, and it's been bottled for just a week...even non-beer drinkers have said how much they like it. Nice citrusy nose, well balanced, and a dry finish begging for another sip, swallow, swig, I need another one.... :-) (Posted on 7/29/10)
Great Beer, Quick Turnaround Review by Andy
For the last six months, I have gotten into Saisons. I like the mellowed belgian character they can provide. This is is great because it provides a very fast beer (probably 2 weeks, I did 3 weeks from boil to drinking), with an excellent Wyeast French Saison strain. I really liked how the bottle carbonation went; very fine bubbles. I would use this just to bottle with! I threw rosemary, lemon, and extra Saaz into the boil, and this probably my favorite homebrew yet. (Posted on 7/15/10)
Nice departure from typical ales Review by aRodSlaps
Wasn't sure I'd like the Wyeast 3711 based on the fermentation smell. But it had just the right amount of tangyness. Bittering hops were right on. Certainly deserves the Petite label, but in a good way. I'm glad I bottled in 22 oz bombers because this will be a great summer session beer. (Posted on 7/13/10)
not Petite Sasion Review by Bill
I just bottled my Petite Saision, It is good but probably not a Petite Saison. My kit had 3.15 of Bavarian Wheat LME instead of Pilsen. It is not what I expected but has a nice flavor and should be very nice in two weeks (Posted on 7/9/10)
Really Good Tasting Brew Review by Apollo Reed
This kit was my first attempt home brewing and I have to say that it turned out better than expected. Bottled after 2 1/2 weeks in the primary. Tasted first bottle after 2 weeks conditioning and very happy w/ the way this brew turned out. So far everyone likes it and I plan on brewing this one again.

(Posted on 7/6/10)
Crowd-pleasing wonder! Review by Matt
Okay, so I thought this beer was so-so. I LOVE saison, but I bought this one because I already had two high-gravity beers on tap, and wanted a saison that was a bit more drinkable.

However, this was a HUGE hit. We had some people over, and the keg was killed in a night. Granted, after the first few, who knows. But really, people raved about this one.

I only single-fermented it, and might try dual-fermentation in the future. Also, I might add some lemongrass to kick up the citrus - it was VERY malty, but well balanced. Also, I had a low gravity...only 5%, which was nice.

Brew this will like it! (Posted on 5/23/10)