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An inexpensive alternative to soda keg draft systems. Package beer in Tap-A-Draft bottles, prime with sugar, and dispense with disposable CO2 cartridges. Includes three six liter bottles with caps, dispenser, and six 16 gram CO2 cartridges.

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An inexpensive alternative to soda keg draft systems. Package beer in Tap-A-Draft bottles, prime with sugar, and dispense with disposable CO2 cartridges.

The Tap-A-Draft system includes three plastic six-liter bottles with threaded caps, dispenser, and six 16 gram CO2 cartridges. Bottles measure 12" tall by 7" in diameter, the dispenser adds an additional 3" to the height of the bottle.

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Customer Reviews

Pretty good depending on how you use it Review by Ken
You will like this system, depending on how you intend to use it. I purchased it, because I saw it as the poor man's alternative to kegging. I quickly learned that it was not a good alternative for that. I bit the bullet and put together a kegging system with corny kegs, which I love.

What I found though, was that the tap-a-draft gives me an alternative when I want to carry kegged beer to a friend's house or to a party. I can fill a growler for that quick trip, or when wanting something special I can fill and charge the tap-a-draft to take. Everyone loves it and enjoys being able to dispense draft beer. The carbonation also stays better than with growlers.

If you want to experiment with kegging this will work, but keep in mind that it will not give you a true impression of kegging. However, if you want another alternative for packaging your beer for portability this is a great alternative. (Posted on 1/8/14)
Works for me Review by Tom
These make bottling very easy and are great when entertaining. I did have an issue with the original caps sealing but bought the alternatives with the compression tops and have not had any issues. I bought several extras and will continue to use these along with traditional bottles. (Posted on 11/3/13)
On tap Review by Brewer
Tap-a-draft is a great product. Natural carbonation or force carbonate. Either works great. Just bought a second system. (Posted on 10/29/13)
Great alternative to bottling! Review by Paul
I have brewed and bottled three batches with the Tap-A-Draft system and it works great.

Keep in mind that it is easier to "over carbonate" and end up with glass after glass of foam. Out of the three batches that I have used with this system I only had the foam issue once.

I just bottled my fourth batch and will be attempting to "force carbonate" one of the three bottles in this batch.

I am happy with the way the system works. It is simple and easy to use. No more bottles and openers. (Posted on 7/25/13)
Love my TAD system Review by Robert
I bought the TAD system to ease my way into a all draft setup. Like many other brewers I wanted a simple solution to serving my beer. Bottling 52 beers is rather time consuming when you have kids and honey do list. I bought my TAD from Midwest. Bottles shipped........ tap did not. That is a whole other story. NB saved the day. Bought my tap from them after waiting 4 weeks for Midwest to ship and still no tap. I had beer waiting to be tapped and no way to do it. Cleaning and filling is rather easy. I found a small pot that the TAD bottle fit in for easy filling. Otherwise it is a bit awkward to fill. Primed with 3/4 corn sugar to 5 gal batch. Just as you would carb any other batch. No issues with bottles sealing for carbonation. Just screwed supplied caps on snug. No issues with tap either. This product works excellent and I will continue to use until I build my keezer. (Posted on 1/20/13)
Very Handy Product Review by Gary
I have used my Tap a Draft for three naturally carbonated batches. So far, it has performed fantastically. I did replace the origional caps with better quality caps. So far, no leakers. I have been so happy that I have gotten three more kegs so I can bottle two batches at a time. (Posted on 12/20/12)
Had high hopes Review by MaysNC
I purchased this system because, like every homebrewer, I grew tired of bottling 52 bottles and wanted a system that gave me a tall glass of beer straight from the draft.

Talking my wife into expanding my homebrewing endeavors is always a challenge, and going all 'keezer' on her wasn't in the cards. So I felt that this would be a good baby step into selling a more robust solution to kegging.

I got the "TAD", filled them up with my signature Belgian Pilsner, naturally carbonated them and waited two weeks. The first time I used the system, I didn't have any issues or leaks. I did find that the carbonation pressure forced the tap to open itself (causing quite the mess in the Frig), so locking the tap closed is necessary. Said Pilsner was consumed and the "TAD" went in storage waiting for my next homebrew.

Enter my Cream Ale... This experience was not so good. Same setup: natural carbonation for two weeks in the beer cabinet. After about a week, my kitchen started smelling really bad. I thought that maybe my wife’s cat had finally kicked the bucket and I could rejoice with a homebrew, but what actually happened was that the black cap that came with the "TAD" had bulged out so much during the carbonation that the beer was escaping around the threads (even though I happened to also be using Teflon tape). Oh shiz!!

So I took it out, threw it in the Frig in an attempt to salvage what was left, cleaned up its mess and waited for about 24 hours. Then, I took it out of the frig, installed the Tap and began to screw in the CO2 cartridge. Well, when I did that, whatever the CO2 nozzle inserts into broke and gas escaped from the insertion point. Two little black rings fell out when I unscrewed the CO2 cartridge and it was officially broken at that point. No way to serve the beer.

I contacted the manufacturer and they did repair the TAP and sent it back to me. I haven't used it again to know if the repair actually fixed the TAP.

Here's my advice to anyone looking at this product. While it may seem VERY tempting to dip your toes in the kegging waters with this system, I HIGHLY recommend you save the ~$70 and put that towards an actual ball/pin lock kegging system. Not only will you be working with quality parts and systems that have a greater shot at succeeding, but you'll have a dedicated serving unit in a keezer and all your beer will fit into a single container, rather than three small containers with beer left over. Just build a keezer. (Posted on 7/9/12)
Decent Product, Crummy Company Review by Warpig
I purchased this product a few weeks ago and have only used it for sodas so far. The company that makes the Tap-A-Draft system, http://www.sturmanbg.com/, sucks. I ordered additional CO2 cartridges and the pressure relief caps over two weeks ago and haven't received either product yet. They were pretty quick to take my money though. I haven't had any leaks and I also haven't used the teflon tape trick. I did have a problem with the tap forcing itself open, but it is a possibility that I didn't shut it all the way. (Posted on 2/12/12)
Effective, Efficient, and Economical Review by Jordan
I recently purchased the Tap-a-Draft system as an in-between point for bottling and 5 gallon soda kegs. If you are sick of bottling but don’t want the hassle of storage/cooling/CO2 tanks for kegging, then this is a very ideal system.

The bottles came wrapped in plastic grocery bags in a box; 2 of them were slightly dented but the dents popped out once they were rinsed with steaming hot water as well as pressured with the CO2. They are more or less 6 liter brown pop bottles, but if you aren’t abusive with them I can see them standing up for a long time before needing to be replaced. Three 6 liter bottles will nearly keg a 5 gallon batch (I ended up grabbing a few 12 oz bottles to finish the job,) but at less than $9 for a mini keg, this is incredibly economical, at least for my brewing needs.

The bottles came with the 38mm paper gasket caps; I took the advice of other reviews and purchased the 38mm Polyseal screw caps which provide an excellent seal on the kegs (no problems with my beer carbonating or staying carbonated with this seal.)

The actual tap system has worked flawlessly for me. I was leery about the taps based off of other reviews, but both of my taps (I ordered two) had the plastic pin to puncture the CO2 cartridges, so not sure if the other poster just had bad hardware or was misinformed. I should note I am using the 16 gram TAD CO2 cartridges recommended by the Tap-a-Draft manufacturer; it would be interesting to see if off-brand 16 gram cartridges are the same dimensions. Absolutely NO problems using the CO2, no leaks, punctured just fine and no problems with it dispensing my beer.

Tap-a-draft sells repairs kits for the tap for under $5 and replacement O-rings for the CO2. If you are having problems with your CO2 leaking, check your seals. It has plastic on plastic threads; if it leaks get some thread tape for 50 cents at the hardware store and you’ll never have a leak again.

All in all I am very satisfied with my purchase and I’m glad I didn’t let the negative reviews scare me away from a fantastic product. It may take a few small tweaks to get it perfect, but when it’s holding several gallons of my tasty sweet nectar of awesomeness, what’s a few extra minutes of my time and $2 in hardware really worth?

• Effective and efficient storage for a volume of beer. Fantastic for beer you plan on drinking in less than a year.

• 6 liter kegs fit perfectly in most fridges; easy to transport.

• Time saving. No more washing 50+ bottles out per batch, no more nagging wife complaining about the hundreds of bottles in the basement. You will find yourself wondering what to do with all the free time you have since bottling takes so little time now.

• 5 gallons of beer is about three full 6L bottles and then some. It either requires you to still bottle the remainder in smaller vessels; or to grimace through drinking about a liter of flat beer in a giant mason jar (not that I’ve tried that or anything.)

• Not necessarily a con, but something to be aware of: this is all plastic on plastic connections for the fittings. Plastic seals can leak, especially over time. That’s not the products fault; simply the design choice to make this cost effective. You can create a great seal with some Teflon tape and then there is no problem. If you’re not willing to do that; you’ve been warned.

• I would possibly consider an alternative if you plan on letting your beer age for a year plus. Not sure how well the Polyseal cap will prevent oxygen from getting in over time. With some Teflon tape you’d probably be alright, but at least something to consider if you plan on long term storage.
(Posted on 1/2/12)
Poor workmanship on tap Review by Pils Pusher
I purchased a full Tap-a-draft kit from NB in Oct and was very happy with the speed of "bottling" as well as the semi-transparent keg that allows me to see if it is cleaned fully after serving. I never got the serving part however, until just a few days ago (2.5 mos) a the original tap had no needle to puncture the CO2 cartridge. A call to NB provided a new tap which had a leaky pressure relief valve. I called NB again and they sent yet another tap. Same relief valve issue but much worse this time. NB claimed that they had never heard of this problem. I called to Tap-a-Draft on CO and they claimed the same ignorance to the problem. However there was a review on their web site stating exactly the same problems I experience, no needle and leaky valve. Once again I called NB and they said the would look into it. One week later I called again and was told that they new nothing of the issue with my taps but that someone would call on Monday. When no call came I called and was told that they were looking into it. I requested another replacement tap which they were reluctant to give and was told again that I was the first to complain, and that they did not know if the tap they sent would also have a problem. Finally I asked them to please test the next tap they sent before shipping. I felt that this was the obvious solution to preserve customer good will while they negotiated with Tap-a-Draft regarding the issues. They did finally ship a 3rd tap but it took nearly 3 months to solve the problem. Therefore my low rating should be shared by Tap-a-Draft AND NB as they did not seem to regard this problem with very high priority; I speaking of the customer relations and willingness to replace the faulty merchandise promptly or test the 3rd tap I received prior to shipping. The pre-shipment test was not even suggested until I brought it up on the 4th go-round. The system finally worked but I missed many opportunities for Holiday hospitality and had to serve store-bought beer to my guests.

If Tap-a-Draft works out these problems they will have a great product. But NB also needs to make customer satisfaction, especially following repeated shipment of faulty merchandise, at a much higher priority if they expect repeat business. (Posted on 12/21/11)
Not bad / not good Review by ihsfab
Everything worked alright until I tried the CO2 cartridges, that's when I found out the holder for the cartridges was to long. Had to put some tin foil under the cartridge so it would be pierced when tightening the holder up. Other than that it works fine. (Posted on 7/12/11)
Beats Bottling Review by Goober
I've used this product for 5 batches now and it has worked relatively well. There was an explosion a while back, but it was my fault for over-carbonating the beer. Just use one CO2 cartridge at a time and enjoy. If you buy cartridges every time you make an order, you never run out. It's all good. Cheers. (Posted on 1/21/11)
Works fine with no mods Review by RFL
I have no leaks and no complaints. (Posted on 1/13/11)
Needs 3 cartridges to fully dispense keg Review by Shadowrider
As I stated in earlier reviews, make sure you use the newer caps with the plastic seals to keep from leaking while carbonating. Claim is that it takes two CO2 cartridges to empty keg. Pressure quits when beer volume is down to about 20% and you have to use a 3rd cartridge to completely empty the keg.

Maybe adding more priming sugar to increase initial pressure would solve this problem, just don't get carried away, I had one keg explode when I screwed in the CO2 cartridges.

Except for having to use an extra CO2 cartridge, this system has been working satisfactorily.

Prosit! (Posted on 10/7/10)
Great space and time saving alternative Review by Brett
This is a great alternative to a full size keg system. I recently brewed a stout and used it with one C02 and one N20 cartridge to produce a nice creamy pub style beer. The TAD was a hit at a recent party. Seems like maybe some of the issues have been worked out because I haven't had any leaks or pressure problems. (Posted on 8/17/10)
Replacement caps Review by Shadowrider
The original caps that came with my system used a paper gasket that would leak and I'd end up with flat beer. I just bought a replacement bottle for the one that exploded as I reported in an earlier review, the new bottle came with a cap with a plastic seal and I also ordered some extra caps, so far no leaks with the new caps. You can buy the replacement caps for only 50 cents a piece. Cheap insurance. For added insurance use teflon thread tape around the threads as suggested by another reviewer. The teflon tape is cheap and can be purchased at any plumbing supply store. (Posted on 7/18/10)
Fair Review by Shadowrider
Caps that come with the kit tend to leak so at the end of carbonation beer may be flat. Does not happen every time. Be careful when charging keg wit CO2. Do not pressurize both cartridges at once. Only pressurize second cartridge when pressure gets low. I have had one bottle explode. What a mess. The plastic bottles cannot take much pressure. I switched from Quoin Party Pigs to this system am disappointed in both. (Posted on 7/10/10)
Really nice Review by BC
These are a really nice way to have mobile home brew. Also a nice space saving way to have beer on tap in your fridge. Add N2 cartridges...and you have a way to have creamy pub style stout...without tons of extra and expensive hardware! (Posted on 7/7/10)
Works just fine for me and my friends Review by EAS
My local brewery sells these as larger alternatives to growlers. I've never had a problem with mine leaking at the threads, nor have any of my friends. It works pretty well, actually, for what it is. (Posted on 6/12/10)
Piece of Junk Review by Robert
If your goal is to destroy a batch of beer, buy this product!
This system does not work out of the box, plumbers tape and other tweeks are needed to salvage your batch. None of these little tweeks and fixes are in the manual, you must seek out Webposts by other users of this product.
Save yourself the time and aggravation and just buy a real tap system. (Posted on 6/7/10)
Not bad!!! Review by Sunday Brew
I bought this system a few weeks back. It works great! I have no leaks! No beer leaks, no co2 leaks, nothing! Easy to wash and clean. Only down fall about this system is that the beer tends to barely trickle when you have less then a quarter left of beer. I would recommend if you don't have the cash to buy the beafy kegging systems. (Posted on 4/3/10)
Need to use teflon tape to seal Review by Tony B
To all the posts about leakage - wrap a couple of layers of teflon tape around the thread before capping or putting on the tapper. Ta-da, no leaks! (Posted on 3/27/10)
Works very well Review by Ronald J
An inexpensive way to dispense your brew. Beats the heck out of bottling and cuts down on all the work and cleaning involved. I would love to have a real kegging system at home but this works for me since I give one to my Dad for his fridge and I have the other 2 in mine. Every now and then during natural carbonation when resting the bottles on their side you might get a small leak, I have had to on 2 occasions stand the bottles up to finish carbonation. I am on my 7th use with the original bottles and I think it might be time to replace them. Overall works as intended. (Posted on 3/13/10)

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