Wyeast 1945 NB NeoBritannia

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This traditional English ale strain works well for a wide range of beer styles, from low-gravity bitters and milds to strong stouts, porters, and old ales. Due to the cells’ chain-forming characteristics, it is an excellent top-cropping yeast. Moderate ester profile makes it a great match for hop-driven beers like bitter and pale ale, but attenuative enough to handle higher-gravity malty styles.

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts. It is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

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Wyeast 1945 NB Neobritannia Yeast


This traditional English ale strain works well for a wide range of beer styles, from low-gravity bitters and milds to strong stouts, porters, and old ales. Due to the cells’ chain-forming characteristics, it is an excellent top-cropping yeast. Moderate ester profile makes it a great match for hop-driven beers like bitter and pale ale, but attenuative enough to handle higher-gravity malty styles. Excellent flocculation yields clear beer and allows for cask-conditioning. Ferment at the lower end of the temperature range for a cleaner finish, or utilize the upper end to enhance low-gravity beers with a more assertive ester profile. Apparent attenuation: 72-77%. Flocculation: medium-high. Optimum temp: 66°-74° F.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Wyeast
Yeast Format Liquid
Yeast Type Ale
Yeast Origin/Influence British Isles
Min Fermenting Temp 66
Max Fermenting Temp 74
Flocculation Medium-High
Min Attenuation % 72
Max Attenuation % 77

Customer Reviews

Neo FTW! Review by ChuckD76
Nice yeast that, as others have stated, is good for more than just English ales.
Have used it for stouts, porters, IPA's, bitters and American pales. Anytime you need a little bit of estery goodness to give a beer just a little something extra. (Posted on 1/29/14)
Excellent flavor and flocculation Review by Zeb
I've used this twice on the same Robust Porter recipe, and both times the yeast has done a great job of cleanly fermenting and making a good, compact yeast trub. The yeast is an aggressive fermentor, so plan headspace accordingly. Great yeast that I will use again. (Posted on 1/11/14)
Great for english brew Review by Stephen
Good clean fermenter, useful for ESBs and the like. (Posted on 1/7/14)
Great yeast Review by David
Good strong activity, no off flavors. I have used this several times with no problems

(Posted on 12/26/13)
fast Review by matthew
This yeast rocks, its a go to yeast for any ale that has bready character. I use it often with maris otter, it is a good yeast for hoppy beers as well (Posted on 12/25/13)
Superb every time Review by Robert
I am a mid-experienced brewer with enough knowledge to know that I "do not know it all" but I surely have experienced enough brewing yeasts to understand that each yeast strain has its own unique characteristics. This 1945 is a perfect middle-of-the-road yeast which can do it all. I love the mild flavor, its heavily productive but not explosive early ferment, its settling out, and its superb reliability as long as the brewer treats it properly; ease up on the reins you fellow brewers and let this 1945 take you on the brewing journey you so dream about! (Posted on 11/19/13)
Good when you don't have the time Review by Tyler
First time wyeast user here. Also coincidentally the first time I've ordered from northern brewer. I like how this makes it easy to make some "starter" for the wort. Yes a bit pricier but worth it IMHO. I started it the night before brew day and slept with it to keep it warm. Weird? Nope I love beer so I'll sleep with my yeast thank you very much. Seems to be handling my 1.062 OG wort so far. I'd keep the wort around 70 degrees to keep everything going. Mines around 66-68 and it seems a bit sluggish. Will buy wyeast again. (Posted on 11/11/13)
My British Go To Review by Tate
I use this in everything from little Bitters to Big Gnarly Barley Wines. It chews through all that you feed it and churns out a solid product. I have noticed that I have to raise my mash temps on the lower gravity ales to keep the body but it is a small price to pay for the flavor. (Posted on 10/28/13)
Super Yeast Review by Larry
I recently brewed an oatmeal stout and a sweet stout using this yeast. I had two of the most vigorous fermentatioins I have ever had. These two beers came out great and will use it again. (Posted on 10/12/13)
Not just for English ales! Review by Brad
Used this for NB's sweet stout, as a starter for NB's Barley Wine, and both were excellent. Now it's time for some more Barley Wine, and I've been using this yeast for a few brews leading up to it. So far I've finished NB's Speckled Heifer and Honey Wheat, and both have turned out great. Love the body and taste profile in both.

Overall a great yeast, could easily make the short list of house yeast strains, and not only for lovers of English ales. (Posted on 8/11/13)
i would like to have tried this! Review by steve c
i heard this is a good yeast for Nut Brown Ale. i did not get to try this mine came dead :( . i ordered this friday befor the 4th of july , since the 4th was on a thursday it sat in 100 degree + weather tell the following monday july 8th. even tryed a starter and no luck.. thank the beer Gods i had a Safale S-04 on hand.
The yeast being dead was not my fault nor Northern Brewer's fault. this stuff just happens sometimes. N.B. Customer Service was just awsome in takeing care of the problem!

Thanks again N.B. staff! (Posted on 7/27/13)
Won't use anything else. Review by tim
Have used this yeast on imperial stouts, british strong ales, a holiday ale, and my last 3 nut browns. Wyeast 1945 has allowed me to consistently brew one tastey beer after another. Thanks Northern Brewer !! (Posted on 12/30/12)
Work horse Review by Knox
Just bottled my oatmeal cookie brown, flat and out of the primary it tastes better than any beer I've made yet. Really pleasant esters, great nutty flavor, 10 days in the primary with NO off flavors. My beer went from 1.068 to 1.011, yet still has a full creamy body. I will use this yeast for all my British ales from now on. Tastes and performs better than any yeast I've tried in 7 years of brewing. (Posted on 12/7/12)
Four Comparisons Review by Axton Brewing
We have used the NeoBrittania yeast four times where we split the batch, half getting one yeast half the other yeast.

Test 1
In a British Mild (IBU 13, OG 1.036) v London Ale 1028. The Neo was definitely the better choice.

Test 2
In a British Best Bitter (IBU 35, OG 1.045) v Whitbread Ale 1099. The Neo has a slightly sweeter start and a nice smooth, bitter finish.

Test 3
In an English ESB (IBU 44, OG 1.052) v Bedford British WLP Platinum. The Neo had a nice bitter flavor, the Bedford was a little chalkly.

Test 4
In an English IPA (IBU 53, OG 1.054) v Bedford British WLP Platinum. At this level of bitterness the chalkly flavor of the Bedford was our preference. The Neo was noticeably more bitter.

We will definitely use this yeast again. (Posted on 4/28/12)
So so Review by Wade
Not particularly impressed. Maybe just not my style of yeast. Different results with different batches . I will probably try again to see if it was anything I did. (Posted on 1/29/12)
Good to reuse for a variety of styles Review by GeneralSpecific
Great yeast.
I brewed a low gravity Bitter with it and then harvested the yeast to reuse. I was able to wake it up 6 months later and make a great beer!

I have made a British Bitter, Irish Stout, Nut Brown, and Mild Ale with this same batch of yeast and they have all turned out well.

It is easy to top crop. The krausen seems to stick around forever.

One batch got too hot, about 80, but the beer still turned out with a clean flavor-after I cooled it down and let it age a little.

I am going to see how long I can keep using this yeast! (Posted on 1/27/12)
Nice 1056 substitute Review by dukemartini
I recently brewed the Robust Porter recipe in Brewing classic styles but subbed the 1945 for the 1056 the recipe called for with great results. All the attenuation plus a nice "Britishy" yeast flavor contribution. So good I brewed the same recipe again but bottled so I could store some away. Can't wait to try it in another recipe. (Posted on 1/15/12)
Extremely vigorous fermentation Review by MattN
I do like the ales this yeast produces, but I generally stick to making Browns with it. Fermentation is so vigorous I almost always have to use the blowoff tube with it. Despite that, it makes a fantastic English Brown Ale. Just have the blowoff tube ready!!! (Posted on 11/20/11)
Weak Body Review by AmandaK
I used this with the NB Oatmeal Stout kit. Flavors are great, but the body is greatly lacking. I mashed at 153* and it stopped at 1.014, but it is still remarkably thin. Probably will not be using this again. (Posted on 11/10/11)
Great Yeast! Review by larry
I just used this yeast to brew a mild. The yeast started quick and was not extremely vigorous. Beer settled out quickly and there were absolutely no off flavors.

I will be using this yeast whenever I can. (Posted on 8/28/11)
Really good stuff Review by Tim
Brewed a blond ale with 1945 and am very happy with my new brew. This yeast is a great all - around ale yeast. Gotta try it in my next nut brown . (Posted on 7/16/11)
Not as good as some other Wyeast British Ales Review by John
Thinner in body than 1028 and 1099 Wyeast strains. Okay, but not my favorite. (Posted on 6/7/11)
Great stuff ! Review by Tim
Used 1945 in my Imperial bourbon barrel stout ( 8.3 abv.) , and my English strong ale ( 7.7 abv. ) , and am very impressed on the flavor development of them so far. Ferments very cleanly. Will be using this yeast in other batches as well !! (Posted on 5/21/11)
Great! Review by Joey
Love it, used it in a chocolate stout and a nut brown and it's done great both times. Getting geared up to brew two more chocolate stouts and a nut brown because of this year. (Posted on 4/6/11)
I Like It! Review by MATT
I brewed a basic bitter. It fermented at 66 for almost 3 weeks and then it dropped clear. Had a thick krausen for the entire time. It's a pretty clean flavor with a hint of esters. I will use it again. (Posted on 12/24/10)
Quickly Clear Beer Review by elkook
Like ShrimpCreole I brew mild quite often. I am a big fan of 1275 Thames Valley.

That being said, I will be using the 1945 for my milds from here on out. The brew was spot on at 3.5 weeks from brewday. The taste is very similar to, if not better than my batches with 1275 - AND it's already crystal clear with only Irish moss in the kettle.

FWIW, the ferment was a rather consistent 68°F, and I keg with serving temps around 43°-45°F.

I will be brewing a nut brown with 1945 next and hope that I can report the same satisfaction.

Cheers on the yeast NB! (Posted on 12/9/10)
Verry dissappointing Review by ShrimpCreole
Agree with Jbug in that it was very strong but REALLY did not like the results. Used it in both a bitter and mild. I brew both frequently and it produced the worst tasting batch of both brews. I love NB's kits, think the customer service is suberb but man, do I dislike this yeast. Sorry guys! (Posted on 11/13/10)
Interesting! Review by ormus
This yeast keeps on fermenting. I made a 1.070 porter and a 1.043 English bitter and both fermented very well, the porter down below 1.015, and the bitter is still fermenting at 1.010. (Posted on 10/4/10)
A+++ Review by Jbug
Great yeast! Very strong, working well with the pale ale I'm fermenting now! (Posted on 9/4/10)

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