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Low-foaming acid rinse - use like Star San in applications where lots of foam is undesirable.

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An acid rinse, much like Star San, but low-foaming — this makes it great for CIP or pump applications as well as part soaking. Saniclean does not require a rinse when used at or below 200 ppm. Great for spray bottles, circulation sanitizing with a pump, or other applications where lots of foam is undesirable. Can also be used for soaking use 2 oz Saniclean per 4 gallons of water, allow hand-washed parts to soak for 5 minutes, then rinse with potable water.

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Customer Reviews

Good Stuff Review by Smokey
This is good stuff and I have never had an issue since using it. Yes it stains plastic but I would rather that then put my beer into acid rinse foam regardless if they say it's harmless. (Posted on 8/31/14)
Love this stuff!! Review by Gary
All the benefits of Star San without most of the foam. (Posted on 11/22/13)
Great for CIP sanitation Review by HMC
As others have said, this is THE sanitizer you should be using if you have a CIP system--like Mark's Keg Washer for example.

It will still foam in these CIP systems some, but not near as much as Star San (which I also use in other applications). (Posted on 10/9/12)
Great for pump driven keg washer Review by MashMasterDave
I really like Saniclean, as I use a pump based cleaner for my corney kegs, and sanke kegs I ferment in. It has a CIP Sprayball and will turn StarSan into nothing but foam almost instantly. While Saniclean does still foam, it is not unmanageable, like the thick foam that StarSan produces. Some people say it is too expensive, but what is the cost of throwing away contaminated beer. One batch of bad beer would pay for a years supply of Saniclean. I have both StarSan and Saniclean, and along with PBW I have a clean and sanitised brewery. (Posted on 5/4/12)
Love this stuff Review by AxeBrew
Must have for bottles and carboys to cut down on the foaming and still have a clean/sanitized surface. I have both this and StarSan in the toolkit. The two of them combine for the perfect sanitizing combo! (Posted on 1/20/12)
Good stuff Review by Jeremy
I started out using B-Bright and then switched to Star San because of convenience. I always had issues with the amount of foam caused by Star San. I know the saying goes "Don't fear the foam" but I never could just fill a carboy with wort that still had sanitizer foam in the bottom.
Then I found Saniclean. Same convenient scalable sanitation without the foam. Granted, I have to use twice as much but its worth it to me. 2-2.5 oz of Saniclean per 5 gallons of water and let everything soak. A quick rinse and sling and I'm ready to go. Cleaning tap lines is a breeze with no foamy buildup to flush out.
I also like to make a 1 gallon batch and leave keg and tap parts soaking for a few days in a tupperware container after I finish off a keg.
God stuff! (Posted on 1/4/11)