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In-line thermometer for measuring the temperature of your wort outflow from a counterflow chiller.

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The Thrumometer is an in-line thermometer, ideal for measuring the temperature of your wort outflow from a counterflow chiller. The interior of this thermometer is mirror smooth, providing no places for bacteria to hide. This thermometer responds very quickly (1°F per second), has 1°F precision, and 0.5°F accuracy. It never needs calibrating. If you use a highly-efficient counterflow wort chiller, the Thrumometer will help you avoid over-chilling your wort, and will save water. This instrument is made from a head-treated highly corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy that will last a lifetime! Requires 3/8" ID tubing. Should not be used with liquids exceeding 140°F.

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Customer Reviews

Excellent Review by Chris
Easy to read and clean, you couldn't ask for more.... except for it to be 1/2" instead of 3/8 hence 4 stars. (Posted on 7/17/13)
Good Review by Steven
Works great ! A little spendy , but it is blichmann. It does the job. Looking forward to dialing it in and using it many batches! (Posted on 7/15/13)
Perfect Review by GAGE
Works great for me, have it at the end of my counterflow chiller going into the carboy, gives me accurate readings!! (Posted on 10/27/12)
Lagers? Review by Mark
This works fantastically well, yet not when I am trying to knock out lagers at 50F. It would have been a much better instrument if the range was 78F-48F. I've ended up rigging a ss dial thermometer with a 1/2"mpt ss T after my therminator instead. (Posted on 2/26/12)
Great product Review by SRB
Works as advertised. Simple to use and simple to clean. (Posted on 7/20/11)
Great way to dial in your chiller flow. Review by Matthew
I like this because I can adjust my valve settings to get the wort flow through my chiller as fast as possible, chilling down to pitching tempratures.

I also clean and sanitize while still plumbed to my pump and Therminator. (Posted on 11/10/10)
Much easier this way! Review by DarkNoonBrewer
I simply plumb this in stream after the chiller, and it makes keeping track of the wort temp much easier than holding a thermometer in the stream. I sterilize with it connected to the hose and never had a problem with the sticker. Maybe i havent left it in long enough to hurt it yet...

Works great! (Posted on 7/19/10)
For over two years, has worked great Review by Nathaniel
I attach it in-line with my boil pot out spigot hose, to get an accurate final reading of wort temperature as it hits the primary fermenter, and it works great.

One small note -- the thermometer is really just an aquarium-type liquid crystal strip attached with high strength clear tape. Not shabby or low-quality by any means, but one day I left it sitting in some B-Brite too long, and it did bubble the tape up. Still seems to work fine, but if your going to clean it by dunking it in sanitizer like I do, defiantly don't keep it there longer than a minute or two.
(Posted on 2/27/10)