Vinbrite Mark III Wine Filter

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An easy-to-use, effective filter at an entry level price!

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An easy-to-use, effective filter at an entry level price! Polishes fermented, fined wine during racking; the filter body rests on top of a carboy and is gravity-fed by a siphon hose (included) coming from a full carboy or bucket. Because this system involves air contact, we recommend dosing your wine with sulfites and/or ascorbic acid prior to filtering to reduce the risk of oxidation. Kit includes 6 single-use Crystalbrite filter pads. Not for use with beer.

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Perfect, no, effective, YES Review by rookievinter
I must start by saying that I have little experience in winemaking, having only taken it up about a year ago. The problem of fine particulates being transfered during racking and bottling is a tough nut to crack. Using an Autosiphon, the first 15-20 botles of a 30 bottle batch can come out great, but the problem of sediment transfer becomes greater as you get to the bottom of the carboy. Racking off helps, but only distributes or diffused the problem. This product proved very effective. After filtration, the wine is very clear and I could see visible discoloration on both the pad and the (optional but recommended) paper. The system is not without compatibility issues. The tubing that comes with the kit fits snugly on the inlet nipple, but won't fit on the Autosiphon. The tubing that fits on the Autosiphon is loose on the inlet nipple, causing a small amount of leakage, not enough to be significant (maybe 25mL out of a 6gal batch) but just enough to make a little bit of a mess. British filter, American tubing, go figure. A short piece of hard tube and a little heat should make a suitable adapter. Bottom line, for the price, this is a very worthwhile investment for the home winemaker. (Posted on 5/3/12)