Beer Recipes from Northern Brewer

We have hundreds of beer recipes to choose from: All-grain, Extract, Partial Mash, and Small Batch (1 gallon). Each recipe is included with our fresh, ready to brew, beer ingredient kits. To access the beer recipe ingredient and instruction sheets, simply select a beer type (below), then choose a specific beer kit, then click the “Additional Information” tab or browse our PDF Beer Recipe Documentation Library.

Most beginners start with extract recipe kits because they take less time, have fewer steps, and do not require additional equipment. Partial Mash and All-Grain brewing offer new techniques, new ingredients, and more control over the brewing process. We also have a selection of Limited Edition Beer kits, which use special release yeast from Wyeast, and Pro Series Kits, our line of exclusive beer kits crafted in partnership with fine craft breweries.