About Northern Brewer

Who We Are

NB Grand Ave RetailWhen founder Chris Farley first opened the doors of a small St. Paul homebrew supply shop in 1993, life was different. Phones had cords. Wine coolers were cool. And craft beer wasn’t even born yet.

But none of that really mattered. At Northern Brewer, we started out with just one mission: To help our fellow homebrewers make great beer.

Even though times have changed, our mission hasn’t. And because of that, we’ve grown from that tiny storefront to become the #1 homebrewing and winemaking supplier in America.


What We Do.

As brewers, we’re always working to improve the next batch. And because Northern Brewer was built by homebrewers, for homebrewers, that same passion fuels everything we do:

It’s what drives us to offer the very best in homebrewing. We offer the highest-quality ingredients on the planet. It’s what we’d want, and we won’t settle for anything less for you.

NB brew crew mash inIt’s what challenges us to invent better ways to brew. Constantly. Our Product Development Team’s only job is to design new ways to make homebrewing easier for everyone. And it’s all based on decades of expert experience and troubleshooting.

It’s what inspires the best one-on-one service and support in the business. Our brewers are here for you 7 days a week email, text message, or tweet. Sorry...service by carrier pigeon is no longer available. Too hard on the pigeons.

And it’s what keeps us brewing -- and our fellow brewers coming back brew after brew. Because life gives us plenty to celebrate. And nothing’s better than celebrating with something you made yourself.

Enough about us. It’s about YOU.

We’ve Got Your Batch…It’s not just a clever tagline. (Though we do like that about it.) It’s our 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise that we take seriously. And we deliver on it in everything we do. We’ve Got Your Batch is a way of life here at Northern Brewer.

That means we’re the best place to start your brew day, whether you’re on your first batch or your 500th. Not just because we have a lot of expertise. (We do.) Or valuable resources we’re happy to share. (Also true.) But because Northern Brewer is driving the growth of this craft, by doing everything we can for those who enjoy it.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our fellow homebrewers and winemakers have to say about Northern Brewer:

“Northern Brewer takes the mystery out of brewing a great beer. My 1st attempt was outstanding. I cannot wait to brew another variety.”

“Everything is awesome and easy to do.”

“Great kits, quality equipment, and good instructions.”

“Super fast shipping, great prices, awesome packaging, and fast & friendly customer service.”

We wouldn’t be here without the amazing community of brewers and winemakers we serve, supply, and support. Thanks for helping make Northern Brewer who we are today and enabling us to do what we love and help others do it, too. We look forward to brewing, sharing, and enjoying along with you for many years to come. CHEERS!

Northern Brewer Team