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Creamery In A Box® Essential Cheesemaking Starter Kit

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Ready to enjoy the most delicious, hand-crafted cheese you've ever tasted? Good, because Creamery in a Box® Essential Starter Kit provides everything you need to make seriously fresh, seriously tasty artisan-quality cheese in your own kitchen.

All-natural and as local as it gets! Just add the milk of your choice, and in about 30 minutes, you'll be ready to share cheese so good, family and friends will be clamoring for more.

Your kit comes with professional-grade cheesemaking tools, all-natural ingredients, premium cheesecloth and butter muslin, plus two of our best-selling recipe kits, so you can make Farmhouse Cheddar and Fresh Mozzarella right out of the box!
Love cheese? Good...Hope you're hungry! With the revolutionary Creamery in a Box® Essential Cheesemaking Starter Kit, you can enjoy your own freshly-made, artisan-quality cheeses in under an hour. It includes all the key tools and ingredients you need to perfect the art of cheesemaking (except for the milk!) Plus, two custom-built recipe kits, so you can make our Farmhouse Cheddar and Fresh Mozzarella right away.

All-natural and absolutely fresh. Creamery In A Box® uses only the best ingredients, from organic non-GMO liquid vegetable rennet to locally-sourced beeswax. Each recipe kit gives you just enough of each ingredient to make five 1-gallon batches of cheese. Never run out unexpectedly, and never use old out-of-date ingredients for your cheese.

Learn fast and have fun with detailed, illustrated instructions. You'll find out exactly how to use each tool and ingredient as well as key techniques for mastering the art of cheesemaking. Start with the unbelievably simple and delicious Fresh Mozzarella. Then try your hand at a classic Farmhouse Cheddar (ready to eat in just one month!). Cut the curd, learn how to use a manual cheese press and wax your cheese for aging! Beyond cheddar, the world is your cheese wheel. With the included equipment you can make hundreds of varieties! Gouda, parmesan, mozzarella, provolone, colby, chevre, monterey jack, cream cheese, Swiss cheese...the possibilities are endless. And endlessly delicious!

  • Farmhouse Cheddar Recipe Kit: Rennet, Calcium Chloride, Annatto, Cheese Cultures, Premium Cheesecloth & Cheese Salt
  • Mozzarella Recipe Kit: Rennet, Lipase, Citric Acid, Better Butter Muslin & Cheese Salt
  • Easy Instructions
  • Dairy Thermometer
  • Professional Curd Skimmer
  • Stainless Steel Curd Knife
  • Cheese Mold & Follower
  • Reed Drying Mat
  • Genuine Beeswax
  • Natural Bristle Brush
  • Sanitizer

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Customer Reviews

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Great fun. Great cheese

Go to Youtube Instead

This product is absolutely terrible and useless. The couple cheeses I made I had to save by looking online for what to actually do.

The one time I did follow the directions to the letter, I wound up with an absolute wreck and certainly was not cheese. *edited for language/content

Thanks for your order, we are sorry to hear of the poor experience. It looks like our Customer Service team reached out for additional information and to help you get value from this kit. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make great cheese!
Cheese starter kit

A little more complicated than the instructions indicated, instructions could have been more detailed.

Not worth the money at all

The products in the box are overhyped and cheap. The curd knife came with a missing rivet, the spoon is covered in glue from the uneccesary SKU sticker, the dropper of rennet, annato and CaCl are not enough for 5lbs as advertised but barely enough for 3. I could get 2oz of liquid rennet for $7 elsewhere. There is an over abundance of cheese salt. The money put into that could have allowed for more rennet. And to top it all off the plastic cheese press is perhaps the most pathetic piece of equipment I have ever used. It bends, warps, barely fits a soup can as the suggested instructions indicate, and if you think you’re going to balance 50lbs of textbooks and weights on that tiny plastic P.O.S. you’re going to have a huge mess on your hands. Two squares of playwood and four bolts later I am finally able to make the cheddar without wanting to punch a wall. If you are looking to make some cheese, don’t do it this way. The mold is a joke and the tools are pathetic.

Thank you for the review. We are disappointed to read that you disliked our kit and your cheesemaking experience. Customer Service will be contacting you to work on a resolution.
Best cheese I ever had!

Excellent cheese!We used an all natural full organic whole milk to make mozzarella for pizza. It was amazing, nothing like it!

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Creamery In A Box® Essential Cheesemaking Starter Kit

Creamery In A Box® Essential Cheesemaking Starter Kit

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