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This beer recipe was created by Eric Harper, brewer at Summit Brewing Company. It was brewed for and will be served as part of a collaboration with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts as part of its “Supper with Shakespeare” event, “Tudor Keg Party!”

Watch this video to learn more about Harper’s inspiration. Then brew your own version of the Tudor Ale from the recipe below.

Recipe reprinted with permission by Summit Brewing Company and Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

5 Gallon Batch Size (scaled for 70% efficiency)
O.G: 1.046
F.G: 1.012
BUs: 15

7.25 lbs. Crisp Maltings Floor Malted Organic Pale Malt
1.2 lbs Simpson’s Crystal Medium
0.5 oz Simpson’s Black

Sacch’ Rest: 154° F for 45 minutes
Mashout: 172° F for 5 minutes

60-minute boil
0.5 oz East Kent Goldings (55 min)
2.5 oz Honey (50 min)
0.1 oz Fresh Sage, chopped (5 min)

Wyeast 1028 London Ale
Fermentation Temp: 68° F

One week primary fermentation
“Dry-hop” with 0.5 oz dried sage for one week.
Two weeks bottle conditioning

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