Omega Yeast Coming Soon to Northern Brewer

Omega Yeast, exclusive strains at Northern Brewer

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COMING SOON : The Catalyst



The Catalyst Fermentation System is an innovative piece of homebrewing equipment that simplifies the fermentation process. Features seen only in high-end, professional brewing equipment are integrated into a compact homebrewing system that is both functional and elegant. Eliminate transfers, minimize the chances of contamination, and easily remove trub or harvest yeast directly from the fermenter. The Catalyst has 6.5 gallon capacity and 45° conical angle for the collection of sediment. The innovative Trub Trap butterfly valve is a full 3” in diameter and works with almost any wide mouth mason jar, enabling the user to harvest yeast for future use. When fermentation is complete, simply bottle directly from the Catalyst using the included bottling attachment. Durable honeycomb construction adds stability and a multi-surface silicone lid gasket provides a perfect seal.


Kit Includes:

    6.5 Gallon Tank with Lid, Stand (Base, 2 Legs, 2 Support Beams, 8 Screws), 3” Proprietary Butterfly Valve,  Bottling Attachment, Transfer Tubing and Tubing Clamp, Rubber Stopper, 16 Oz. Wide Mouth Mason Jar

43166 The Catalyst …………………………………………………. $199.99

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