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Northern Brewer has a new best-in-class Product Review engine.

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Theses are just a few of the features with many more to come.

Each time you purchase a product from Northern Brewer you may get an email requesting a review. When you receive these emails,  PLEASE fill them out for us. We use feedback as inspiration to serve our customers better!

You don’t have to wait for the email request – to post a review, simply visit the page for a product that you have purchased, then click on the red “Write a Review” button on the “Product Reviews & Questions” tab.


See this example from our Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit:

What’s On Tap – Hydrometers for Beer, Cider and Wine Making

When brewing beer, cider, or wine you are going to need to use a hydrometer. The hydrometer measures the amount of sugar that is dissolved in water. This sugar is what the yeast turns into alcohol during fermentation. By measuring the Original Gravity (OG) of your wort you can estimate the amount of alcohol that your wort can produce. By measuring the Final Gravity (FG) you can use the formula below to get your alcohol content in your now fermented beer.

(OG – FG) X 131 = ABV

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