Sahti (Traditional Finnish Beer)

This sahti recipe is from Michael Agnew & Mark Roberts. You can see it being brewed in Episode 24: Sahti Throwdown. Sahti is a very interesting traditional Finnish beer made without hops or boiling… in which the wort is filtered through a bed of juniper branches, twigs, and berries.


Target OG: 1.097

Volume setting: 4 gallons

Mash Efficiency Assumption: 75%

Grain Bill

9 lb German Pilsner Malt
3.2 lb Dark Munich Malt 15L
1.75 lb Rye Malt

Other Ingredients

A handful of juniper twigs

1 cube of Finnish fresh baking yeast (substitute Red Star fresh yeast)


  1. Perform a three step mash with 30-minute rests at 122° F, 143° F, and 158° F.
  2. Pour the mash into another container and line the bottom of the mash tun with juniper.
  3. Return the mash to the tun and run off/sparge into a kettle until the target gravity is reached.
  4. Heat the wort in the kettle to 170° F and hold for 20 minutes to pasteurize. Steep more juniper twigs during this step.
  5. Chill the wort to below 70° F and pitch the yeast.
  6. Allow fermentation to complete and then bottle without priming sugar.

Upon requests from viewers, Michael Agnew wrote up this extract version.

– 6 lb Pilsner LME
– 3 lb Munich LME
– 1 lb Rye Malt

Steep the rye malt and juniper twigs at 150 degrees for 30 minutes. Add extract and bring temp to 170 degrees, steeping more juniper. Chill wort and pitch yeast.

The problem here is that they won’t get much from the rye without actually mashing with some base malts.