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Homebrew Video Library

WELCOME TO NORTHERN BREWER’S VIDEO LIBRARY Northern Brewer has nearly 20 years of experience helping people learn how to make beer and wine at home. Our expertise is evident in our customer service, website, retail stores and videos. Here in our Video Homebrew Library you’ll find videos to help you become a better brewer as well as product videos featuring our ingredients, equipment and popular beer recipe kits. Northern Brewer is here to help you brew, share and enjoy.

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Northern Brewer 101

Northern Brewer’s Beer Kit Guarantee

Essential Brewing Starter Kit

Deluxe Starter Kit

Fermentors: Glass vs Plastic

Sanitizing Homebrew Equipment

Cleaning Fermentors

How to Use a Hydrometer

Kegging and Carbonating Your Homebrew

Boilover Prevention

Using an Immersion Wort Chiller

Making a Yeast Starter

Rehydrating Dried Yeast

Brewing Smashing Pumpkin Ale
with Real Pumpkin

Controlling Fermentation Temperatures

Increase Boil Volume

Dry Hopping Your Homebrew

Cold Water Bath

Racking Beer with Auto-Siphon

Adding Hops to Boiling Wort

How to Build a Keezer

Starting a Wine Kit

Installing Wire Bale on EZ Cap Bottle

The Riddle of Fermentation

Wyeast: Smack Pack 101

How to Activate a Wyeast Smack Pack

Wyeast: When Should I Smack the Pack?

Wyeast: Do I HAVE to Smack the Pack?

Wyeast: Pitching Rates and Yeast Starters

Disassembling/Cleaning 3-Piece Ball Valve

Northern Brewer Beer Kits

Dead Ringer

Black IPA

Caribou Slobber

Chinook IPA

Jamil’s Evil Twin

Nut Brown Ale

Cream Ale

Bavarian Hefeweizen

Irish Red Ale

Shining Star Pale Ale

Smashing Pumpkin Ale

Mongoose IPA

Pro Series Beer Kits: Surly Brewing Co.

Pro Series Beer Kits: Town Hall Brewery

Pro Series Beer Kits: Lakefront Brewing Co.

Pro Series Beer Kits: Dry Dock Brewing Co.

Pro Series Beer Kits: Tallgrass Brewing Co.

Northern Brewer Instructional DVDs

Homebrewing 101: Getting Started with Extract Brewing

Homebrewing 301: All-Grain Brewing

Homebrewing 311: Growing Hops at Home

Retail Locations

Northern Brewer Minneapolis

Northern Brewer Milwaukee

Winemaking 101

Starting a Wine Kit

Degassing Wine After Primary Fermentation

Winemaking for Homebrewers

Winexpert New & Improved Wine Kits

Wine Component Tasting

Northern Brewer Products

How many Brewmasters can an Edelmetall Brü Burner hold?

White House Recipe Kits

Maris Otter Malt Syrup **NB Exclusive**

Rye Malt Syrup **NB Exclusive**

Gold Malt Syrup

NB NeoBritannia **Exclusive Liquid Yeast**

Yeast Starter Kit & NB Stir Plate

Deluxe All-Grain System


Bayou, Banjo & Other Outdoor Burners

Shirron Plate Chiller

Flask Weight

Fizz Drops

5-Gallon Keg System (New or Used)

Used Keg Seal Kit

Mark’s Keg (and Carboy) Washer

Oatmeal Stout on Beer Gas

Beer Engine (1/4 Pint Clamp-On Pullman Handpump Unit)

Blichmann BeerGun

Blichmann Ferminator

John Blichmann and the HopRocket

John Blichmann and the AutoSparge

Blichmann and the TopTier Brewing System

John Blichmann and the HopBlocker

Carboy Parka

Black Beauty Capper

Red Baron Capper

Beer Faucet – European Flow Control

Wine Wand

Vinator Bottle Rinser

Portuguese Floor Corker

Plastic Plunger Corker

Gilda Single Lever Corker

Double Lever Corker

Horizontal Thermocapsule

“How to Brew” (book)

“Brewing Classic Styles” (book)

“Brewing Better Beer” (book)

Homebrew-Related Discussions and Presentations

All-Grain Brewing with John Palmer

John Palmer on Residual Alkalinity

Discussion with Jerrod Johnson

Discussion with Kristen England

Talking Yeast with Wyeast

Neva Parker of White Labs

“Brewing on the Ones”

“Brewing Berliner Weisse Style Beers”

NB Goes to Hops & Brew School

Northern Brewer in the Community

NB on TV for Minneapolis Homebrew Day

Hope for Emma

Team NB at the Polar Plunge

St. Paul Summer Beer Festival 2011

Northern Brewer at Beer & Art Pairing

DUH Club Competition

Minnesota Homebrewers Festival

NB/AHA Wort Rally at Lakefront Brewery

New York Homebrew Tour