Homebrew Video Library

Homebrew Video Library

Northern Brewer has nearly 20 years of experience helping people learn how to make beer and wine at home. Our expertise is evident in our customer service, website, retail stores and brewing videos. Here in our Video Homebrew Library you’ll find beer brewing and wine making videos to help you become a better brewer as well as product videos featuring our ingredients, equipment and popular beer recipe kits. Northern Brewer is here to help you brew, share and enjoy.


Brewing TV

Every episode right here for your enjoyment!


Homebrewing 101 – Beer Brewing Kits, Tips & More

The best way to begin your homebrew journey is with a beer making kit from Northern Brewer. Each kit includes the specialized equipment you’ll need to brew beer at home, plus a FREE how-to DVD, Getting Started in Homebrewing, plus one of our three most popular beer ingredient kits for your first batch!


Beer Recipe Kits

From amber ale to witbier and everything in between, Northern Brewer’s extract, all-grain, BIAB and 1 gallon small batch beer brewing ingredients kits ship fresh with clear, easy to follow instructions.


Beer Brewing Equipment

At Northern Brewer we supply customers with the finest beer brewing equipment possible. We offer basics to advanced equipment packages. We have developed products that you can use knowing that they were specifically designed for brewing beer and wine. We take pride in knowing that home brewing is not only a way to make great beer, but a fun hobby and functional brewing equipment that lasts provides years of enjoyment. Take a look at the product videos below to see some of our own equipment, and how to use some other equipment that we sell.


Kegging & Bottling Beer

Whether homebrewed or commercially-sourced, we’ve got a system or vessel to dispense your favorite frosty beverage.


All-Grain Brewing – Advanced Beer Brewing

Advancing your hobby to all grain brewing can make a big difference in the way that you have control over how your beer tastes. Just a small variance in grains can cause a beer to change flavors and character. Creating your own recipe and refining it are all part of the enjoyment that you will get when you start all grain brewing. You will need some additional equipment for this. Check out our All grain equipment category.


Wyeast – Beer Yeast Presentations

Wyeast’s Microbiologist Greg Doss answers our questions on yeast. For more FAQs about yeast, go to Wyeast’s FAQ >


Wine Making Kits & Equipment

Not everyone in the world loves beer as much as we do, what a shame, so let them drink wine! Making Wine at home is much easier than you might think. You can make wines that compare with many store bought brands and many of our wine kits will produce a vintage that far exceeds what might be in your cellar. Take a look at the wine videos and try your hand at making some wonderful wine from one of our wine kits.