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In-Store Exclusive!

Italian & Californian Wine Release Party

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Saturday, 8/4/18 (12pm-1pm) Sign up for 8/4

Explore some of the best wines the northern hemisphere has to offer, along with a one-time-only discount for these spectacular varietals. Come and learn the story behind these special wines as our expert winemakers tour you through the famous Italian and Californian growing regions and be the first to secure your share!

In-Store Class Schedule


FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Saturday, 7/28/18 (11am-12pm) Sign up for 7/28

Saturday, 8/18/18 (11am-12pm) Sign up for 8/17

Love cheese? Who doesn’t? Now get ready to make the most delicious, fresh cheese you’ve ever tasted...Hand-crafted by you! Our expert cheesecrafters will share everything you need to know about the process, ingredients and tools required to whip up your very own artisan-quality cheese in under an hour. Learn key techniques for mastering the art of cheesemaking with live demonstrations from the pros. Plus, get 15% off any cheesemaking kit. Let the crafting begin!

Going All-Grain

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Saturday, 8/11/18 (12pm-1pm) Sign up for 8/11

Making the move to All-Grain Brewing is a rite of passage to be celebrated! But a little trepidation is only natural. Our expert All Grain gurus will show you how to ditch the dread and learn how to mash, lauter and sparge with complete confidence. Build on your extract brewing skills, or learn from the ground up with practical tips and hands-on demos from the pros. Best of all, there will be plenty of homebrews, brewed by our brewmasters, available for you to taste. You’ll also get 15% off any in-store purchase, to help with you level up to All-Grain Brewing!

Kegging and Keezer Building

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Saturday, 8/11/18 (3pm-4pm) Sign up for 8/11

Tired of bottling beer? Ditch the bottles and switch to kegging! In this intro-’evel class, we’ll take the guesswork out of kegging and show you how to properly set up your draft systems, carbonate your beer, and share your brew-tastic creations. You’ll never have to wait 2-4 weeks to enjoy your homebrew again. Best of all, get 15% off the purchase of any keg system, and kiss bottling goodbye!

Cider Making

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Saturday, 8/18/18 (11am-12pm) Sign up for 8/18

Oak, orange peel, cinnamon, grains of paradise… the sky’s the limit! Learn how to craft your own dangerously drinkable cider in a fun, hands-on setting. Our experts walk you through the entire cidermaking process; from selecting the right juice to bottling the finished product. Plus, you’ll learn crucial tips on how to customize the flavors and aromas to create a beverage that’s perfectly crisped to your liking. Join our cidermaking masters and taste the true branch-to-bottle experience of historic, handcrafted hard cider in every sip.

Kombucha Workshop

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Sunday, 8/26/18 (1pm-2pm) Sign up for 7/21

Unlock the ancient secrets of Kombucha at home! Whether you’re planning to harness the health benefits often attributed to Kombucha, or simply a fan of the tea itself, we’ll show you the best way to tackle your first batch with our new EverBru Kombucha starter kit!

BrewDog Days of Summer

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Sat, 8/25/18 (ALL DAY!)  Sign up for 8/25

Let’s give some credit to the ones that help us out the most on brewday.. our dogs!!
All day free event will include:

  • Hotdogs on the grill
  • Homemade spent grain dog treats w/ recipe and instructions
  • Dog bandana design station
  • Portion of all proceeds will benefit The Wisconsin Humane Society
Post a picture of your brew dog on our facebook page leading up to the event to receive 15% off your entire order the day of the event.


Class dates and times are subject to change. Classes may be canceled if a minimum number of registrations are not met. Participants will receive 15% Off their entire purchase on the day of the class. Some restrictions apply.

Visit Homebrewing 101 for a complete online guide to beer making.

We will be producing videos of some of the events, classes, demos and lectures taking place at the MPLS location. Please look for updates about these videos on Connect, Facebook, and our YouTubechannel. Cheers!

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