1/4" ID Beverage Tubing

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All-purpose beverage tubing for both gas and beer lines in kegerators and draft systems. Measures 1/4" ID and 1/2" OD.

A low flow resistance of 0.8 psi/foot makes this ideal for longer liquid lines; 15 ft or more in length. While a pressure rating of 70 psi also makes it ideal for use in CO2 gas applications as well. 

We recommend the use of 1/4 Barbed Swivel Nuts (K163) for easy threaded connections to MFL draft equipment such as a CO2 Regulatorgas distributor manifolds, and Soda Keg Disconnects.

Sold in pre-cut lengths: 10 or 20 feet

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SKU PCK025L10, PCK025L20

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1/4" ID Beverage Tubing