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Italian AEB New 5 Gallon Ball Lock Soda Keg

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Add variety to your home taproom with another keg to fill with that special reserve stout youe been aging or a fresh IPA youe been dying to brew and put on rotation. Quality Italian workmanship ensures your homebrew is served from the best of the best in kegging.

This brand new five gallon stainless keg has ball-lock fittings and pressure relief valve in the lid. Measures 25" tall by 8.25" in diameter.

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Solid Keg

Great keg so far. Have my first beer in it now, and it has performed as expected. This is my first brand new keg; it was so nice compared to all the dinged/dented used corny kegs i've used previously.

Great and worth it

Wish I would have purchased these from the start rather than old used where I replace many of the parts as they age.

Not what I expected for an AEB keg

2 months before purchasing this AEB keg from NB, I purchase 2 AEB kegs from another online store. The AEB kegs that I got first have a very smooth inside weld but the one from NB is not ground as smooth which can make cleaning a bit more of a chore or contaminates will hide in the weld and cause problems. I was very surprised to find this and thought maybe it was a fake but the part # is the same as the first 2 that I purchased. other than that, its a well made keg.

Not as good as standard corny keg

I have one of these new kegs and 2 used corny kegs and I prefer the corny kegs for 2 reasons:1. The beer line out (extending from the bottom of the inside of the keg to the post) is slightly bent and it's very hard to line up correctly so it is centered in the middle of the keg when reassembling. With a corny keg, just stick the metal tube into the keg and tighten the post - no problems.2. The posts for the Italian keg come apart so the spring, poppet and other parts all come apart. I supposed it makes for better cleaning but I never had an issue with the standard corny keg. More importantly, I've had 2 leaks from the posts after filling the kegs and they were very slow so I wasted a lot of CO2 not finding them until days later. Now I check all connections once pressurized with soapy water to ensure no leaks, but I still seem to get them every once in a while (I just fix them right away). I don't have this issue with the standard corny keg posts.Other than that it looks much better than my used corny kegs but I'm most concerned with the contents and the keg performing the way it's intended. Northern Brewer always does a great job with product choice and selection, so it's nice having another option but i'm not a fan. My 2 cents...

Great keg

I love the Italian kegs as the posts and overall construction are higher quality.

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Italian AEB New 5 Gallon Ball Lock Soda Keg

Italian AEB New 5 Gallon Ball Lock Soda Keg

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