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Mark II Carboy & Keg Washer

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Save time, water, and cleaning chemicals. The easiest way to clean your home brewery equipment.

This keg and carboy washer will make clean-up a breeze. Easily accommodates glass or plastic carboys to break down the toughest caked-on crud.

The base is designed to accommodate common homebrewing equipment while a submersible pump sprays cleaning solution down the sides of the vessel. Simultaneously wash your airlocks and stoppers hands-free.

Included adapters to clean keg posts and dip tubes (a soda keg disconnect and a short length of tubing are required but not included).

  • Designed by homebrewers for homebrewers.
  • Sanitizes or cleans kegs, carboys, buckets - greatly reduces time spent scrubbing at fermentation residue.
  • Hose barb attachments allow you to continuously circulate cleaning solution through tubing.
  • Shallow basin accommodates small parts like airlocks and stoppers.
  • Highly efficient reuse of cleaning solution means you can use just a fraction of the solution you would use for soaking fermentors, which saves money on cleaners and reduces water use.
  • Keg cleaning design allows you to pump cleaning solution through your liquid tubing, disconnect, dip tube, and keg all at the same time, without disassembling anything!
See our Krausen Killer Carboy Washing System for a complete starter set with cleaning chemicals.

This product should be used with a GFCI outlet or adapter for safety.

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Mark II Carboy & Keg Washer

Mark II Carboy & Keg Washer