Perlick Growler Filler

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No more spills, no more messes, and no more fusses. The Perlick Growler Filler makes it easy to effortlessly fill your growlers with beer from a Perlick 630 and a Perlick 650 Series faucet.

The chrome-plated fittings attach seamlessly onto a Perlick 630 faucet and ensures an airtight seal with its double O-ring design. Measuring at 12.5 inches in length this filler allows you to fill the growler from the bottom up preventing oxidation and keeping your beer fresh longer. Filling up your growler and taking your beer on the go has never been easier.

  • 12.5 inches - fills beer from the bottom up, removing air and keeping your beer fresh.
  • Stainless steel fitting with o-rings creates an impeccable seal.
  • Attaches to Perlick 630 series faucet for the perfect fill every time

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Perlick Growler Filler

Perlick Growler Filler