English Black Malt

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Finest malts from the British Isles.
Finest malts from the British Isles. Black Malts are made by roasting malted barley at a higher temperature than that used to produce Chocolate Malts. This also makes it different from roasted barley which uses unmalted barley. This creates a sharp, somewhat tart roasted flavor and deep black color, with a smoother, less dry flavor than roasted barley. Small percentages add reddish color to Scottish ales, red ales, and bitter. Higher percentages give pronounced roasted flavor and aroma and black color with a tan to brown head. Ideal for just about anything black and roasty such as sweet stout or robust porter. 500-600°L

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SKU C509I, W509I, G509K
Lovibond 500-600
Moisture Percentage 3
Grain Type Highly Kilned / Roasted Malt

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English Black Malt