Simpsons DRC"¾¢ Malt

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Simpsons DRC has been several years in the making. It has a distinctive aroma and flavor that is very complex and imparts a heavy, dark caramel taste with more subtle notes of burnt sugar, raisin, and dark dried fruits such as cherries and plums. It can also deliver some of the softer roasty notes of a chocolate or black malt but without the astringency or bitterness. Simpsons DRC will produce a deep brown color with ruddy highlights and add body and foam stability like all caramel malts.

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SKU C517I, W517I, G517K
Extract Percentage 69
Lovibond 105-120
Moisture Percentage 5
Grain Usage 20
Grain Type Caramel / Crystal / Cara Malt

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Simpsons DRC

Simpsons DRC"¾¢ Malt