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The Summer Sipper Homebrew Competition 

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Think you brew the best summer-sippin’ beer in the Twin Cities? Prove it! We’re teaming up with Union 32 Craft House to sponsor a sweet homebrew competition. Enter your beer, and if our judges think yours is the best, you get to brew a batch AT Union 32! And it gets even better: your beer will be served on “The Wall,” and all profits will go to the charity of your choice.

So get busy, brewers.

More details here.

Evenings at The Bakken: Bakken Brewmasters

Thursday, 5/24/2018 (5:30pm-9pm) Reserve Your Spot

Join us at The Bakken Museum as we explore the craftiest creations Minnesota’s brewers have to offer with samples and breakout sessions from the brewers at Boom Island Brewing Company, Bauhaus Brew Labs, Lake Monster Brewing, 612BREW, Tin Whiskers Brewing Co., Fair State Brewing Cooperative, and Big Wood Brewing. Northern Brewer will be breaking down the science of brewing with demonstrations and experiments sure to quench your knowledge and inspire a passion for the science beyond the pale… ale.

Doors open at 5:30pm – and the first 200 guests will receive a commemorative tasting glass.

This event is 21+ only – no exceptions will be made. More info here.

In-Store Class Schedule

Brew Your Own Beer!

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Select and brew your very own batch (or batches!) of beer in this one-of-a-kind, hands-on brewing adventure. No prior experience necessary. Our experts will guide you through the entire brewing process — from selecting your recipe to bottling your brew — and at the end, you’ll have up to six cases of your very own (super awesome) craft beer to take home and share.

With every group admission (1-4 brewers), you’ll get:

  • Ingredients to brew your recipe(s) of choice
  • A brewmaster to guide participants through the entire process
  • Scheduled time to bottle beer in Northern Brewer’s facility
  • Bottles for each batch (2 cases, 48 bottles in all)
  • Brewing and Fermentation space at Northern Brewer

Learn more here.

Make Cheese!

Sunday, 6/10/2018 (11am-1pm) Sign up for 6/10

New! Love cheese? Good… We hope you’re hungry! In this hands-on Cheesemaking class, you’ll learn to make your very own fresh mozzarella cheese from scratch. Let our cheesemaking experts guide you through the process of forming and stretching curds. And when we’re done, you’ll have fresh and delicious mozzarella to bring home with you to share and enjoy.

$100 Registration (includes complete take-home Cheesemaking Kit)

The course includes:

Creamery In A Box® Essential Cheesemaking Starter Kit
Mozzarella Recipe Kit
Small group setting
Guaranteed recipe success

Make Beer!

Saturday, 7/29/2018 (11:00am-1:00pm) Sign up for 7/29

NEW! Walk in a beer lover. Walk out a Brew Master! All you need is a passion for beer. We’ll supply everything else: hands-on help making your own wort in class, the expert low-down on siphoning and bottling. And even all the gear and ingredients you need to brew your first complete batch…Yours to take home at the end of class!

$50 Registration (includes complete take-home Brew Kit)

The course includes:

Brewing Equipment Starter Kit
Beer Recipe Kit
Small group setting
Direct access to Northern Brewer’s Experts to guide you through your brew day
Guaranteed recipe success

Make Cold Press Coffee!

Saturday, 5/12/2018 (11:00am-12:00pm) Sign up for 5/12

We’ll let you in on a secret: You can make that trendy, delicious cold-brew coffee you’re seeing everywhere in your very own home. And you don’t need to pay top dollar or possess 10th level barista skills to do it! Just bring your love for truly great coffee to this class and our in-house coffee ninjas will provide everything else: hands-on demonstrations, handy tools to streamline the process and expert advice on extracting the best flavors. BONUS: Great cold brew coffee is so mellow and flavorful, many converts have discovered they no longer need sweeteners, milk or other additions. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself!

$25 Registration (includes complete two 16 oz bottles of cold-brewed coffee)

Two 16 oz bottles of cold-brewed coffee
Access to additional flavorings – cocoa nibs, coconut, ginger, oak
Free samples of nitro cold-brew and house roasted coffee
Make and take!

Make Kombucha!

Saturday, 5/19/2018 (11:00am-1:00pm) Sign up for 5/19
Sunday, 6/17/2018 (11:00am-1:00pm) Sign up for 6/17
Saturday, 7/14/2018 (11:00am-1:00pm) Sign up for 7/14

NEW! If you’re happy buying overpriced bottles of kombucha, then stop reading now. This hands-on class is ONLY for kombucha-lovers who are ready to plunge head (and hands!) first into the world of kombucha-crafting. Let our fermentation gurus guide you as you create your first batch. Then we’ll send you off with our EverBru Kombucha Starter Kit and everything you need to keep brewing on your own.

$45 Registration (includes complete take-home Brew Kit)

Included in this course:

Everbru Kombucha Equipment Starter Kit
Kombucha Recipe
Small group setting
Direct access to Northern Brewer’s Kombucha Experts to guide you to excellence.
Guaranteed recipe success

All-Grain 201: Advanced Mashing Techniques

Sunday, 5/13 or 5/20 (1pm-2pm) Sign up for May

Level up your All-Grain techniques and brew better beer! Our All-Grain experts will go beyond the basic concepts of all grain brewing and show you how to customize and dial into your mash. You’ll how learn the process of step infusion mashing and decoctions with hands-on demonstrations from the pros. By the end of the class, you’re guaranteed to leave with plenty of ideas for adjusting your mash and crafting a beer that is truly your own.

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Beer! The Basics of Brewing

Sunday, 5/20/2018 (3pm-4pm) Sign up for 5/20
Sunday, 6/03/2018 (2pm-3pm) Sign up for 6/03
Sunday, 7/01/2018 (11am-12pm) Sign up for 7/01

Jump-start your homebrew adventure! Learn how to brew with our experienced brewmasters in a fun, hands-on setting. We’ll demonstrate how to brew a batch of beer with malt extract, so you can experience the process from start to finish. Learn practical tips and techniques for a successful brew day and get the expert low-down on siphoning and bottling your beer. You’ll also get 15% off any in-store purchase, to help with your very first brew day!

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Make Cider!

Sunday, 7/15/2018 (11am-1pm) Sign up for 7/15

NEW! Oak, orange peel, cinnamon, grains of paradise… the sky’s the limit! In this hands-on cidermaking class, you’ll learn how to craft a dangerously drinkable cider… and take it home at the end of class! We’ll supply all the gear and ingredients you need and help you customize your cider with the array of flavor and aroma options available in house. Be prepared to impress your friends, delight the palate, and taste the possibilities.

$70 Registration (includes complete take-home Brew Kit)

The course includes:

Crooked Apple® Hard Cider Starter Kit
Grimhilde Cider Recipe Kit
Customizable flavor options
Small group setting
Direct access to Northern Brewer’s Cider Experts to guide you to cider excellence.
Guaranteed recipe success

Make Mead!

Saturday, 5/12/2018 (1pm-2:30pm) Sign up for 5/12
Saturday, 6/30/2018 (11am-1pm) Sign up for 6/30

Ready to heed the call of the honeycomb? You’ll find that mead making is surprisingly easy in this hands-on course. We’ll dive head-first into all the equipment, ingredients and knowledge you need to create your very first batch of mead. Plus, you’ll learn how to personalize the nectar of gods to create a beverage that’s perfectly sweet. Join our mead magicians and discover what all the buzz is about.

$60 Registration (Includes Take-Home Kit)

Brewmasters’ Series – Balancing Your Draft System

Sunday, 5/13/2018 (11am-12pm) Sign up for 5/13

In search of the perfect pour? Well, there’s a lot more to the perfect pour than just correct carbonation and fabulous foam. It requires a proper set up and a well-maintained draft system to bring out the best flavors in your brew. Join our draft guru, Chris, in this course and learn crucial tips and techniques for balancing your draft system and take you one step closer to beervana with every pint. Chris will demystify the inner workings of your draft system and show you the best methods to clean and replace your lines so you understand the mechanics of clean lines, flow rate, and gas solubility.

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Brewmasters’ Series – Lagering

Sunday, 5/20/2018 (11am-12pm) Sign up for 5/20

Ever dreamed about making the world’s best Oktoberfest? Or perhaps an award-winning Czech Pilsner or Munich Helles? Then this is the class for you. Our knowledgeable brewmasters will guide you through every step of brewing a crisp, clean lager. We’ll show you how to master the toughest brewing challenge there is by demonstrating the lager brewing process and decoction. We’ll also share crucial techniques for managing the yeast health and cold fermentation to ensure your first brew is a success. Prost!

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

History of Brewing

Sunday, 5/27/2018 (11am-12pm) Sign up for 5/27

Dating back 10,000 years, beer is one of the world’s oldest and most interesting beverages. Learn why some of your favorite styles of beer were created and how they’ve changed over time in this entertaining lecture taught by our in-house beer historian.

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Kombucha Basics

Saturday, 6/02/2018 (11am-12pm) Sign up for 6/02

Unlock the ancient secrets of Kombucha at home! Whether you’re planning to harness the health benefits often attributed to Kombucha, or simply a fan of the tea itself, we’ll show you the best way to tackle your first batch with our new EverBru Kombucha starter kit! And for a fraction of the price!

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Pop Shop – Soda Making Workshop

Sunday, 6/03/2018 (11am-1pm) Sign up for 6/03

NEW! Make your own bubbly, fizzy, delicious soda pop at our store, then take it home to carbonate and enjoy! Let your inner mad soda scientist play at our extract and flavoring bar, where you can mix and match a six pack of your very own soda creation. Like blueberry cola or cinnamon ginger soda. The sky’s the limit in this creative, family-friendly new class.

$20 Registration (includes complete take-home kit)

  • Six-pack of PET bottles, caps
  • Access to a variety of extracts, flavorings, and fruits
  • Free samples of house-made sodas
  • Make and take!

Kegging 101 – Intro to Kegging

Saturday, 6/09/2018 (3pm-4pm) Sign up for 6/09
Wednesday, 7/11/2018 (4pm-5pm) Sign up for 7/11

Tired of bottling beer? Ditch the bottles and switch to kegging! In this intro-level class, we’ll take the guesswork out of kegging and show you how to properly set up your draft systems, carbonate your beer, and share your brew-tastic creations. You’ll never have to wait 2-4 weeks to enjoy your homebrew again. Best of all, get 15% off the purchase of any keg system, and kiss bottling goodbye!

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

All Grain Brewing Bootcamp

Saturday, 6/16/2018 (10am-3pm) Sign up for 6/16

Curious about all-grain brewing? Thinking about buying a fancy system? Want the chance to hang out in our brewhouse and chat with one of our brewmasters while they brew? Come to NB Minneapolis this Saturday and get a rundown on all-grain brewing from Justin. He’ll be teaching 15-minute sessions on all-grain brewing every hour from 10am to 3pm. Questions on topics simple and complex welcome and encouraged!

  • Stump the chump asking Justin any all-grain questions you’ve got
  • Experience a brew day in progress

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Patio Pounders

Saturday, 6/23/2018 (3pm-4pm) Sign up for 6/23

Join Steve in his quest for the perfect low abv beer. He’ll help you figure out quick turnaround recipes to fit into your busy summer brewing schedule. Crisp refreshing beverages are in your future with a minimum of time and effort. Have more than one pint on a hot summer day with no regrets!

  • Advice on a speedy summer brew day
  • Low abv beer recipe design guidance
  • Handout with example recipes
  • 15% off supplies

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Brewmasters’ Series – Designing Recipes

Sunday, 7/01/2018 (1pm-2pm) Sign up for 7/01

A little bit of this. A little bit of that…In this class, we will compare continental ingredients common to regional beer styles and give you the tools you need to brew to a specific style or create your own altogether. We’ll talk malt, yeast, hops and the calculations necessary to make a beer that’s truly yours.

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Intro to Winemaking

Sunday, 7/15/2018 (3pm-4pm) Sign up for 7/15

You don’t need a fancy pedigree to make great wine! With our help, anyone can become a Master Vintner and learn how to create exceptional wine from start to finish. Master the art of winemaking first-hand as our winemaking experts guide you through the steps, from blending juice, yeast and fruit, to bottling the finished product. Plus, take 15% off everything you need to craft your own wine at home when you join us in this FREE, hands-on class.

Free Registration! (+Exclusive Discounts for Attendees!)

Making Hard Cider from Juice

Thursday, 7/19/2018 (1pm-2pm) Sign up for 7/19

Oak, orange peel, cinnamon, grains of paradise… the sky’s the limit! Learn how to craft your own dangerously drinkable cider in a fun, hands-on setting. Our experts walk you through the entire cidermaking process; from selecting the right juice to bottling the finished product. Plus, you’ll learn crucial tips on how to customize the flavors and aromas to create a beverage that’s perfectly crisped to your liking. Join our cidermaking experts and taste the true branch-to-bottle experience of historic, handcrafted hard cider in every sip.

FREE ADMISSION! (+ Exclusive Discounts for Attendees)

Mead Fundamentals

Saturday, 7/21/2018 (3pm-4pm) Sign up for 7/21

Ready to jump headfirst into the honeycomb? It’s surprisingly easy. In this course, we’ll dive into the equipment and ingredients needed to create your very first batch of mead and show you how to personalize the nectar of gods for the perfect sweet beverage. Join our experts in this Mead Fundamental course and discover what all the buzz is about.

  • Basics of cleaning and sanitation
  • Profile of flavors from different honey varieties
  • Overview of fermentation fundamentals
  • Possible additives for batch – fruit, herbs, spices, and flavorings
  • Backsweetening techniques
  • Bottling tips

Free Registration! (+Exclusive Discounts for Attendees!)

Make Wine!

Saturday, 7/28/2018 (11am-1pm) Sign up for 7/28

NEW! Appreciating great wine requires more than swirling and sniffing. In this hands-on winemaking class, you’ll learn by doing. Soak in the secret to great wine first-hand, as our experts guide you through every step of making your own wine. Plus, all the gear and ingredients you need to make your own batch at home are yours to keep.

$80 Registration (includes complete take-home Winemaking Kit)

The course includes:

  • Master Vintner Small Batch Starter Kit
  • Wine Recipe Kit
  • Small group setting
  • Direct access to Northern Brewer’s Wine Experts to guide you to wine excellence.
  • Guaranteed recipe success

Class dates and times are subject to change. Classes may be canceled if a minimum number of registrations are not met. Participants will receive 15% Off their entire purchase on the day of the class. Some restrictions apply.

Visit Homebrewing 101 for a complete online guide to beer making.

We will be producing videos of some of the events, classes, demos and lectures taking place at the MPLS location. Please look for updates about these videos on Connect, Facebook, and our YouTube channel. Cheers!

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