October 23, 2018

Jamil's Evil Twin IPA Homebrew Recipe

If you don't already have an Evil Twin, you should definitely consider one: imagine the scapegoating possibilities! Homebrew figurehead, author, multiple Ninkasi Award-winner, Brewing Network host, and all-around good dude Jamil Zainasheff's sinister doppelganger is mahogany-colored, lavishly hopped, and lives in a keg or bottle, and he's only too happy to help you find your own. JZ and NB have teamed up to bring you Jamil's Evil Twin® in kit format. 

A strong, deep copper-red ale that boasts a complex malt profile but is really a showcase for hopbursting. Hopbursting forgoes the traditional additions of bittering hops early in the boil in favor of copious additions of aroma varieties late in the boil. For the brewer, the result is a significant IBU contribution as well as intense hop aroma and flavor from the late additions. For the drinker, the result is smooth bitterness in a pint suffused with a fragrant fog of hop flavor and aroma. Don't blame us if you can't stop brewing and drinking it – it was our Evil Twin.


Jamil's Evil Twin IPA Extract Kit Instructions

Jamil's Evil Twin IPA All Grain Kit Instructions