October 23, 2018

Homebrew Hacks, Tips & Tricks


Homebrew Hack #1 - 25 Ways to Open a Bottle...

Hope you enjoy learning a few ways to open a bottle here at Northern Brewer.

Homebrew Hack #2 - Drain the Main Grain... Bag that is.

Got a bag of grain to drain? We show you haw to drain the grain bag using a common office supply... the big clip. Got a good way to drain your grain? Post a reply video!

Homebrew Hack #3 - Warp Speed Wort Chilling

You thought your immersion chiller was fast? It just got faster.Learn how to chill wort faster than the speed of light with this simple technique. 

Homebrew Hack #4 - Fight the Glug!

As much as we love standing at a sink, wasting the day away while the water in our carboy is glug-glug-glugging down the drain, Corey doesn’t love it. He'd rather be relaxing, not worrying and having a homebrew. Here’s our Homebrew Hack for Corey and every other homebrewer who would rather spend their time drinking a beer than dumping a fermentor.