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Kama Citra Session IPA Extract Kit


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Where curiosity meets a few exhibitionists, Kama Citra is born.

Traditionalists Cascade and Centennial meet the bold, exotic tropical character of Citra. Rather than clash uncomfortably, these spirited hops fall into rare form and flavor that rushes across the tongue in ripe citrus-fruit bursts. Overwhelming aroma is backed by an uncannily soft malt backbone for a satisfying union of Sessionable and IPA. A highly flavorful IPA beer kit that makes it easy to drink more than one.

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Kama Citra Session IPA Kit

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  • Kama Citra Session IPA Beer Kit
Product Details
Bridging the gap between the classic American Pale Ale and West Coast IPA, Kama Citra is a deliciously decadent session ale bursting with provocative flavors. Overwhelming aroma is backed by an uncannily soft malt backbone for a satisfying union of Sessionable and IPA. A highly flavorful IPA recipe kit that makes it easy to drink more than one.
Additional Information
Beer Kit Yield5 Gallons
Recipe and InstructionsClick Here for Kama Citra Session IPA Recipe Kit Brewing Instructions
Regional StyleUSA
Original Gravity1050
Total Time to Make6 weeks
4.8 / 5.0
137 Reviews
5 Stars
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Excellent Beer
I often return to making this beer, both All Grain, and also Extract. If you are new to brewing and like IPAs then you must start with the extract kit. All your friends and family will be impressed!
January 2, 2018
1 year ago
Great IPA.
The best IPA out of three I've made so far.
This has the hop nose and hop finish I've been looking for!
Well worth it and I'll be getting this again!
User submitted image
Added Dec 26, 2017
December 26, 2017
5 months ago
Great for the Beach
I would recommend using a secondary 2 weeks after you add the dry hops to the primary. This will help clear the beer. After 2 weeks in the secondary, ready to bottle.
A great Summer beer with the citrus flavor. I liked this better than "Smashing Grapefruit ". Both beers are great !
December 5, 2017
6 months ago
Will Not Disappoint
Only an All Grain kit would possibly improve such an impressive recipe. Loved it.
October 13, 2017
1 year ago
Very flavorful IPA - best from northern yet!
I am not an "IPA" guy. I obviously do drink them but I lean more towards belgian doubles, Scotch ales and stouts. When I do go for IPA its DFH 90 minute, LBI IPA from NJ brewing and Sip of Sunshine. I usually get Dead Ringer when I brew it (A strong favorite) but all of the above just got toppled by Kama Citra. Shockingly good for a "Mid range " ABV IPA. Mine came in at 6% with 4.5 gallons. I topped off by 1/2 gallon so I am guesstimating my actual is 5.5%. Its called a session but this seems a bit stronger than what I would consider a session (example-all day IPA) . I fermented for 3 weeks and dry hopped for 5 days. This is the 3rd day in the keg so not up to full carb yet. Take dead ringer and swig of sunbeams and intermingle. Kama Citra is the result! Got this on their IPA sale just to try. Glad you had that sale!
September 27, 2017
6 months ago
Not a bad IPA
This is an above average IPA. Very hoppy but lacks the citra hop flavor.
September 22, 2017
this beer is great
i brewed this once and it didn't last long in the keg... I have order two more since... such good beer
September 6, 2017
6 months ago
Huge Hit
I brewed this along with the Amber Block party and the bavarian Hef for my fantasy football draft last weekend. i wanted to have a variety since i had 12 guys at the house. This was the first IPA i ever brewed. I am not a big IPA fan and a few others weren't either but we were definitely surprised by this. It was so smooth and not very bitter. It actually had a nice sweet note at the end which made the beer for me. This IPA definitely has changed my opinion on IPAs and i will be brewing it again, everyone at the draft loved it and it was the only one that we drank all 2 cases. I already ordered the dead ringer ipa and cant wait to try it. NOTE, i had to rush this to get it ready in time for the draft, i did 9 days primary, 7 secondary and 8 days in the bottle. It was still great so i can only imagine how much better it will be when i give it the correct amount of time.
August 31, 2017
6 months ago
Excellent Summer IPA
I think this will be my new summer favorite. A light crisp hoppy IPA that goes great on a summer day.
August 13, 2017
11 months ago
Worth trying for even non IPA lovers
I will say I'm not the biggest IPA fan, but I definitely enjoyed this beer. I stay away from over hoppy, over bitter, unbalanced IPAs and stick to ones that are more balanced and are mildly bitter. This really hits that spot even for a session IPA. Your IPA loving friends will be blown away you can make beer this good and I really enjoy drinking this on a warm day. It's a nice easy drinker with refreshing citrus hop taste without that strong bitter after taste. I did a 4 week primary in a 6.5 gallon bucket then dry hopped in that same bucket with a muslin bag for a week. The smell that came out of that bucket on bottling day was unreal. It's really amazing to be able to drink an IPA this fresh. If you don't love IPAs share some with your friends who do, but give this one a shot, you won't be disappointed.
July 27, 2017
8 months ago
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For people that brewed this primary only, what schedule did you use? How many total days fermenting? How many days dry-hop?
A shopper on Nov 24, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I recall following the direction on the short side of the range. This beer was best a fresh as possible, once the proper carbonation level is reached. I double the dry hopping with two sessions of four days each (recommended amount of hops 2x) totalling 8 days.
What is the abv of this beer and what should I expect for the final gravity?
R T on Aug 18, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I left a little more headspace in my 5gal carboy so I was around 1.055 down to 1.010. This put mine around 5.9%. I'd say it should be around 5.25% based on the recipes expected 1.050 OG.
Is it possible to do a full boil with this kit? If so how would that differ from the instructions?
S T on Sep 5, 2015

it is possible to do this kit with a full volume boil. The only thing you would change is the amount of water you're boiling. For a 5 gallon batch

you'd probably want to start off with 6 gallons of water pre-boil. After an hour long boil you should end up with right around 5 gallons of wort.
When you add second round of hops, should you just "pitch" them on top, or mix them in?
A shopper on Mar 25, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Just add them on top, they will sink in as they dissolve. Remember to have some sanitized water to wet your fingers and put to stopcock in. If you're doing bucket, take out the stop cock first, then remove lid, then add hops, top back on, then put stopper back in. Based on your flavor profile you can be flexible with timing. The longer they stay the more of the grassy flavor you get, the shorter the time the more of pure acidity is added.
Has anyone had great results without using secondary? I have secondaries, but thinking of leaving in primary for a week, then dry hopping in the primary another week then bottling all from same fermenter...
A shopper on Sep 17, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It will turn out just fine. End result might be a little cloudy like an unfiltered beer. But taste wise, it will be awesome!
The head came on the 2nd day then went away after a day should I be worried?
Nic V on Jun 29, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Presumably you're referring to the Krausen which is the yeast cake that forms on top of your fermenting wort. My thinking is that all is well, unless temperatures have drastically fallen and your fermentation has stalled, which is (*my guess), unlikely. What you describe is not unusual. My advice -- keep the lid on and leave it alone. If you want proof to allay your fears, after a few days take a sample and use your hydrometer to measure the SG. In a few more days do that again and compare. Very likely fermentation is continuing normally and in a month or so you'll be enjoying a fine pale ale.
How do you compensate for wort volume loss with all the hops that are going in? I am having trouble hitting my OG having to top off after whirlpooling and leaving behind the hop and break material.
Michael E on Dec 28, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I dont....i just throw in the extra hops and go with the og i get...sorry im not too concerned to get and exact og as long as i think the abv will be between 4.5% to 6.0%....but thats just me. If i were below 4.5% abv i would add dextrose....above 6% water
New to brewing. What’s the default brewing quantity for these kits?
A shopper on Feb 12, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Our kits are 5 gallons unless stated otherwise. Cheers!
Does anyone know the IBU's? Thanks
Troy D on Jan 20, 2018
BEST ANSWER: That depends on the alpha acid content of the hops they include in the kit and the utilization percentage on the 10 minute hop stand. If the Centennial is 10%a.a., the Cascade is 7%a.a., and the Citra is 11%a.a. and if you get 10% utilization on the hop stand it would be about 80 IBU's, if you rapidly cool instead of doing the recommended hop stand it will be closer to 50 IBU's.
Could you add honey to the IPA?
A shopper on Jan 17, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Of course you can. It will increase the OG and change the flavor profile, but I would expect it to turn out fine.
Is this an extract kit or grain kit?
A shopper on Jan 10, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hi there,
This is the extract version. Cheers!
Have this in primary now.Thinking of tweaking this by adding 1 oz. of Ekuanot to the dry hop schedule and 2 oz of dried grapefruit in dry hop as well (in secondary). Do you think the extra hop addition will be ok? Or should I replace the Cascade with the Ekuanot in the dry hop?
Brian F on Jan 9, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Based on how this kit came out for me, I would not increase the hops. The Citra was quite prominent. This is just a personal preference.
I got this kit, but I’m only set up for a one gallon brew, is there a recipe for this?
A shopper on Dec 25, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Should be a recipe included in the kit. If not just click on the additional information key when looking at the product online, this will give you the recipe. Any further help just call Norhern Brewer, great customer service with knowledgeable staff.
What yeast and priming option do I choose for the Kama Citra Session IPA kit? I'm buying this as a gift for a home brewer, but I have no idea what yeast/primer goes with this kit.
A shopper on Jun 7, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The yeast and priming sugar should all be listed on the product page when you order. You then choose the default dry yeast, or the liquid option. Priming sugars are listed the same.
What is the IBU for this beer?
A shopper on May 20, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The IBU should be between 40-45. Cheers!
If i need this in less than 6 weeks how do i condition in keg and what is the recommended amount of CO2
G S on Aug 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This beer can usually be turned around in 4-5 weeks. 10-14 days for primary and two weeks in secondary. Once you are done with secondary, keg it and carb at 38 degrees with 12 psi for one week and you will be good to go.
What is the reccomended shelf life of this kit with wyeast?
K T on Aug 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Specialty grains are best used within 6 months. Dry yeast, malt, and hops are good for at least 1 year so the kit should be used within 6 months. A liquid yeast option should be used within just a couple months.
How dark should this beer be when placed into primary? Mine is very dark. Could I have steeped the grains too long or too hot?
J O on May 15, 2016

Thank you for your question. The reason it looks so dark when in the bigger primary has to do with the light refraction. If you pull a sample out in say your hydrometer test jar or a small glass you will see the difference.

This is one of my favorite beers that I brewed as an extract kit. I am purchasing the last couple of items to complete my all grain brew set-up. I was browsing in the Beer Smith 2.0 software and can't seem to find this recipe in there. I was going to brew the all grain kit of this beer as my first brew with the new all grain set-up since I feel it'd be a great easy one to break in the system. Is there anyway you guys could add this to the Beer Smith 2.0 IPA add-on so that I can download everything (boil size, end of boil volume, sparge volume, etc.)?
E M on Feb 27, 2016

You can actually add that recipe to BeerSmith on your own. Here is the PDF of the instructions. http://www.northernbrewer.com/documentation/allgrain/AG-KamaCitra.pdf

If doing a full boil starting with 6 gallons, does this affect the steeping of the specialty grains? Also Are the specialty grains supposed to be steeped at flame on then stopped after 20 minutes or once reaching 170F? What if using a propane burner and you can get to boil within 20 min?
Brett G on Sep 15, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Any effect on steeping grains is minimal...you look into using a food grade acid to acidify the water below 6

or steep in less water than add extra water to your boil. Nothing is required to be done differently there. Steep the grains in warm water for whichever comes first - either 20 minutes go by or the temp hits 170. I leave the burner on and dunk the bag up and down frequently

and remove when the temp is 170

whether its been 20 minutes or not

as it helps brew day go by quicker.
Can I add a blood orange taste to this and If so are there any suggestions of how and when???
A shopper on Aug 28, 2017
my gravity is 1.023 after 2 weeks in the primary fermenter. Will it drop more ? im not going to to transfer to the secondary fermentation vessel, just dry hop in the primary.
A shopper on Aug 20, 2017

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