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10 Gal. MegaPot 1.2™ Brew Kettle

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The 10-gallon MegaPot 1.2™ is a brew kettle for the long haul. The 10 Gallon size will easily boil a 5-7 gallon batch with plenty of room to avoid a boil over. It is also ideal for the Brew-In-A-Bag method. The optional false bottom allows this kettle to serve as a mash tun for 5 gallon All-Grain systems and has enough space for most beer recipes. If you eventually expand to 10 gallon batches, this kettle can serve as a Hot Liquor Tank when paired with a larger mash tun and boil kettle.

Available with weldless ball-valve or ball-valve and thermometer.

Now features IsoFlow Single Piece Bulkhead fittings!
Configure options below.

Ideal for: 5 to 7 gallon batches, but with plenty of space for Brew-In-A-Bag methods as well. Mash Tun on 5 gallon All-Grain systems or as a HLT on a 10 gallon system.

If you are adding the Titan False Bottom, use the optional IsoFlow 3/8" Hose Barb to connect it to the bulkhead using some 3/8" high-temp tubing.

10 gallons (40 quarts / 37.8 liters)
Diameter by Height: 14.1" x 16.3"
Metric Internal Diameter by Height: 36 cm x 42 cm
Wall Thickness: 0.8mm

A breakthrough in the world of high quality kettles! MegaPot 1.2™ is a masterpiece, not just another steel pot. Every detail has been thought through to enhance the homebrewing experience. Crafted of stainless steel for ease of cleaning. Stay cool silicone handles on the kettle and lid serve to limit scorching! The handles are riveted in place to aid in lifting a hot liquid-filled pot. No weld failures here! A polished stainless steel band surrounds the upper rim, reinforcing rigidity of the pot while adding a little bling. And that's not all. We've added the feature that every brewer wants in a kettle - graduated volume markers inside the kettle - one at each gallon. No more need for a sight glass! The heart of the kettle is a 4mm thick Tri-Clad bottom- made specifically for even heat distribution. The 1.2™ proportion of MegaPot has been scientifically designed to promote a vigorous boil and reduce off-flavors. And last of all, the MegaPot 1.2™ logo is stamped on every kettle. When you have the best, show it off!

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Customer Reviews

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MegaPot 1.2 10 gallon

Great all stainless pot. Get the one with the valve and thermometer. You won't be disappointed!

Great Kettle

Upgraded from plain kettle pot. This made the boil and transfer much more simple!

Issue with leaks

The pot is very nice but the ball valve spigot kit is not. It is impossible to get a good seal with the O-rings supplied. Rubber gaskets would be better. I ended up cutting my own gasket to get it to stop leaking. We'll see how it does when I actually boil something in it...

Great kettle

This is a wonderful brew kettle and a giant step up from the thin, cheap stockpots I used for years. Very heavy duty and lots of headspace. I really like the gallon markings on the inside. The extra thick bottom ensures even heating, just like premium kitchen ware. The only knock I've got against it is the drain valve. The diptube on mine does nothing. It won't suck from the bottom of the pot. Not a huge deal since the valve is already pretty close to the bottom of the pot. I just tilt the pot to get the rest out. I may change out the o-rings to see if that helps. I've got a friend that has the same pot and he doesn't have that problem. I also read that the outside o-ring is susceptible to scorching from a propane burner. I wrapped the valve loosely in aluminum foil before brewing and that seemed to provide a good heat shield.

10 gal MegaPot 1.2 with dial thermometer and ball valve

This is a great 10gal kettle, solidly built. It has a thick stainless bottom that works well with an induction heater. The handles are strong and insulated. The dial thermometer can be adjusted for accuracy. My only gripe is with the Isoflow bulkhead fitting which is badly designed IMO. They use O-rings that are not properly captured in o-ring grooves. Tighten it and it leaks, under tighten it and it leaks. Adjust it so it doesn't leak and the fitting wobbles around because you can't tighten it. Hopefully they will design a proper o-ring fitting with a captured o-ring at some point or go to welded fittings. The thermometer has an o-ring groove in the fitting so it can be tightened and works well.

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10 Gal. MegaPot 1.2™ Brew Kettle

10 Gal. MegaPot 1.2™ Brew Kettle