European Noble Type Hops Sampler Pack

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Brewing has come a long way, baby. But the beer world wouldn’t be the incredibly rich and varied playground it is today without the classic European styles that started it all. And you can’t talk about the classics without celebrating the Noble family of hops that made them possible.

Prized for the smooth bitterness, distinct floral and spicy aromatics and low alpha acids, Noble hops have another crucial claim to fame. They all come with a rich pedigree...harvested from the region where they first originated. And because the flavor of these hops change if you try to grow them anywhere else, that means when you brew with Noble hops, you’re getting an absolute original.

So grab your lederhosen or an imperial pint glass and get ready to embrace and enjoy the roots of brewing with your own authentic pilsners, helles and alt beers...or your own unique twist on a tradition!

Your Hops Sampler Pack includes:

3 oz German Hallertau Hops - Mild aroma, slightly fruity and spicy, flowery and haylike. Ideal for aroma and flavor in any German beer, and is also suitable for use in other Continental styles, Belgian ales and lagers.

4 oz Czech Saaz Hops - Don’t even think about brewing an authentic Bohemian Pilsner without this classic noble hop. Its delicate, floral aroma is a must, and also brings a distinct European refinement to other lager styles and Belgian ales. Signature aroma hop of Pilsner Urquell.

3 oz UK Kent Goldings Hops - This classic English aroma hop imparts smooth notes of sweet, spicy and floral. Quintessential English variety for kettle and dry hopping. Use in all English beers: pale ale, brown ale, porter, and strong ales.

3 oz UK Fuggle Hops - Wonderful earthy, woody, floral character. Classic hop for any traditional English style beer: porters, milds, and bitters.

3 oz German Hallertau Blanc Hops - Combining the best of old world and new, this German daughter of Cascade has a clean, floral and fruity profile bursting passion fruit, grapefruit, pineapple, gooseberry, lemongrass and white wine. Ideal for IPAs, Pale Ales, Belgians, Wheat beers and Brett fermentations.

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Hops Format Pellet Hops
Flavor Descriptors Floral,Spicy

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European Noble Type Hops Sampler Pack

European Noble Type Hops Sampler Pack