Weyermann Smoked Malt

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1.7-2.8° L. Malt dried over a beechwood fire gives a distinctive smoked flavor and aroma.
1.7-2.8° L. Also known as Rauchmalt, Weyermann famous beechwood-smoked malt can make up to 100% of the grist for classic Bamberger Rauchbier. Use smaller percentages to add smoke character to bock, helles, hefeweizen, porters, Scottish ales, brown ales, etc.

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SKU C369I, W369I, G369K
Diastatic Power >150 WK
Extract Percentage 78-81
Lovibond 2.0-3.5
Moisture Percentage 4.0-5.0
Grain Usage 100
Grain Type International Base Malt

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Weyermann Smoked Malt

Weyermann Smoked Malt