June 20, 2019

History and Characteristics of Shandys

Lemon Squeeze Summer Shandy Beer Recipe Kit

History of Shandys

Sometimes known as a beer cocktail, the shandy or radler was inspired on the fly by the thirsty cyclists of 1922. After taking stock of his dwindling beer supplies, Franz Kugler, a Bavarian taproom owner began mixing his beer with citrus soda. He successfully stretched his beer reserves & delivered his guests a novel, yet hydrating experience.

Characteristics of Shandys

Shandys are beer that’s been blended with lemonade, ginger beer, or other citrus sodas. Bearing hues of light gold to deep amber. The color of this beer is often dependent upon what it’s been mixed with & is often highly carbonated.

Beer Kit: Summer Squeeze Lemon Shandy

The bitter bite of a lemon twists this classic American wheat beer into a summer staple. Its deep golden hue & fluffy head of foam are a welcome sight at any outdoor gathering. Crack one open & experience an explosive aroma of citrus that leads to a pinch of lemony bitterness with undertones of smooth malt. An easy drinking beer for an easy going day.<

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