April 29, 2021

Your Guide to the Essential (Beer) Worker: Fresh Yeast

Your Guide to the Essential (Beer) Worker: Fresh Yeast

Dry to liquid, lager to ales, we carry a lot of yeast strains. And some, like our Kveik strains, have been passed down for generations. Which means there's a lot of responsibility on our shoulders to make sure these billions of cells live their best life before they’re dropped into your fermenter.

As the most essential of the four beer ingredients, we pick every yeast strain with a purpose: to make sure you have the best match for your brew.

Northern Brewer Yeast Freshness

Keep Things Chill

Keeping liquid yeast cold is key to ensuring its viability, and ultimately your beer's quality. That's why all of Northern Brewer liquid yeast is delivered cold either by refrigerated truck, or packed in ice. When it arrives at NB WHQ it is immediately stored in our dedicated walk-in yeast cooler, and shipped to you with cold packs - all to ensure yeast viability.

Fresh Yeast at Northern Brewer

Fastest Inventory Turnover

While liquid yeast manufacturers promise yeast viability for 4-6 months, we never hold on to liquid yeast longer than 3 months, after that it goes in the trash. And we hate throwing away yeast so to keep things fresh we have our yeast delivered each and every week, so we can ensure fast turnover, and a viable culture on your doorstep.

We've Got Your Batch Guarantee

If round-the-clock cold temperatures and superior yeast turnover still doesn’t cut it, and you happen to end up with a packet of less than optimal yeast - we also back all of our products with the We’ve Got Your Batch guarantee. If the ingredients you get from us are not awesome, we'll replace them.

Yeast may be the powerhouse, but it isn’t the only ingredient we go the extra mile to keep fresh - your grains and hops may not die like active yeast can, but the same amount of care goes into these to make sure you never receive anything less than the best ingredients.