May 16, 2019

Dan Banken - #BrewingWithDad

Dan Banken, Product Manager

Years at Northern Brewer: 3

Years of Homebrewing: 9

Dan Banken with Dog, Luna at Northern Brewer

Dan has been a Product Manager at Northern Brewer for 3 years, but has been crafting brews way before then. He’s a ‘Dog Dad’ to the sweet, adorable, cuddly puppy Luna.

“Whenever I pull the brew kettles out Luna gets really excited. It's always fun having her wander around the brewery collecting belly rubs. But, I know she's just there to watch squirrels and run around outside in the sun.”

What’s a rule you always follow before you begin brewing?

"Always keep some core supplies on hand just in case. You never know when you are going to need more grain, hops, yeast or sanitizer during brew day and running out of something is never a fun thing."

Describe a brewing experience that caught you by surprise?

"In my mind there's no such thing as brewing an accident. You just end up with a different beer. That aside, I did forget to crush the roasted grain for a stout once - it was still an OK beer just quite a bit different than planned."

Favorite Cheers:

“Here's to the hair of the dog! Get it.... dad joke #2”

What’s an essential piece of equipment you always use when you brew?

"In my setup the MegaPot Brew Kettle is the silent workhorse - I'll test an assortment of pumps, burners, or chillers, but what doesn't change? My MegaPots. Durable. Temperature consistent. The most important feature? They make great beer.

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