August 19, 2019

Brewing With Dad

Share the Love of Brewing - #BrewingWithDad

Here at Northern Brewer, we believe the best part of brewing is sharing the homebrew experience. To go one step further, being able to share the experience with a parent or a child is even more rewarding. With Father's Day quickly approaching, we reached out to Dads in the office and asked them to share their #BrewingWithDad stories.

1. Todd, Director of Retail & Customer Service

Todd Jackson, Northern Brewer

Favorite Dad joke:

Child: "Dad, I'm hungry." Dad: "Hi Hungry. I'm Dad."

Todd is a father to 5-year-old named Roy. He also happens to be a brewing veteran. With 13 years of brewing experience under his belt, Todd has a piece or two of wisdom to share with aspiring brewmasters.  

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2. Gesta, Director of Human Resources

Gesta Lexen, Northern Brewer

Favorite Dad joke:

Child: "I need a haircut." Dad: "Just the one?"

Gesta is a dad to a 13-month old boy named Beau. With a toddler in the house, Gesta's joyfully embraced the challenge of keeping his son both involved and happily distracted during brew days. Gesta is relatively new to brewing, but he has discovered his passion for making craft beer since starting at Northern Brewer.  

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3. Jamie, Production Lead

Jamie Penick, Northern Brewer

Favorite Dad joke:

"After dinner my wife asked if I could clear the table. I needed a running start, but I made it!"

As a dad of two, 5 and 9 years old, Jamie is always on the lookout for ways to include his kids in his brewing creations. He's been making all-grain beers for 3 years and is clearly invested in raising the next generation of homebrewers. 

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4. Troy, Email Marketing Specialist

Troy Loken, Northern Brewer

Favorite Dad joke:

"What's brown and sticky?" A stick!"

Troy is a father of two - a daughter and son. Before becoming an e-mail marketing specialist for Northern Brewer, he worked in one of our local homebrew supply stores. He's especially passionate about making wine and helping others get into the hobby.  

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5. Laura, Brewmaster/Customer Support

Laura Edwards, Northern Brewer

Favorite Dad joke:

"I like to tell Dad jokes. Sometimes he laughs!"

Nearly 4 years ago, Laura learned how to brew from the best teacher: her Dad. Together, they took the plunge into the world of all-grain brewing and now she is able to pass on her homebrew knowledge to brewers all over the United States.  

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6. Dan, Product Manager

Dan Banken, Northern Brewer

Favorite Dad joke:

"Where does a tugboat go when it feels sick? The Dock."

Dan is a 'Dog Dad' to the sweet, adorable, cuddly puppy Luna. Luna joins Dan on brew days and accompanies him on adventures to local breweries in hopes of belly rubs. Dan has been homebrewing for 8 years and primarily makes all-grain beer.

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7. Justin, Vice President

Justin Winkleman, Northern Brewer

Favorite Dad joke:

"Why didn't the vampire attack Taylor Swift? Because, she had Bad Blood."

Justin is a dad of two daughters who love to help out their dad on brew days. Since he began brewing 7 years ago, he finds himself experimenting with different ingredients and recipes. In the last year, Justin has discovered the joy of making and drinking kombucha. 

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