May 16, 2019

Troy Loken - #BrewingWithDad

Troy Loken, Email Marketing Specialist

Years at Northern Brewer: 3

Years of Homebrewing: 5

Troy Loken, Northern Brewer

Troy is Northern Brewer’s Email Marketing Specialist & has honed his hand at homebrewing for 5 years(and counting).

“Both of my kids are of legal drinking age so brewing with dad usually means they get to take some of my creations home!”

Father-Daughter Brewing, Troy Loken

Describe a wine making experience that caught you by surprise?

"It is very hard to screw up wine. I was making a red wine with grape skins where the lid popped off during active fermentation. Thankfully, it had been fermenting in the downstairs bathroom. There was red must all over the bath tub that regular household cleaners couldn’t slay. PBW (Powdered Brewer's Wash) completely removed the stains, and is my new go-to cleaner at home.

Favorite Cheers:


What's your recommended wine starter kit?

"I would highly recommend the Master Vintner Wine Making Starter Kit. The first wine batch I ever concocted, I severely underestimated how much CO2 was going to be released when we began degassing the wine. It was such a rookie move, but I ended up producing a textbook perfect Pinot Grigio. Our friends took so many bottles, we hardly had any left for ourselves."

Master Vintner Wine Making Starter Kit with Glass Carboys

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