May 16, 2019

Justin Winkelman - #BrewingWithDad

Justin Winkelman, President

Years at Northern Brewer: 8

Years of Homebrewing: 8

Justin Winkleman, Northern Brewer

Justin Winkelman has been homebrewing and hustling at Northern Brewer for the last 8 years.

Father-Daughter Brew Day

Describe a brewing experience that caught you by surprise?

"Purely by accident, I created a drinkable first batch of Switchel! My first batch of ANYTHING never turns out well."

Words of advice for other Hombrewers?

"Don’t panic, and always have a towel (or two) on hand."

Favorite Cheers:

“Here’s to those who have seen us at our best & seen us at our worst & can’t tell the difference.”

What’s your go-to kombucha starter kit?

"As a busy Dad, I can't give a higher recommendation than our 2 & 3 Gallon Kombucha Starter Kit. Kombucha is nutritious for your body, tastes better than water, and can be easily tweaked to produce the flavor profile you desire. Our Kombucha Making Kit achieves all that with a nearly effortless workflow."